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  1. Recalibration works for my with others products, such as my toothbrush battery, it cannot be removed, so every 6 months it is recomment that you leave it on until the battery dies. I do it every 3 months.

    And yes I guess it does make the battery last longer.

    I don't have a laptop so I cannot try this, in theory it should work, but it depends on the battery type. I have no idea which types work and don't work.

  2. Oh OK, but I meant the installer.

    Will the program continue to fuction without the common files? I don't think to, so it must be included in the whole thing.

    But what the hell are these common files.

    I installed Acronis True Image Home v10, and removed it in about a hour. Great product but why does it require all these things to be runnign when the program it not working.

    I can understand the task scheduler, but what about all the other s***.

    And the uninstall is f***ing crap. Leaves the services and registry bits.

  3. New features introduced in version 10

    * Supports Microsoft Windows Vista — Ensure that you can protect you system if you upgrade to the latest version of Windows

    * Backup your music, video, and photos — Preserve your digital memories

    * Outlook backup — Preserve your emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, signatures, news folders, e-mail rules and user settings with just a few mouse clicks

    * Application protection — Protect your application settings and avoid the time consuming process of redoing your custom settings

    * Quick backup of specific files — Initiate backup of specific files without being in the Acronis True Image application

    * Restore application settings — Avoid the hassle of customizing your applications again in case of failure

    * Explore backups — Easily search and recover particular files in archives just like in Windows Explorer

    * Create backup rules — Ensure that you never run out of space by setting limits on the amount of space allocated for backups, the number of backups and the amount of time you keep backups

    * Email notifications — Peace of mind by obtaining notification that your backups have completed

    * Save to FTP — Flexibility to store your backups where you want to

    You still got to go back 2 more versions.

    Their are quite many I quess.

    Sorry about the double post.

  4. I have the full version of Paragon Partition Manager 8.0 on a DVD I got from Computer Shopper latest edition.

    It it any good?


    And on the DVD is a trial for Acronis True Image Home v10. That's s how I heard about it.

    Does anyone use the latest version here?

    I was about to install it, then ZoneAlarm said it was going to install a service so I cancled it. LOL

    I would like to know, if the service stays on all the time, or only when you run the program?

  5. I recently bought a Western Digital My Book 250GB Essential USB 2.0 External Hard Drive from Amazon.co.uk. So, I want to find out the best data backup software or solution available.

    I believe it is out of Genie Backup Manager Home v7.0 and Acronis True Image Home v10, hence, the reason why I have added the latest versions in the poll. We are comparing home versions only for these to products to make it fair.

    Here are some good comparisons of all the leading backup software products and reviews for each.

    Here: toptenreviews.com

    Now, I would like your opinion on which is best.

    Hompage: Genie Backup Manager Home v7.0 | Acronis True Image Home v10

    P.S. Is it possible to make this pinned?

  6. How many times has Mozilla told people not to link to the ftp servers. So stop doing it. You're killing their sponsers.

    Link to the Firefox homepage please! So they can balance the load, instead of killing a ftp server! Not only that bt so people can get the language version, instead to you giving everyone the US version.

    Thank you!

    Here use this link: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all.html

  7. Now that you have released vLite for Windows Vista.

    Please do not stop making nLite.

    XP will continue to have more users that Windows Vista for quite some time.

    I hope you release a new version of nLite containing bugfixes and maybe some new features. Also, try fixing the problems current users are having with WMP11 integratation with the add-on.

    Hope you consder this.

    Thank you,


  8. Windows Automated Installation Kit RTM Now Available for Download

    The RTM version of the Windows Automated Installation Kit (Windows-AIK or WAIK) is now available for download from Microsoft downloads. This download contains the production version of the tools necessary to create a Windows Vista image such as Windows System Image Manager, Windows PE 2.0, and Imagex. It also includes the production version of Windows Deployment Service so that you can upgreade your RIS boxes to WDS.

    View: http://windowsconnected.com/blogs/joshs_bl...r-Download.aspx

    It's a bit like nLite but for Windows Vista. I haven't tried it yet. Since I use XP.

  9. Second, Windows Vista Setup, like Vista itself, is more modular, though you will paradoxically see fewer choices--and thus be able to make fewer customizations--if you run interactive Setup to install Vista (as most end-users will do). The modular nature of the Vista Setup routine allows enterprises to more elegantly customize their Windows Vista installs. And that means that true power users will be able to do so as well. (I should note, however, that the amazingly short time required for interactive Setup almost completely offsets any gains made by taking the time to create a custom Vista install DVD.)

    Third, Windows Vista Setup no longer bulk copies a slew of files from the install medium, expands them on the fly, and then copies them to the hard drive, one at time. Instead, Microsoft has created an image-based Setup format that contains a compressed archive of a basic bootable Windows Vista system that will work on any hardware. This single file install image is copied to the hard drive in a single whack and expanded. Then, the system reboots and the particular hardware devices on your PC are detected and, if you're lucky, configured with drivers.

    Fourth, and perhaps most important, Microsoft has completely changed the way it services Windows. In the past, the process of combining, or slipstreaming, service packs and hot-fixes into a Windows install were tedious and error-prone. Now, all you have to do is copy the update into an Updates folder found in the root of any Vista Setup DVD, install share, or Setup image. It's literally that simple: All future installs will automatically incorporate any updates stored in that folder.

    From http://www.winsupersite.com/reviews/winvista_03.asp

    Well, hope that helps.

  10. Come on Nuhi stop concentrating on a Windows Vista version, its supposed to be much faster setup and all you have to do to integrate updates it place them in the update folder.

    Read here: http://www.winsupersite.com/reviews/winvista_03.asp

    Waiting for the next version for XP.

    nLite does work with .net v3.0 right?

    The some Vista experience is already available if you can integrate these in to the XP CD without problems:

    - Windows Defender

    - Internet Explorer 7

    - Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0

    - Windows Media Player 11

    If all of these can be integrated without problems, that would be perfect. With nLite NOT separate add-ons.

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