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  1. Thats good then.

    But I removed v2. LOL

    I email a person about his program not working with v2 but it works with v1.1. Could anyone tell me if the following is correct?

    At 15:34 27/10/2005 -0400, you wrote:


    >I've just installed .NET framework version 2.0, just came out



    >And I downloaded your program. Said that you neen version 1.1 or



    >Please fix this issue, thanks!

    Well, it's not really an issue. .NET 2.0 is not compatible with 1.1 -- they're quite fundamentally different. You will need to have .NET 1.1 installed as well. Since you can install it side-by-side with 2.0 then there shouldn't be any problems.

    ("1.1 or higher", incidentally, just means 1.x (but not 1.0). If they had released a 1.2 it would have worked with that. But 2.0 is an entirely different kettle of fish.)


    Gavin Lambert, Mirality Systems


    Thanks. The program is http://www.mirality.co.nz/maxcode.php MAX Manager.

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