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  1. i'd be interested in that package. any chance of including nero toolkit?
  2. ^is that element or blue?
  3. please don't.... there's a reason it's called Nero 7 LITE v7.0.8.2
  4. i'd upgrade to version 7. but i've heard it's got bad problems with audio, is this true?
  5. does the full nero 7 package have nero startsmart?
  6. wow, thanks for the awesome work. keep it up
  7. so much information in this thread. any chance of a cleaned up guide that boasts all the contributions?
  8. just as a heads up.... the patch for 7.0.5 has been released here are the full installers already updated to 7.0.5: Adobe Reader 7.0.5 Full Installer (Compressed) - Windows Adobe Reader 7.0.5 Full Redistributable Installer (Uncompressed) - Windows here are the patch versions: Adobe Reader 7.0.5 Update for versions 7.0-7.0.3 - Windows wondering if this one can be slimmed down?
  9. ryan already makes one: http://ryanvm.msfn.org/ but it's hasn't been updated in a very long time
  10. question: only the files mentioned need to be overwritten? and also, which svcpack should the cat files be put in, the one in the i386 director or the one in the wmp pack? also... inside ryan's wmp10 addon pack, does entries_wmp10 need to be changed?
  11. could someone upload their autorun file? i think i accidentally deleted it PS: perferably post-sp2 autorun file EDIT never mind. i was able to make one
  12. Source path: E:\VRMPVOL_EN Destination path: E:\packedxp It didn't do anything after clicking the "Pack these files to the destination" button. It just stayed idle as if nothing even happened. I had about 20 GB of free space left on my E drive. I am currently running xp sp2. I keep my computer really clean, so virsuse, spyware, etc is never a problem. I also rebooted and tried without running any other applications in the background and still the same thing happened. I can't think of any other info that may help you. But I'd be more than willing to give you specifics if necessary. Thanks!
  13. I'm running rc 6.2 and im having a problem. I've selected my source input and output. I disabled unattended, driverpacks, and extra files. I selected the right OS version/edition. BUT, when i click on pack these files.... it doesn't do anything. it just sits idle. What am I doing wrong?
  14. which cat files would need to be added if the second method is used and wfp is not disabled? all of them?
  15. i'm lost how do i integrate the latest update of diskeeper 9 into the retail install?

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