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  1. I just installed XP Home 32-bit SP3 on my computer so I could install my TV card (not compatible with Vista or 7) and windows update says it won't run unless I have SP3 installed. Not sure why I get this error as I have the SP3 version of XP Home and as far as I know, there is no SP4. Error message: You may be unable to access the Windows Update website from Windows XP, Windows 2000 or Windows Server 2003 if those versions of Windows are not updated to the latest Service Pack Here's a link to the error: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2497281 I turned on auto-update, but still get the error after all updates are installed. Any clues what's going on? -=Mark=-
  2. I ended up backing-up and reinstalling windows with my CD and her key and all is fine. Thanks for the help -=Mark=-
  3. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/932300 None of those links work. The article is also 3 years old. XP has been officially unsupported by Microsoft for quite a while now. so now what? Am I screwed out of activation as there seems no way to enter a product key anywhere. I even tried updating to SP1 then SP3 to see if that helps, but SP1 says not genuine and wont install. Where is activation suppose to be located? Maybe I missed it. -=Mark=-
  4. I am working on a clients machine and she got a message saying that her copy of windows is not genuine. This was installed on her machine when her son built it in 2002 and her files are dated back to x-mas 2001. I then click on the systray icon and there is no option to activate or enter a new key. I only have an option to,"Purchase a Genuine License", which you can't do for XP. How can I enter a key? I checked the start menu and seen nothing about activation. Thanks for any help -=Mark=-
  5. I just did a dual drive setup for my SSD and HDD with a little help from an article I read at an MS site: http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7files/thread/565f16a5-e5ed-43c9-8422-4f56aebb296e It only moved the USERS and ProgramData folder, but you could configure any system folder you wanted I suppose. The article show how to do it from a fresh install, but other messages talk about doing it after you have installed windows on your SSD. Hope this helps. -=Mark=- ps. I agree with TheWalrus on 2 SSD going bad would be extremely rare. I'd check for system stability issues more closely. Especially RAM as I've had RAM corrupt my hard drive before from RAM not configured properly.
  6. I just cleaned up two computers for a friend. He has a PC with win 7 in the shop a 100 feet away from the house. He has a laptop with win xp in the house that connect wireless. The printer is in the shop and wired USB to the PC, router is in the house. He want the laptop to use the printer from the house. Now, when the shop PC goes into sleep mode, can the laptop still access the printer? Do I need a certain sleep, hibernate, standby mode? Or do I need to disable sleep mode and leave it on all the time and just tell him to turn off the monitor when he's finished in the shop? Thanks for any help -=Mark=-
  7. It's a filter for opening Works files. The file it actually contains is: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\TextConv\WORKS632.CNVI checked, I have it installed on my system (xp x86), but through Administrative Installation Point of Office 2003. There's something weird with that update - the .msp inside, when unpacked with Universal Extractor, doesn't resolve the above mentioned filename but a longer one. That's not an error, just a different Windows Installer option or something, but I suppose it can create issues with direct installation. Since it's not an important update, I suggest you skip it altogether, if you can. *edit: maybe it's failing simply because the file isn't present on your computer (deselected through custom install options or win7 was "smart" enough to disallow it for whatever reason). Another question is, is Office 2003 supposed to work on Win7 x64 and/or if there are some limitations (with Microsoft support or otherwise)... I don't know the answer, I hope someone else will respond who does. I just observed, from the age of the offered updates, that maybe you don't have service pack for office installed. That would be the first step I would do, even better if slipstreamed (if your version of Office allows creation of administrative install point). *edit2: I was blind, I didn't see it installed SP3. But still creating a slipstreamed install point would be a better solution (less chances of screwups), although if Office works, and updates fail, I wouldn't bother if I don't have enough time to tinker. GL I tried to uninstall updates, but it won't let me uninstall some of them. especially SP3. I guess I just uninstall the whole thing? unfortunately, I can't seem to find my install disk. I guess I just live with it this way. I wish it would let me uninstall everything though, so I can try to update from scratch. good news is one of my buddies works for M$ and he said he will get me a copy of office 2010. woot!! now I just have to spend 3 months relearning it. It's a shame they won't leave the interface alone and not scramble all the menus. Thanks for the help -=Mark=-
  8. I just checked and it installed two updates and sp3. they are: Outlook 2003 junk mail filter KB975958 Office 2003 SP3 Update for office 2003 KB907417 a weird failed one is for works suite 2005 KB943973 and it's the first failed update. I don't have Works installed on this system
  9. I haven't been able to install any updates to office 2003 through win 7 ult x64. I get updates waiting every time I shut off my computer, but they always fail. My updates history is full of these failed updates for over a year. Is there something I need to do to enable office 2003 updates? It seems to know Office 2003 is there, but it just won't update. Is there a corrupt file somewhere in windows 7 or Office 2003? How can I check for corrupt/missing files? Any help would be greatly appreciated. -=Mark=-
