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  1. I always seem to have a problem restoring hard drive space after the removal of malware from my computer. I usually just ignore it as I usually have tons of free space, but this time I bought a SSD of 60GB for my dad's computer and it is almost completely full (it should have over 30GB free). It seems these malware programs use up a lot of space on the hard drive, but when I search my folders I can never seem to find any unusually large folders to delete. It seems as though they are hidden, but even with hidden files and folders revealed I find nothing unusual. I have run ccleaner to remove unwanted files and folders and registry entries and it usually clears up several GB of space, but never all of it. I run Spybot S&D, Ad-Aware, and NOD32 for protection, (and of course they never catch anything, they just let me know I'm infected after the fact and only after I've manually scanned) Can anyone shed some light on restoring some HD space? -=Mark=-
  2. Does SP3 or greater provide support for more than 137G drives? My BIOS is updated. The MB is a newer P45 board (Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R). I will nlite a SP4 disk and see how it goes. Thanks -=Mark=- ps. I installed Ubuntu on the drive and told it to use the whole disk and it formatted it properly using the whole disk. also, it was my WD drive, not my Seagate drive.
  3. I just tried installing Windows 2000 on a spare drive for testing because my sisters needs me to reinstall Windows 2000 on her computer. I remove all hard drives so I don't corrupt any of my other drives, then I start the install process. When it gets to my hard ddrive table it lists 5 or 6 partitions? It looked like it found my Vista partition and sperated it and then made a bunch of other partitions I assumed for Windows 2000. I tried to delete all partitions so it was 1 whole partition again but it wouldn't merge the two main partitions back to gether. I even connected my drive to my Windows 7 Ult machine and it won't let me do anything to them as well. it just says there are two unallocated partitions on one drive. I then try to use computer management to format both partitions and it wouldn't format the second one and claimed there wasn't enough space available on the disk. It is a Seagate 250GB hard drive and should have plenty of room. I've been reading some post about Seagate drives having issues, could this be my problem? -=Mark=-
  4. Unless I'm misreading this, I believe the OP is asking for something to recommend to others, probably clients. All malware detection software miss things. If this malware gets on the system through user actions, which is usually the case, the only sure solution is a restricted account or user environment that won't allow an install. SandBoxie can help if the user will properly use it. If you're dealing with users who install on a whim and repeatedly infect themselves but won't accept a restricted environment, the only thing that might make a difference is making them pay for removal time. Yeah, sorry, I should of been more clear that it is for my friends and family's computers. My self I don't use any malware prevention with good results. but my friends find it like mad. I first installed firefox with good results and recently adblock plus with even more success. I think my only issue is stuff they download that looks cool and adblock plus works great for that. video is another and installed k-lite/cccp codecs and told them if it asks for a download in order to view a video, then it is a virus as all codecs are installed (also I install VLC) I also used Talrun's stuff with limited success, but most of that free stuff requires the users to manually run them and no one ever does. Now I just need to worry about MS messenger and the file sharing they do. at least my aunts and uncle aren't call me so much, but my cousins/friends still call too often. Thanks for the help -=Mark=- ps, I'll look into sandboxie and see it that helps a little more.
  5. I have been getting a lot of malware calls lately. I was wondering what programs will have full time scanning for all forms of malware. I don't mind paying if it does its job well. I already have tons of freeware stuff, but none seem to actively scan and noone want remembers to scans until it's too late and they have a virus and the scanning goes too slow to be of any use. I need a quicker method to detect the malware before it cripples the system. Thanks -=Mark=-
  6. I found it with more searching. For those not in the know, just go to microsoft.com and choose to download Windows 7 RC and it will ask you to log back in and it will give you the key on the download page and you won't have to download anything if you don't want to. It says the download option expires August 20, 2009, but you can get your product key up until the RC expires on June 1, 2009. -=Mark=-
  7. I have reinstalled Windows 7 on my RAID0 drive and I seem to have lost my activation key and the email. Is there a way to retrieve it from Microsoft or someplace? Thanks in advance -=Mark=-
  8. Doh! I went looking at my profile and found my email address was about 3 years old. I have updated it, so it should be OK now. Sorry for taking up your time -=Mark=-
