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  1. Listen To Audio Directly From Ftp

    does any of u know a program for that, or maybe there is a winamp plug-in? thx for any advice
  2. Are you going to upgrade to 64bit WinXP

    i cant agree with u Marsden. I think that gamers will use 64-bit cpu so they should recieve a 64-bit OS for home also
  3. Play Video From Ftp

    Does anyone know a program for watching avi from ftp? As far as im concerned mplayer: streaming via http, RTP, RTSP, mms, mmst, mpst, sdp (no ftp)
  4. Are you going to upgrade to 64bit WinXP

    http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/64bit/e...on/upgrade.mspx It says there thats its for free for 360 days. I don't have 64-bit cpu so cant tell for sure, but check it out yourselfs
  5. Can't Host

    I wanna play Warcraft 3 with a friend but from a few days now i lost the possiblity of hosting and have no idea why... i have NAV 2005 but i turned of Worm Protection. I dont use SP2 firewall also. I have a router with port 6112 forwarded. Any ideas why is this?
  6. "default User Login"

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon] "DefaultUserName"="InsertName" "DefaultPassword"="InsertPassword" "AutoAdminLogon"="1" Replace InsertName value with the Username you want to autologin with, and the InsertPassword value with the password corresponding to the Username specified.
  7. Account with no password

    thx i'll try
  8. i'm making my first unattended windowsxp cd fallowing the MSFN guid, and i have one question. How to make an account whithout any password. The example file useraccounts.cmd looks like this: net user John asdf1234 /add net localgroup Administrators John /add net accounts /maxpwage:unlimited REGEDIT /S autologon.reg EXIT what should i wright in the bolded place??
  9. Are you going to upgrade to 64bit WinXP

    i'll surely switch, as soon as intel 64bit cpu will be available. It's what i'm waiting for right now coz i need to bay a new computer But if i were to decide for my company i would wait a while, for most of the progarms to update and not be a guinea pig as horsecharles said.
  10. building a pc

    i,ve heared that somewhere before... nvm p4 3,2 LGA 775 Asus mobo with wifi, 1GBit lan, DDR2, no vga, ATA/SATA, 8ch audio, 512MB Kingston DDR2 GForce of some kind (better asus) 40 GB SATA WD Raptor 200 GB ATA/SATA WD 17' LCD Samsung/LG depends on what do you whant to use the PC for. the rest is less important Anyway componants vary depending on what u want to use them for: games/word processing/graphic editing?
  11. bluetooth vs wirelss

    good to know, coz i'm deciding what to buy: http://www.logitech.pl/index.cfm/products/...,CONTENTID=7153 or http://www.logitech.pl/index.cfm/products/...,CONTENTID=6831 and i've heard that bluetooth has a time of reaction up to 3 sec after not using for a while
  12. Best PC game?

    The best one is DotA of course But I'd also add Warcaft III FT and NFSUII. I wonder why weren't they mentioned Anyways as i said befora DotA rocks B)
  13. bluetooth vs wirelss

    my question is probaly nooby but can the wireless signal of the keyboard interfere with WLAN?
  14. WLAN drivers

    Does anyone know how can i install my wlan card on lonhorn (4074)? I have a D-Link AirPlus PCI card. I tried to use the xp drivers but it didn't recognize them. Without does drivers i can't acces the internet. Any ideas?
  15. How do they do it?

    nice thnx @gamehead200 the "i am currently not listening to any music" and "computer offline" refers to you?