  10. I tried palying some more and finally got it. It is alt+space (win+space game nothing), but it only gave me the short menu I listed above(min, max, & close). This time I hit ESC to get rid of the menu and it gave me the full alt+space menu and I was able to chose move and got it. Not sure why it only gave me the short list, but ESC seems to have given me the full list. Thanks for all the help -=Mark=-
  11. MarkJohnson, sorry, guess I missed the point that the DVD works fine on your current system. In order to find the ntdll.dll file on the DVD you will need to mount the image. If you are not familiar with this, then it is probably a lot of work. It requires installing WAIK (Windows Automated Install Kit for W7) and running DISM. Since your DVD works on one system, then it is probably not a bad disk. The System Log I was talking about is on the system (assume XP) that you used to copy the DVD into a folder. Right click My Computer and click Manage then Event Viewer. The System Log should be in the drop list. It is looking very much like a HW problem on your new system. Do you have any HW you can swap, such as an optical drive, memory or HDD? Are you sure you have the BIOS set to normal settings for the CPU and memory - no overclock at all? Otherwise, it may well be time to RMA - but what? I would suggest you try searching the BioStar forum for your MB and see if you can discover anyone with the problem. Since you have two problems with W7 and none with XP or Linux, perhaps it is a problem with your optical drive reading DVDs. Perhaps swap in the one from your current system. Good luck, John. After not getting any luck with BioStar, since they have no forums. I called newegg for an RMA. A bit ago I was thinking of boxing it up and getting it ready when I decided to go ahead and use my X58 memory since it is basically the same as 1156 memory. I just tried one stick and VIOLLA! It boots up fine. I put a second stick and BSOD. I then try the other memory slots and VOILLA! boots up again. I try the Geil memory in these other two slots and BSOD. I use one GEIL stick and boot, then swap and other stick BSOD. It turns out one stick is bad. I don't know how it passed memtest and Linx burn tests? anyway, it was a memory issues after all. I should have used my common sense and changed ram in the first place. just memtest tricked me. If memtest wasn't on the MB BIOS, I probably would have found the error right away. Who knew built-in memtest would mess me up. lol anyway, everything is up and running and all seems well. Thanks again for the help -=Mark=-
  12. Yeah, I was going to do this, but I know more than one program does this and it may take some time to figure out all the programs assigned to the second port. I tried the move command, but it doesn't show up as an option. I even tried alt-enter to get the menu, but it only gives me minimize/maximize. no move or restore. I think the program is maximized and won't give me move until it is in restored mode. You wouldn't know offhand of the keyboard shortcuts for restore or move? Thanks for the help guys. I'm off to search for keyboard shortcuts. -=Mark=-
  13. MarkJohnson, couple of guesses - never used multiple monitors. Right click Desk Top, click Properties, then Settings. See if there is a place to select just one monitor. Right click My Computer, click Manage, then Device Manager. Look for Monitors (click +) and see if there are two. Right click and Uninstall the one that is not really there. Enjoy, John. Unfortunately, I already did all of that with no luck. I just uninstalled the ATI drivers and installed the new 10.7 drivers with no luck there either. I even used Driver Sweeper in safe mode and nothing. I don't know what to do next. Thanks for the help -=Mark=-
  14. I removed my secondary monitor and I just opened my pdfreadr to read some online manuals and it opens up the document on the second display still. The video card is set for single display. I have a Powercolor HD5870 LCS+ video card. I tried setting defaults in CCC and still no love. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks for any help -=Mark=-
  15. I have no clue, I don't get this far. XP find it just fine, and XP seems to be running fine. Memtest passes, OCCT CPU stress test is running fine so far in XP, It's only been 10 minutes, but it's only gotten a max temp of 51C. My hard drive is a Hitachi Deskstar 1TB Not sure what else to try, other than RMA. MarkJohnson, Google gets lots of hits on "Unknown Hard Error \systemroot\system32\ntdll.dll". Have you looked at ntdll.dll on your DVD (check the hash codes)? I guess you will need to read your DVD into a folder, mount the image and look at the file. I am using W7 x64, so I assume my copy of the file will not have the same hash as yours, but here is the 32 bit version (6.1.7600.16385) of mine. After you read the DVD, look at your System log and see if you have any errors coming from your optical drive. I assume you have a running system to do these tests. Another consideration is your HDD. Enjoy, John. First, like already stated, the install disk works fine in my main rig. I even have a win7 home x64 upg disk and get the same error. I put both on USB and get the same errors. just bizarre! I searched the disk for ntdll.dll and found nothing. I tried looking for the system log in XP, but search gives me nothingg. I seem to have one cursed system - lol What folder is ntdll.dll suppose to be in on my DVD? What folder is system.log on my hdd? thanks for help -=Mark=-
  16. I have no clue, I don't get this far. XP find it just fine, and XP seems to be running fine. Memtest passes, OCCT CPU stress test is running fine so far in XP, It's only been 10 minutes, but it's only gotten a max temp of 51C. My hard drive is a Hitachi Deskstar 1TB Not sure what else to try, other than RMA.