  9. It's been a couple of weeks or more with no notifications of my messages being responded to. I checked and it's turned on. -=Mark=-
  10. I am thinking of getting an SSD for my rig and installing the OS on it. I then want my HDD setup as my data drive for my games and applications. My question is, can I tell Win7 to use both at install, or do I have to manually do it, and how can it be done. I guess I only need my USERS folder on my HDD as most programs use that folder by default anyway. Or is it possible to tell windows to put the USERS folder on D drive? -=Mark=-
  11. Thanks for the tips, I had already did most of them except thelow-level format, and the overclock was undone a while ago as summer came early and it's just too hot in my room already so it is all back to defaults. anyway, I just did a reinstall and all is fine for now. Maybe just an error occurred when I cut power on the lockup and messed up an import sector, or one not being used. all is well and thanks for all the replies. -=Mark=-
  12. I was actually looking at that exact card. It was the highest rated low budget card, but wasn't sure if ATI had implemented the H.264 standard yet. I currently have an X1300 and it doesn't seem to support H.264 (or I don't have it setup properly) and it uses a lot of CPU time. is the 4.1 profile limitation for the sound? I can live with that if so. or would the 4000 series give me full 5.1 surround sound? If not, I have a surround sound card I could probably use. also, what is this MPC-MC? not familiar with that yet. Thanks for the response -=Mark=-
  13. I was looking for a low end video card that will fully support H.264 hardware decoding for videos/movies/TV/etc... Also, I have searched a little bit on the subject and I've read a lot of users had to enable hardware acceleration and I'd be interested to learn how this is done and any software that may be needed to do this. also, I want a very cool running video card as it will be in a small box with little to no air circulation. Thanks in advance -=Mark=-
  14. I booted up this morning to a blank screen and it hung after BIOS checks, but before it got to Windows. I rebooted after waiting about 5 minutes, hoping it would recover and noticed during BIOS check that raid said one of my drive had an error. I let it boot into windows in hopes it would fix it, but it didn't. I got to the desktop and IMSM said I had a RAID error as well. I rebooted to check the raid bios and it said there was an error, but no error codes of any sort. I logged back into windows and checked IMSM and it too reports the error, but again, no error codes. I run check disk and have it do a thorough check and it says I need to reboot for it to run. I runs forever, but doesn''t report any errors. so, is there a way to find out what the error is and fix it? IMSM has an option to ignore the error, but I'm afraid to ignore it and have a crash. It's not a big deal to just reformat and reinstall as this is just a beta test and nothing important is on this setup, but I want to find the problem so it doesn't recur. I'm using the built-in raid of my DFI UT X58-T3eH8 (I believe it's ICH10R) Thanks in advance -=Mark=-
  15. Sorry for not posting back. I unplugged everything and no go. This time I unplugged the memory as well and it worked when I plugged it back in. before, it wouldn't even try to post at all. It was a blank screen with lights on and fans spinning. nothing at all would come up. no beeps, flashing lights on the MB, KB, monitor, or anything else. all is fine now and I disabled the screen saver and modified the power saving made to never turn off anything or sleep, hibernate, etc... Thanks for all the help everyone -=Mark=-
  16. I have an emachine of my sister's and it won't wake up from sleep mode. I have been able to clear cmos in the past, but this time it won't recover at all. I just get a light and drives spinning, but it doesn't try to boot at all. I hit the power button and it shuts off immediately. I clear cmos, remove battery, and remove power cord for over half an hour and still no boot. Is there a special trick I don't know about? I usually disable energy mode and screen saver and it usually keeps from going into sleep mode(except this last time I forgot.) Thanks for any help -=Mark=-
  17. Thanks for the link, and I do have Seagate drives. The Barracuda ES2 drives. I do get fails on assessment often and during the drive tests. It says it is in use or driver issues. I just removed the SATA I jumper and now my drives run in SATA II mode, but my scores are now worse? I was getting 6.1 and now 5.9. Not sure what else to try. I see no firmware updates at Seagate and I am using the default driver (Intel) from install. Maybe I'll try the latest Intel Matrix Storage Manager at intel.com and see if it improves. -=Mark=-
  18. I just connected two Seagate drives to try and improve my Win7 performance scores. I was getting 5.5 with my slow WD drives. I connect my drives, set RAID in BIOS, configure RAID for RAID 0 with 128k on my two Barracuda ES2 drives and my score only went up to 6.1. I was expecting more since my slow WD drive scores 5.5 at around 60/mbs and my Seagates each run over 90/mbs. Being 50% faster each and having a pair of them seems like it would generate a higher score. maybe it's bugged? anyway, I went back into my WD drive to rerun some tests and it BSODs on me. I try repair with no luck and decide to revert back to AHCI mode and now all is well. I thought RAID mode has AHCI enabled? shouldn't I be able to see my AHCI drives in RAID mode? Is there a way to correct this? When I enter BIOS it lets me select my AHCI drive as boot drive. or is it a Win 7 thing? -=Mark=-
