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  1. Just wanna say "May GOD bless u for ur kindness n I hope u will always help people when they're need to!"

  2. Heheheh, now the link have all what user required, tools, guides etc, cool Max
  3. Sorry computerguru, from what I've see its more like customizing 7 dvd rather than unattended installation. From what I've see u r using reverse integration methode just the same as integrating service pack into windows image without breakin' sysprep. Nothing personal, unattended installation more than just installing application during sysprep n then repack ur image.
  4. I agree with u Max, beside I wanna make my own customizing dll's n see some example from u n myselfidem. Now the question is where should the dll's posted? It's an open source but I really hate if someone download n upload in other hosting site without permission from the original creator (for example Max n Myselfidem). Anyway, I've test ur Se7en_UA on 8 different OEM manufactured, n for the rest of OEM i've been waiting for their permission as I use it for educational purposes not for hijack or crackin'. Wish me luck! Regards
  5. Ctrl+Shift+F2 then run command prompt and type: net user administrator /enable:yes net user administrator /active:yes Otherwise u could do some unattended action n skip user creation, hope it help! Regards
  6. Hmm, nice, if there's nothing removed but the .wim files is reduced, i guess it have the same comparison for WAIK command "imagex /compress maximum" right? but have u already check with some extractor (7zip for example) just in case it have the same structure? When I check my wim is reduced too, check again with 7zip yes it have the same structure with no corrupt data, n last I test in vmware work fine. Now I'm testing ur Se7en_UA on machine that have slic2.1 bios on vmware, thx to searchengine from MDL that had working on vmware bios installer so I can test it without worrying on flashing or modded my bios I'll report my test to u max, both in post n pm too!
  7. Wow cool myselfidem, guess this is what Urie n Max said bout "FEEDBACK" Anyone here wanna share ur customizing resources files or apps (addons)? Come on post here!!!
  8. Hmm, stefan sorry to ask dumb question but u said it can work on vista to integrated servicepack 2 so does it remove the process of sysprep? I've used vista update integrator (it made by u if i'm not wrong) to integrate service pack 1 to original Vista DVD (no service pack) the sysprep generalize error when I integrate SP2 using reverse integration methode both on reboot or shutdown. Have u fix that yet?
  9. Ok, here's the additional notes for someone who got problems with Se7en_UA, I've test it with XP SP3 x86, Vista SP1 & SP2 x86, Windows 7 x86 : - Make sure u've free space for mounting/unmounting process, don't install Se7en_UA on a folder with space, install in the root folder (c:\Se7en_UA or d:\Se7en_UA or whatever u like) - Se7en_UA will failed if there's previous WAIK installed, such WAIK for Vista SP1 or before, so please uninstall it first. - Check ur windows image before do mounting process, if there's a corrupt *.wim (install.wim for sure) the process will failed. (I've integrated SP2 into Vista SP1 using the reverse integration methode, then I know that i've made mistake, the install.wim is corrupt so I go back n make new windows image n it works now) - Se7en_UA can restore ur activation, but be sure u've valid license, if u have an OEM license use that, if not use the retail license, dont use crack (use genuine license please!) cuz it automatically detect ur activation. (thx a lot MAX, now I can use an offline activation as it save some times for me who don't have an internet connection at home) - If u dont want to make an application installation, just make new folder named apps in the root folder (c:\apps or d:\apps or whatever as it will automatically scanned ur root drive)n when the application pop up, just click exit. (but I really recommend u use ones, cuz it saves some times to add ur own firstlogon or oobe command) - U can customize ur resource files such as spwizimg.dll or imageres.dll just like myselfidem did, just make sure u replace with the same version otherwise the installation will failed. - Last but the most important of all, if u've try the Se7en_UA but U dont like it, please respect it n dont said it's a crap, I've followed Se7en_Ua since the name was Vista_UA n I know Max have work so hard to make it works (it proved on personal messages to me, sorry Max for disturbin or annoyin n bein pain to u, thx, thx, thx alot MAX) Hope it help everyone who wanna try Se7en_UA for the first time, I'm newbie n I dont know nothin bout programmin or unattended installation but with Se7en_UA I finally know what the audit command or other command do, thx again MAX!
  10. forget bout what they say about ur onepiece update pack, u n onepiece had work very hard, thx a lot man!

