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  1. If you can compress up the ETL file that you generated and place it up on dropbox for us to download, we can have a look at it.
  2. Bene intelligo tuae rationes. Hoc nuntium ab innominato instrumento missum erat. jaclaz
  3. XP is used because it isn't broken, most enterprises still use old apps, and upgrades cost money. It has nothing to do with the technical merits of XP versus Windows 7 or Windows 8, it's a fiscal decision. It's cheaper for them (until 2014, anyway) to upgrade at the cheapest pace possible, and that might include not at all.
  4. Microsoft's support for the product itself does not change, but support for older service packs are indeed dropped because you should always be running the latest service pack supported to continue to get security hotfixes. My statement still stands - Microsoft has not altered a product's supportability lifecycle due to a service pack. Do not misconstrue a product (Windows XP) with a service pack - Microsoft supports older service packs on a "best effort" basis, but if the problem you call in about is fixed in an update included in a later service pack, you will be told to upgrade. Hence, if you're having issues you should always get on the latest service pack and then update the box before tshooting anyway.
  5. 802.1x support (for network security) isn't the same as wireless. As far as I know, there's no support for wireless devices in WinPE by default, and to get them there would require porting the wireless networking service(s) as well as a bit more of the network stack. Might be an interesting project, but it'd be just that.
  6. You are welcome, and it didn't take 6 months. You just need to know who to ask . Sent from my Lumia 900 using Board Express
  7. Microsoft has never extended a product's supportability lifecycle due to a service pack. Sent from my Lumia 900 using Board Express
  8. No. Sent from my Lumia 900 using Board Express
  9. The inbox admin account does not have UAC protection, which is required for (basically) all modern apps to run. Thus, the inbox administrator account cannot run most modern applications, and is limited to running desktop apps and the control panel (basically).
  10. I'm not sure I agree that Microsoft is a bully, but you're entitled to your opinion. You seem especially vitriolic lately, though.
  11. Yeah.... that's not gonna happen. The sky isn't falling - not having a service pack 2 (if it ends up being true - MS has 3 years before mainstream support ends for Windows 7 with which to do this) isn't great for some users, but the sky is not falling.
  12. The problem is with the link, as it would obviously appear. I can forward this on to my contacts within Microsoft so there's visibility in this (if there isn't already). The WGA ActiveX links no longer point to the correct locations, thus making this break. Hopefully it'll get run up the food chain(s) quickly and the proper links will get fixed.
  13. While some of the suggestions here will work, they're a bit heavy and not really as manageable. You can consider using the AppCompat toolkit to shim an application that wants admin rights, and you can use tools like LUA BugLight to figure out what an app is doing that causes the UAC prompt as well.
  14. It's the "rules" tab for your deployment share, or it's available in the folder structure of it in Control. You should probably spend some time reading the help files, as this is all in there .
  15. look in the help documentation for the ways to set language and input locales. They are options you can set in customsettings.ini, or as database settings options, etc.
  16. I would recommend the OP get an XPerf trace, otherwise all we're doing here is guessing. A 7950 isn't the greatest card, but in the Vista days it was capable of getting a 5.9 WEI score, depending on how much vRAM was in the card and what it was clocked at. DWM should run fine on that card on a single monitor with a resolution of 1920x1200 or less, honestly.
  17. cluberti

    Windows 8

    And to counter what the haters say, it works just fine with a keyboard and mouse. It's fast. I personally don't find it ugly or clunky. It's very efficient, especially over a network. I'm not here to argue with folks, but I figured given the first 3 responses gave you negatives based on opinion, I'd add my own in the positive column. Ultimately, you will want to do what works for you - your computer is just a tool. If Windows 7 works for you, and you don't have any compelling reasons to upgrade, then doing so would be more preference - if you don't like the "metro" design language of the Windows Phone or Windows 8, don't upgrade. If you're getting new hardware, or you like the new design, then upgrading should be a good thing. Whatever allows you to work like you want to work and get stuff done (or, distract you from getting stuff done ), that's what you should use in the long run.
  18. I've been running the site in compatibility mode, which seems to work fine. There's a small delay in replying to a post or creating one, and every so often you have to try twice, but the version of the forum software we're running isn't the latest and greatest, and has some issues with IE9 and IE10. It works fine in IE8, however, and using the compatibility view for the site seems to get it working properly again.
  19. MSDN? Technet? Your organization's Volume License site? Whomever sold you the server running R2 might also have a copy if you ask.
  20. Microsoft has a utility called Security Compliance Manager (SCM), with baselines that you can download covering all sorts of secure scenarios across different products and operating system combinations. The policies are fully tested and supported by Microsoft, so you should be safe even if you're unsure how some of them work (and if you run into issues - they're supported by Microsoft, so you can always reach out to them without worry you've broken something in an unsupported way that's causing it). Be aware that security lock down can affect functionality, so knowing WHY you're locking things down beyond what is done out of the box is always the best place to start.
  21. What you can do during Unattend is already documented on technet: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj134269.aspx
  22. It should apparently be fixed sometime in the (hopefully near) future, but it's a known issue and there will be a resolution for it.

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