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  1. The modifications you made for iTunes do work for an iPod 5G at least (I tried it). As for changing ProgramFilesDir, DO IT using nLite since it will modify the registry values for the Windows 32 layer of Windows X64 (so 32bit programs won't have any problem at all). I will post some kind of guide for X64 soon. I'm really close to success, but had to scripts in order to clean the folder structure mess. The path to programfilesdir is HARDCODED in the mui's INF files (as \Program Files). In fact, when cmdlines.txt is run see this SET dump... ProgramFiles=D:\Herramientas ProgramFiles(x86)=C:\Program Files (x86) CommonProgramFiles=D:\Herramientas\Common Files CommonProgramFiles(x86)=C:\Program Files (x86) The x86 values are wrong. They only get fixed after the first reboot (when the runonceex entries are processed).
  2. as long as you don't want to use a MUI pack or change ProgramFilesDir, x64 should not give you any headache.
  3. I have the same problem... it doesn't work at all.
  4. Hi, In Windows XP, there's a $Progs folder under $OEM$. As in the 64bits edition of Windows XP there is a "Program Files" and "Program Files(x86)", what does $Progs map to? x86 program files or amd64 program files? Is there a $Progs(x86) equivalent?
  5. Stop complaining and do it yourself. Actually, you should talk to Ahead (Nero), because you would not need a "lite" installer if they could create a better installer.
  6. Why would you need a portable version of a recorder software? Sorry, but it doesn't make any sense (installation is easy, and if you don't have rights to install software, you don't have rights to register servers required by nero.
  7. I tried to install it silently. But when I used " ar9lite_cht.exe /qb-" , the msi swithes help window appeared only! I decomplied this installer with 7zip , the config.txt was "msistub.exe acroread.msi" I recomplied using "msistub.exe acroread.msi /qb-!", it stll ended up the same old config.txt. same problem (windows installer 4.5)
  8. 1st: if you want to build nero lite AND recode in a single installation file, then you must also run the plain lite micromize script. And then run 'NeroLite_recode_bundle_english.cmd', otherwise for the addon pack, run 'NeroLite_recode_pack_english.cmd'. 2nd: if you are trying to build it again in the same folder that gave you trouble the previous time... purge that folder and start from scratch. That's what I just did, and it worked. 3rd: You must copy the help files in Custom\Help, same goes for plain nero lite (were you really able to build nero lite?).
  9. Barough: what's the nero version you're using? So the problem is that Bin\[FILELOCATION]\Common Files\NeroDigital\NeroDigital.ocx exists, but not Custom\Bin\[FILELOCATION]\Common Files\NeroDigital\NeroDigital.ocx, right? I'll try building recode from scratch... However I'm surprised that no one here has reported that error (that probably means no one is using the recode add on). Edit: yeah, the micromize script had a typo, I didn't notice because I used a previous version and didn't delete the output, so here's the fix. RecodeSDK_1.16.1.2.zip
  10. Hi, Have you run the micromize scripts? And, first of all, build plain nero lite before trying to build recode. If you can't compile Nero Lite, then you can't compile recode add on.
  11. The SDK extract script looks for the international languages ( nero- or nero- ). You will have to download that version, or modify Script\Include\getneroversion.cmd, and then build nero only for Portuguese language...). It's easier to download nero again.REASON FOR EDIT - I moved a few posts here and added the quoted text above for clarity of this response - Shark007 -
  12. Hi, I can only build recode for English and Spanish (es-ES & es-LA) locales. And I don't really know if Nero can sue me for doing this, because I'd be distributing 3rd party codecs (although individuals/organizations mirroring the official setup would be in the same case I guess). I really recommend you to do it yourself, so you can learn how it works. If you are interested in other Nero apps you can use this as a start
  13. I've deleted the other link. This one is based on the latest SDK, but only works for nero 8. Recode SDK
  14. I can post an updated Recode SDK tomorrow, but it will only work for Nero 8 (anyone interested?). In 1-2 weeks I should find the time to support Nero 7.
  15. Already did, look in previous posts, it's called Recode SDK or something like that.
  16. I did it for Nero 8 and, I'll take a look when Acheron releases the new SDK.
  17. Recode SDK, use in combination with Nero Lite SDK Only available in English and Spanish (for what I care, feel free to add your own). I hope Acheron doesn't have any problem with this. Recode SDK
  18. Actually, 3.5 requires 3.0SP1, which in turn requires 2.0SP1, which requires 2.0. Read this if interested: GUIDE: Integrating .Net Framework 3.5, 3.0 SP1, 2.0 SP1, on WinXP,Win2K3 x86 (32-bit)
  19. Acheron, could you please update Lite to the newest Nero, and release the SDK?
  20. by the way can anyone extract jre-6u5-windows-i586-p.exe?
  21. This is what I have for update 4 Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Update\Policy] "EnableJavaUpdate"=dword:00000000 "NotifyDownload"=dword:00000000 "NotifyInstall"=dword:00000000 "PromptAutoUpdateCheck"=- I also set the AUTOUPDATECHECK property to 0 in the MSI file (you can pass it as a parameter using msiexec). If it's 0 (or false), the java update process won't be installed.
  22. and what were you doing on those boards?
  23. I'm creating an unattended setup for VC++ Express, but it should be really similar for your edition. Extract all the .MSI file if you want to customize the installation, then take a look at the Feature section. To select a component supply to msiexec the parameter ADDLOCAL="Component1,Component2" and so on. You must enable active directory deployment, ADDEPLOY=1. Otherwise the it might result in an error (you must run Setup.exe yadayadayada). Otherwise, I think the /q /n (or something like that) switches work, take a look at the msdn deploy documentation for VS (if you can't find it, then look for .Net framework 3.0, that's the one I used).
  24. The above script closes the browser when it's launched. There's nothing else I can do to prevent it the installer from launching it, I think.

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