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  1. just to let everyone know... 5.0.1 is out... http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/
  2. Does this pack patch the files or replace them entirely?
  3. sorry, i shoulda been more clear. I meant that AFTER the install, java takes up about 110+ MB. the install package is around 16, though - just as you stated.
  4. This update just got released. Installing this package is quite big (around 110+ MB). Any useless junk that can be shaved off?
  5. cool! so far, everything looks fixed and clean! good stuff! but, just wondering if these icons were also supposed to be patched or not:
  6. I like it this way. more simple. sticks to the idea of XPize a little more rather than changing XP too much.
  7. also note that ryan's installer has sp1 and a hotfix for .net integrated right into the installer. so once it's installed, there's no need to patch it
  8. create one.... and stick ryanvm's .net silent installer in there (remember to rename it to "setup" without the quotes) http://ryanvm.msfn.org/
  9. how do you use this pack? just unzip and run itunessetup?
  10. dude! what an awesome way to remove that nero rubbish! awsome stuff!!! nero 7 just around the corner as a heads up
  11. if the i386 method for patching is used, are the following procedures applied...? -creation of restore point -uxtheme patching oh, and what is included in the extras?
  12. Thanks for the offer, dude! But I'll save everyone the bandwidth and wait for the next release! It sounds good with all that stuff integrated.
  13. does the update include all the previous service packs?
  14. somebody please help me. my isp is banned from the server I haven't been doing ANYTHING bad to the server, hell I found out about this site only a few days ago. Any mirrors???
  15. my isp is banned from the server any mirrors?
  16. Thanks. That's what I thought. One more thing... If I wanted to integrate this with a XP install CD [well, sorta] so that when I click install .NET Framework in the CD menu it will start the setup. Im assuming what I have to do is create a folder called DOTNETFX in the CD-root and put the contents in there (2 dir, and one file). Then I would also have to rename netfx to setup. Would this work or would it fail to load because the netfx file is not an exe.
  17. Thanks for the help guys. I think I got it. Only thing is, I don't have a data1.cab in my dotnetfx folder, only a netfx1.cab file. Should it be like this?
  18. One question... how'd you get an admin install of .NET Framework 1.1 Redist. I looked on the first page, but could not figure it out. Can anyone help me?
  19. Actually, I just learnt that SP2 does not come with ANY version of the .NET Framework... However, I did manage to find a way to partially integrate .net... anyways this will do for me since I always won't wanna install it. The link is here incase anyone wants to see.
  20. oh, ok.... I didnt know sp2 already had .net. Well that makes things easier. One more quick question. I didn't want to start a new thread for this so I'll keep it short and put it here. The guide for importing registry tweaks in an unattended install shown here also mentions importing tweaks for HKEY_CURRENT_USER to all the users. My question is that if I have HKEY_CURRENT_USER reg tweaks in the file specifically for HKEY_CURRENT_USER tweaks that apply to all users, do I still need those tweaks in the main file with the other types of reg tweaks [ie: HKLM, etc...]? Hope it's not too confusing
  21. If I wanted to intergrate the .NET framework into a xp sp2 cd, how would I do this? Would it work the same as shown here?
  22. Does the modifyPE program also change the CRC for TCPIP.SY_ so I don't have to be interrupted during install. I know it does this for the uxtheme.dl_, but what about TCPIP.SY_?

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