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  1. Minus 1 for music

    i already have a burner.. i mean minus 1 = means take off the voice of the music only background music remain.. or delete the lyrics or songs just the background music remains.. like some music editor or something.. but not mixer
  2. Minus 1 for music

    what program can i use to make a minus 1 music? can anyone help me? or give me the site or link
  3. Auto recording webcam

    can u tell me if there is a software like that??
  4. PC lag

    so.. whats ur best suggestion? do i need to change my processor? or ill just have to buy a new motherboard?
  5. PC lag

    i tried my PCI parts in other PC and it works fine.. it only lag in my PC... i have ASUS TUSL2-C
  6. PC lag

    can i ask what is the cause when a PC lag? coz my pc always lag... anytime.. or when i play games or watching youtube..
  7. Yahoo Messenger 9

    how can i instal YM 9 in Win98SE?
  8. ASUS TUSL2-C Problem

    i have no floppy drive.. what why im wondering how did it get in... anyone here experience the caldera DOS?
  9. Ragnarok today mostly playable in WinXP and newer OS only.. even if im using a KernelEx still i cant play the game.. any special patch to play Ragnarok using kernel?
  10. ASUS TUSL2-C Problem

    mostly when installling it says press any key to boot, ryt? mine is diff.. it just load booting from ATIPI CD-ROM 1.44 Floppy Disk Caldera DR-DOS then it goes in a dos mode... [DR-DOS]A:/
  11. CD-ROM

    ahhh... ok thx for the fast reply
  12. CD-ROM

    is there any software that can forcefully read a dvd in a CD-ROM? actually i my ROM is a DVD but it got damage and now it wont read DVD anymore just CD...
  13. ASUS TUSL2-C Problem

    i have a problem there... when booting the winXP in the start.. it goes in a DOS mode type.. i dont know whats the problem of it.. it is just my PC.. coz its not DOS mode in other PC.. how can i set this?
  14. ASUS TUSL2-C Problem

    ok.. my bios now is 1012 is that ok?
  15. ASUS TUSL2-C Problem

    how can i update my motherboard? if i cant instal OS?