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  1. Hi Alex, That's a registry key If you can't do it, I can take a look when I have the time. Where did you find that tweak?
  2. Comic chat is REALLY cool. Just try to imagine how it does all that comic drawings... the original paper is amazing!
  3. Thanks for your modifications. As you probably noticed I'm still learning coding, so any help is greatly appriciated I have adapted the changes into the Nero 7 Lite installer, so you can test hopefully today how it works. @DarkSoul, I'm in the proces moving to Dreamhost with my stuff, and hopefully setting up my own torrent tracker. In about a month or so I'm able to distribute larger versions of customized Nero 7 installers. I'm willing to test Nero Recode / Nero Vision modifications, but you have to wait for an 'official' distribution. Hi, I've attached base script, aswell as Spanish script for Recode. Skarn's fix for the new features screen has been included too, but not zorro1's code. I'm not asking you to use my modifications in your official builds, just take a look. I think some people have asked in the past for Nero Recode or Vision. So here are the base script plus the spanish script. Thanks for making your scripts available! Nero7Lite_base.iss Nero7Lite_spanish.iss
  4. My intention is to release the code. Right now, I'm copying the Recode exe file and other basic stuff. It doesn't work: "Unable to load Nero Digital profiles. Recode is probably not correctly installed". I've tried to capture the files and registry keys, using installwatch, but ALL the registry info is not enough, gotta check the new files. If anyone is willing to check the log (just the files), I will post it. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow. EDIT: Got it! Got it! Got it! Got it! Got it! Got it! Got it! Got it! Got it! I copied the full Common Files folder. I'll discover which exact files are needed EDIT2: I've attached the full English script with a new component, Nero Recode. I've also tried to add a shortcut for Nero Burning ROM (i don't like express), but it doesn't work. Take note I've modified the ISSI Include Path. Tomorrow I will modify the base script and send it (or a diff) to hp38guser. nero7Lite_eng.iss
  5. Thanks, I suppose that the antivirus plugin is also 3rd party, right? And... I'm trying to add Nero Recode support.
  6. I'm having some errors: Error on line 151 in D:\tmp\NeroLite\nero7Lite_eng.iss: No files found matching "D:\tmp\NeroLite\Common Files\AudioPlugins\MauSau\*" It's declared here, in the iss file Source: Common Files\AudioPlugins\MauSau\*; DestDir: {cf}\Ahead\AudioPlugins; Flags: sharedfile; Components: nero_core\nero_audioplugins\mausau What's that? It's not in my nero 7570 admin install (from Nero- I'm downloading Nero- to see if it's included...
  7. I don't really know where it is located, but using an install monitor software, like repacker, you should be able to spot it. Anyways, when you activate it, it gives you the option to save the activation as a text file.
  8. yes, using an autoit script. Other option would be to save the activation file from computer to computer when you activate it first time. By the way, you can uninstall PSP, the key will be there. It seems a bit difficult to remove it.
  9. 1.Download the attached file. 2.To make the installation unattended use this: psppxi.msi TRANSFORMS=1033.mst SERIALNUMBER=xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx-xxx /qb 3.Simply change the 1033.mst in the code above with the language that u want. 1031.mst is for German language 1033.mst for English 1034.mst for Spanish 1036.mst for French 1040.mst for Italian 1043.mst for Dutch Half way through. Now only the activation left... PSP11_MST.rar But you still have to activate it, right?
  10. I just want Nero Burning ROM (without express) and Nero Recode, how could I do that?
  11. I'm not interested in the driverpack, I thought this one was standalone
  12. How do I install these? Usual OEM?
  13. Anyone got luck? Please explain how...
  14. This scripts silently installs Corel Paint Shop Pro X. You just have to type the serial number (as 3 strings), in the script file (it's at the beginning).
  15. I would be able to install windows. If I want to add sata, I cant. Im using windows installed on another hdd, later I installed sata drivers and the sata drive, sorry I didnt explain this very good...
  16. I'm integrating drivers in the same machine I intend to install windows to. The problem is nLite: at the step "Preparing selected tasks". It slipstreams SP2 fine, but it does not integrates sata drivers. By the way, my sata hdd is working ok, under this windows partition.
  17. I slipstreamed SP2 (worked well), but the driver integration didn't work (happens the same)
  18. I have nForce 4 SLI, with a WD Raptor SATA (plugged on nvidia sata), no raid. Lastest nLite, Windows XP 32bits. I tried to integrate the nvidia drivers on the clean Windows XP SP1 installation, and the same happened: nLite doesn't progress, it's at the first stage, the progress bar moves, but it doesn't consume cpu or hdd.
  19. I mean that I added DX 9.0 and updates (svcpack.inf), drivers (using OemPnPDriversPath)...
  20. Hi, nLite isn't working for me. I'm using spanish windows xp sp1 (slipstreamed & modded), and NF4 AMD drivers. nLite stucks at the preparing selected tasks stage.

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