  11. PS : Sorry for the late reply of ur pm, hope the attachment upthere useful for developing Se7en_UA, thx MAX!!!
  12. Max, here's the se7en_ua.ini n wim.txt u've askin' me to send, notes that I've return to the original SP1 RTM ISO which i've rebuild with only one image there (ULTIMATE) just in case i've mistakenly integrate SP2 (I use reverse integration methode) n I've attached 2 version, first before waik uninstalled n 2nd after waik uninstalled! Before waik uninstalled Se7en_UA.ini wim.txt After waik uninstalled Se7en_UA.ini wim.txt The host system still windows xp sp3 x86 n the target os is vista sp1 x86.
  13. Hmmm,ok max, I'll try again but this time I'll uninstall WAIK first! If fail I will try to install via pc in my office that has Windows XP SP3 x86. If there's another error I'll post to U, n I'm really sorry if I cant reply again today cuz I'm online in internet cafe (I'm workin as an accounting in my brother's company, I earn a small salary a month, so sorry). I'll post again tomorrow, hope with a good news (I really hope so, ). Anyway thx max for ur reply, hope GOD bless ur knowledge just like Ricktendo, Ryanvm, 5eraph, OnePiece n Nonnofabio, Kelsenavian (waiting more addons from u,hehe), Muiz, HJW n others member who always help people for developing their operating system (especially windows). PEACE ALWAYS...STOP WARS!!!
  14. Sorry max, I'm new to to se7en_ua, I have use vista tool by janz n muiz to integrate update n vlite by nuhi to make unattended installation, both need waik installed. So I wanna try to use urs, i've read the first n the last post, said it don't need WAIK installed! What I wanna ask is : 1. I've WAIK for vista SP1, do I have to uninstall first, cuz when I run Se7en_UA n copy the dvd, after finished it failed to mounting the wim n the error text is "wimserv.exe not installed or something" (I'm not exactly remember, I'm posting this in my office but I've build my project in my home with no internet connection, hope I can post the error message) 2. My Vista DVD is a retail edition, so if i wanna activate my licence i've to do online or by phone! In the OEM description u mention bout backup licence for non OEM dvd, so can I automatically activated my vista dvd use Se7en_UA? Cuz it really helpfull for someone like me who dont have an internet connection to have automatically activated Vista DVD (anyway I've valid licence not the cracked one, I download Vista RTM iso from microsoft, it take 1 day n half to finish so please don't ask about windows genuine, I've spent my half salary just to buy the licence) Anyway here's the description of my OS n target OS: 1. My system is Vista SP2 x86 2. Target OS is Vista SP2 x86 Any suggestion from max n other members is appreciated, n sorry if I have mistakenly typing! PEACE!!!
  15. Additional NOTE, please read before u asking to the moderator!!! 1. Before u start vlite, please click the option on the menu bar, change ur temporary folder to drive that have approximately 20 GB free space, don't use ur default temp folder cuz vlite integration process need mount/extract ur windows vista image (install.wim) n the update pack (SP1). 2. If u have WAIK installed but vlite can't detect ur windows imaging driver try to copy wimgapi.dll from ur WAIK installation folder (C:\Program Files\WAIK\ Tools\x86) n copy it the root of vlite installation example c:\program files\vlite 3. Please disable anti virus programs at the service pack integration process, it may corrupt ur windows vista image. 4. If u've finish slipstreamed service pack choose tweaks (don't check anything), apply, choose rebuild one if u want only single edition (ex. Ultimate) but if u want to keep all edition choose rebuild all, don't choose save changes only cuz it will make ur vista image larger. Hope this will help u all especially newbie like me he3x
  16. Sorry bro, vlite can't integrate sp2, the only method that work to slipstream sp2 is using reverse integration so we manually captured image after sysprep generalized! I've try to integrated sp2 with vlite many times but it didn't work, the pkmanager that include vlite seem doesn't support SP2! Hope it can help! PEACE!!!

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