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  1. Note that this one is actually something I see a lot of times with Symantec Endpoint Protection's COM surrogate process which actually hooks running processes (and it is actually called out explicitly in this particular event log), but Trip is correct - anything can technically cause it to happen. However, the handles being left open are indeed the cause of the profile unload not occuring, and if a user's profile is still locked, their next logon (until a reboot) will be with a temporary profile.
  2. +1 - while we *want* to help everyone that comes across and asks questions, we also understand that most projects in an educational environment aren't necessarily about getting to the end, it's about the research and trial and error required to get there. It is also hard to know, as has been previously mentioned, what the instructor's intent was as part of the exercise - was it to simply do it? Was it to *learn* how to do it by trying? Was it some exercise as a combination of the two? We really have no way of knowing, so to protect the students who have asked here in the past from missing out on things they are supposed to learn (remember, education isn't all about the end result, it's also learning how to find answers for yourself by actually DOING the work) we simply have the rule in place and err on the side of caution. Call it dumb if you want, but we think it's important that students learn how to learn, not just get answers or where to find them.
  3. Yes, some should now be working. Sent from my SGH-i917 using Board Express
  4. I've sent an email to the developer, but that's about all I can do.
  5. If you do get to using MDT, there are another set of resources on my blog. Yes, shameless plug, but should be quite helpful.
  6. Note that you can enable things like transport logging in outlook by following instructions in this KB article. If you have problems with cached mode, you are likely to have REAL problems with online mode (that should have been your first hint that you needed to troubleshoot rather than turn the feature off....).
  7. Sorry, post was submitted and within 1 post you had violated the very first and most important rule of the forums. Banned.
  8. Using sc to break out the winmgmt service to it's own service host should also keep this from happening in the future: sc config winmgmt type= own
  9. Note that in an enterprise environment, Microsoft actually recommends disabling of the action center via group policy.
  10. If you've sysprep'ed the machine before moving it, you should be OK. If you have a MAK key and have run out of activations, though, you need to contact the clearinghouse phone number to get the activation limit increased. This is why pre-activating VMs that are going to be re-used is a bad idea .
  11. Note that exporting via the UI and via powershell do NOT do the same thing, and exporting from the UI isn't quite a full export, unfortunately. If you want to do a complete export and import like the "old" Hyper-V on Server 2008, you have to use powershell to do the export. If you're not comfortable or familiar with powershell and need to do a complete export (you don't always need to, hence the change), someone has written a nice set of powershell cmdlets to assist: http://www.altaro.com/blog/a-free-configurable-powershell-script-for-hyper-v-export/
  12. Only if the aircard software has a way to do so. I had the same problem with Sprint's aircard software (it doesn't like ANY other net connections when it's active), but the feature can be disabled in their software. If you can't disable it for your aircard, it's not a Windows issue, so you may be out of luck.
  13. +1 on using a theme instead - it's about the only way you can be certain that each user will get the exact same settings. Plus, it's easier to save and specify a theme (and potentially replace it later, if necessary, within the image) than to keep updating unattend files.
  14. Prior to Windows 8 I have used VHD to boot bitlocker-protected variants of Windows 7 (for normal use) and Windows Server 2008 R2 (for Hyper-V) without doing multiple partitions. With Windows 8 client and Hyper-V on a SLAT enabled system, though, I won't need to do that anymore.
  15. What you want is an application bundle - add each "split" MSI package to the applications folder, and then go into the properties and hide them all via the "hide" checkbox in the application's properties. Next, create a new application bundle in the applications node, and then on the dependencies tab, add each MSI it needs to install, in the order necessary (bundles install dependencies in order, from top to bottom, in that list), and then that application bundle will show up as an "Application" during the wizard (or to be installed directly from a task sequence, as need be).
  16. Depends on the vendor of the SSD and how they've configured it, but for a 1st gen SSD, it might make *more* sense to go with a used model that didn't fail within the first 3 months .
  17. Password changes happen first on the pdc - use ntdsutil to figure out which one that is, and that's the one to look at for starters. If it was easy, we could replace you with the janitor!
  18. There is a perfectly good x64 Windows 7 software / driver package for this model from HP - both the basic driver and the full suite, although obviously a print server will like the basic driver MUCH better: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/SoftwareIndex.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&prodNameId=4083648&prodTypeId=18972&prodSeriesId=4083647&swLang=8&taskId=135&swEnvOID=4063
  19. Remote Assistance will handle this as previously mentioned, and it's behavior is configurable via Group Policy as well.
  20. Yes, please read the EULA carefully. Jaclaz has made it easy for you to find .
  21. WIM files contain no partition or filesystem information - as long as the destination partition or drive contains enough space to hold the contents of the WIM (aka the drive is not smaller than the data in the WIM), you can put a WIM file onto any size drive or partition. 2TB max partition (and disk) size for an MBR disk, and 256TB partitions (18EB disk size) for a GPT disk - those are Windows' artificial limitations.
  22. This was always the case, but apparently the lifecycle page didn't include the info. This is good - at least the page is now accurate .
  23. +1 - if it's a domain that's at 2008 R2 DFL, you aren't going back at all. I don't understand the reasons for the request to downgrade anyway, so perhaps that's a better question/scenario to be working on troubleshooting.

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