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  1. Yes, with this shortcut: %SystemRoot%\Explorer.exe /e,::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}
  2. fritzi

    Driver integration

    I didn't know this. Now, I understand . This feature would be great for raid users, which have non supported controllers by default. In case of a system restore, it is circular and annoying to integrate raid driver from a removable device every time....
  3. fritzi

    Driver integration

    Ah OK. Thanks for your reply. I thought, Vista detects the driver at startup as it is in my nvidia raid system (driver is integrated from microsoft by default). It's a pity and would be nice, if it's possible in future. However, it's an amazing tool.
  4. After vLite works fine for me, I've got the next problem I integrated the driver for my raid controller to the image (VIA VT6421, viamraid.inf) and burned it on DVD. But at setup, Vista doesn't find any harddrives and I have to browse to the directory, where the driver files for the controller are located. But where they are? Shouldn't Vista find the driver independent? If not, is it possible to browse to the built-in driver on DVD? I tried this, but didn't found anything. Thanks
  5. Nuhi, thank you so much. Now, it's done . Did you mean only the installation folder, where the original Vista DVD will be copied to? I changed the atrributes from all folders (vlite installation folder, temp-folder and image folder where the files from dvd will be copied to)? Do other users haven't this problem? I'm wondering, because all my settings (folders and security and so on) are set to default. I never changed anything in this section. However, this program rocks! Thank you again for the quick support!!!
  6. Any ideas about this problem? Tested with 0.7, 0.8 and 0.9. On two different machines with XP Pro SP2 and Vista Ultimate Final. Everythng works fine and then, the above named error always appears at the same time (shortly before the image is finished). I've tried both options to build the image too, same problem Would be nice, if someone could help me. Sorry for the bad english, I'm writing from Germany. Thanks so much

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