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  1. Happy Christmas

    Thank you all at MSFN for the Christmas wishes sent to me via email. May I also wish a very happy Christmas to all the lads and lassies on the forum. Ron.
  2. Line slip on full screen

    Update. Just incase anyone was wondering. I found the display settings under Appearance and Personalization. The Refresh rate is fixed at 60hertz on Generic PnP monitor, and the current display driver doesn't allow changes to hardware acceleration. I suppose I could try updating the driver, but as everything is working well apart from full screen on ITV I'm inclined not to. Ron.
  3. Does anyone know a cure for lineslipping on ITV 'Watch Now' or 'Catch up' It only happens on my laptop with Vista, BBC programmes are fine. My desk top with XP2 has no problem with full screen on either ITV or BBC. Is there an adjustment on Vista for Hardware acceleration like there is on XP? I've looked but sofar drawn a blank. Ron
  4. Red x

    Thanks for the warning LLXX. I appreciate your concern, I would only open attachments from a known source even though my mail is screened by AVG. It is just annoying when a friend sends me mail that I cannot see the images. I get jpegs, gifs etc from other people that I can see. I am wondering if there is a problem with my friends setup. However, thank you all who have posted. Ron.
  5. Red x

    Thanks for the suggestions butI did a check and... VERIFY YOUR JAVA SOFTWARE INSTALLATION We detected your Java environment as follows; Description Your Environment Java Runtime Vendor: Sun Microsystems Inc. Java Runtime Version 1.5.0_06 CONGRATULATIONS, you have the Latest version of Java! So it would appear it's not lack of Java
  6. Red x

    Sorry Martin L.
  7. Red x

    Thanks for the reply Gouki. I use Incredimail. I tried unchecking the Blocked images without success. There does not seem to be any offer to show email as HTML. Ron.
  8. Red x

    I wonder if anyone knows the answer. I sometimes get an email which should have a picture attached, but all I get is a box with a red x in the top left corner. I have Macromedia Flash Player & Shockwave installed, is there something else I should have installed? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Ron.
  9. Irfanview Flash Player

    Thank you Zxian for letting me know the moved post. I was just about to add this post. I have found the problem, the link I was using was corrupted. Using a fresh link solved the problem. I do hope I haven't caused to many scratched heads On the other hand, if any of you come across a like incident in the future, it might save you a load of trouble. Thank you all those who have given thought to the problem.
  10. I am having great difficulty with downloading the plugin to Irfanview that enables you to view video & sound on swf files, namely the Reindeer animation that a friend put on another Forum. Using his link on the Forum it plays with no problems, however, he sent it to me as an email which requires the flash player to see it, and having D/L the flash player and installed it said sucessfully, when I try to play the animation the screen comes up flashing "DOWNLOADING" and just stays that way, if you click on play the top two thirds of the animation work but no sound, also of course the text that say's click on a deer is not there. I have tried uninstalling Irfanview and plug-ins including any remnants I could find and started afresh, but with the same results. I would like to cure this problem if possible with someones help, cos I hate being beaten. Wasn't sure if this is the right place for this post please forgive if I'm wrong.
  11. MS Live Safety Center

    The answer is to go to Windows Update & download Framework 2. If you use 'custom' it is an optional and will be found to the left of Update Screen under software.
  12. MS Live Safety Center

    I have a mate who has been trying to use the new free MS Beta scan, he keeps getting the following, "Failed during scanner initialization: Microsoft.wlsc.Scanner.PlatformInfo :(null)" I have used this full scan myself, and apart from having to remove MSN toolbar, had no difficulty. Perhaps one of you lads or lassies might have the answer. His O/S is XP (not sure if it's XP2) and he is dsl . many thanks.
  13. Windows XP2 backup

    Very many thanks JRosenfeld and of course Chilifrei64. You are right I should have said Home Edition. I will try your advise later today, have got to go out to meet friends, so don't want to rush things. I am very grateful to you both for your help. Will keep you posted on progress. Many thanks. Ron.
  14. Windows XP2 backup

    Unfortunately it is not installed by default with XP. MS are using the NT backup program but with enhancements, XP users have to manually install it. I am loathe to press INSTALL on my XP2 CD incase it does not give an option to browse for the file I want. Many thanks for your reply Chilifrei64. I hope someone out there may know the answer. Ron.
  15. Windows XP2 backup

    Imedia 5061 023421120165 O/S Windows XP2 I want to make a backup. I understand that XP backup utility is available, but has to be manually installed from the original XP install disk. Mine came with the PC(OEM) However I do have the Microsoft XP2 Service pack Disk which I have been told I could use. When I insert this the only option I can see is INSTALL I don't want to reinstall only the file E:\VALUEADD\NTBACK UP. My question is, if I click on INSTALL will it give me an option to browse for the file I need to install? My thanks in advance.