  19. I'm just having the slow context menu popup on Win7's desktop, but I do believe it is nvidia's 185.81 video drivers. Didn't do this on Windows Update(WU) WDM 1.1 drivers until I updated with nvidia's. I'm not gonna revert back tho' because WU's drivers are sluggish on gameplay. Other than that I've had no problem. Yeah, I've been having the same issues with 1.1 as well. It will lag out my game and cause it to crash or the folding crashes instead, sometimes both. but it definitely slows the game down quite a bit and I've reverted back to DX9 mode with a little improvement, but it still crashes. My SMP client only running and it still crashes and lags out. so right now I disable GPU 0 and SMP folding and all is fine. My game already has driver issues in DX10 mode so it may still be just a driver issue. -=Mark=-
  20. I just finished installing win 7 again and downloaded all updates except the nvidia driver and all is well. I install the wdm 1.1 driver and it fails with an error 80070103 and a desktop window manager has stopped working. running event viewer doesn't help me much as I don't know how to use it, but in the Operational section there are 14 events with one critcal and one error and both are a BackgroundPrefetchTime while the others are mostly a," This startup service took longer than expected to startup, resulting in a performance degradation in the system start up process:" such as: themes, Group Policy Client, ProfSvc, IDE Channel, CSC Service DLL, and three more IDE Channels. When I reboot after the failed WDM 1.1 driver it starts installing the video drivers anyway. I get 3 pop-ups saying GTX 295 driver installed successfully, then I get a message saying a driver didn't install correctly pop-up and when I click on it, it is windows update wanting me to install wdm 1.1 again. and of course it fails again. I assumed the 4th pop-up didn't show up as the main gpu was installing during startup and the other 3 were something like a new device found kind of install. device manager shows all installed as 1.1. ok, I just had windows update check for update and it says no more updates, the message was left over from last boot and never cleared itself upon reboot I guess. anyway, it seems fast enough and it is doing folding@home, but when I install 185.81 then it is just slow and doesn't give any errors during the install, but is slowing things down. -=Mark=-
  21. Thanks for all the replies, I should get somewhere with all this useful info. II reinstalled Win 7 again last night. it was snappy at boot. I installed the nvidia 185.81 driver and it started acting up again. I then uninstalled the nvidia drivers and installed the WDM 1.1 from windows update and it was still slow. I thought maybe it might need Intel x58 drivers so I downloaded the vista x64 drivers and it didn't help at all. I am currently reinstalling Win 7 again to start from a clean slate. what is the recommended driver to install? preferably nvidia so I can continue to fold@home. will I need Intel driveres or will win 7 have them preinstalled? Thanks again for all the help -=Mark=-
  22. I already tried the driver from nvidia with no success. How do I install DX10? I see no options for it. -=Mark=-
  23. I just did a fresh install of win 7 RC. It runs so slow now. It takes a few seconds for the right-click menu to appear on the desktop. I keep getting messages saying my system is too slow. and aero keeps saying it runs out of memory and shuts itself off. as you can see in my sig, my system can handle win7 with ease. I was running win 7 beta fine for a couple of months. -=Mark=- ps, I even reinstalled win 7 RC with same issues.
  24. Sorry, I got it figured out. I forgot to setup Samba completely. Just ran smbpasswd -L -a my_username and all is well. -=Mark=-
  25. I just installed Ubuntu 9.04 and setup my rig for folding. I have FahMon setup on my Windows 7 rig to monitor my folding. Since I switched from Ubuntu 8.04 to 9.04, windows 7 no longer monitors through the windows network. I set it up just fine, but when I try to open the Ubuntu folder, it keeps asking for a network password for my windows 7 rig? Very strange, why does windows need me to enter a password for itself and not the Ubuntu machine? Here my steps more clearly. I go to Computer and select Network I select my Ubuntu rig so i can open the folding folder to monitor. Windows 7 pops up a Windows Security window The window says: Enter Network Password Enter your network password to access: MARK-X58 MARK-DFI\mark [ ] [] remember my credentials My password is the same for both machines and it refuses it. I even double checked both machines to make sure passwords were correct. Is there something special I need to do on Windows 7? I find it strange it was working before and not now. Thanks for any help -=Mark=- ps, my MARK-DFI is my Windows 7 rig and Mark-X58 is my Ubuntu 9.04 rig.
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