  17. I am putting together an i3 system for a friend. I purchased a BioStar TH55B HD and an i3 530 processor plus some Geil DDR3-1333 CAS7@1.5v. I try installing windows 7 Home Premium and get the above error just before the install menu, which I figure is a cd issue. I put windows CD in my main rig and I get the install menu just fine. I try making a bootable Win7 USB drive on my 8GB stick and get the same eror. I figure it's memory and run memtest and it's built-in to the MB. It passes 1 full test after about a half an hour. I try to install Linux (Ubuntu 10.4 x64) and it locks up during the install processes just as it's getting to the install page. I try installing XP Home SP2 and installs without a hitch? Now I'm really baffled. I google a little and find someone with same exact setup and problem and he mentions his system was overclocking itself and he sets to manual overclock and puts it manually to default settings and everything went fine for him. I have same issue, manually set my memory speed and timings and volts (set volts to 1.6v for security) and try Ubuntu agauin and it works!! I then try Win7 Home and get the stupid error again Exact error message is: STOP: C0000221 unknown hard error \systemroot\system32\ntdll.dll I'm really baffled why it won't take win7. I'm open to any suggestions. -=Mark=- ps. my system came with a dec. BIOS so I upgraded to the newest one on the BioStar website dated June 16.
  18. For some reason my folders are getting locks on them. I removed them once and now they're back again. Only this computer gets them for some reasons. Could it be a malware? Here's a screen shot. I forgot how to disable the locks, but they don't lock me out. I can access the files fine. Thanks for any help -=Mark=-
  19. I just reinstalled Windows XP Home on my friends laptop and I can't seem to connect to my network wirelessly. I added WPA and a password for my router, but when I select my router it doesn't give me an option to enter my password so I can connect. Am I missing a step? I only recently added encryption to my network as I bought a laptop a year ago. This is only the second time accessing it wirelessly, but I can't figure out how to enter my password. sorry for the newbish question, but search gave me a ton of info, but nothing I wanted. -=Mark=-
  20. Thanks much for the links. I was able to just import the original .pst. I didn't think to search for .pst files as I figured MS kept them in an encypted format or something. Thanks again. -=Mark=-
  21. I corrupted my hard drive so it won't boot anymore. I tried recover and restore, but nothing recreates the boot portion. I reinstalled windows on another hard drive. I can access all my files from my other hard drive and I have copied everything to the new hard drive. I can't access the emails and import won't seem to import except from a backup file or another program. I just need a way to get them off the hard drive and into my new office 2007 Pro. I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I searched the office folders, but couldn't find where the emails were located. -=Mark=-
  22. My hard drive won't boot anymore and I need to figure out a way to get my emails. I am using Office 2007 Pro and my emails are in Outlook. Sorry if this has been answered before, but search didn't show up relevant info. -=Mark=-
  23. I just added a second drive to have a dual boot window 7 ultimate x64 and Ubuntu 9.10 x64. I had both drives connected and Ubuntu drive set as boot in windows. It installed Ubuntu, but failed on reboot as it could seem to find the boot file. I reboot, go into BIOS and set Win7 as boot disk and get a boot menu. It goes to Ubuntu, but seems locked up. I then reboot and hit ESC for dual boot menu options and chose win7 and get no disk drive found. after losing both OSs, I disconnect the win7 drive and install win7 again overwriting my Ubuntu drive. I backup what I can and reboot without issues. Then I disconnect the good win7 and connect by bad win7 to see if I can get it to reboot to recover emails from outlook and bookmarks from IE and firefox. But I get an error on the GRUB menu and it says: GRUB Loading error: no such disk grub rescue>_ I then try win7 recovery with no luck and then system restore with no luck. It alwasys says successful, but it doesn't give back the grub menu and won't boot. Is there a simple way to recover my disk so it is bootable? -=Mark=-
  24. I found the option under the file menu. Thanks for all your help -=Mark=-
  25. OK, I used that scanner program with the pie charts and it is awesome!!! I quickly found the culprits. First being the email folder being almost 10GB by itself. I forgot my dad doesn't comprehend group emailing and will make a half dozen or more individual email jokes he forwards that are usually pictures or videos (1022 in about a month's time- lol) second was an IOMETER test file that was 10GB, I forgot to finish reading the instructions where it said I needed to manually delete the test file every time I use it. lastly was my 4GB+ pagefile. I put it to the minimum of 200MB as Dad has 4GB ram on an email machine with some slots games he loves playing. and now I have almost 30GB free space!! Thanks for everyone's help -=Mark=- PS. my email program still has 8GB used space. Thee program shows all emails gone, but I went to the folder and it still shows all my email files I deleted still being full. I emptied my trash can and everything, but for some reason it never deleted my emails completely. Is this on purpose? or am I missing something? also, there are two files of each my main folders in my email program. ie - sent.msf (41k) which seems an index file and a sent (2.5GB) data file which seem to be emails, but I have deleted them already. PSS. I'm also using Windows 7 Ult. x64 and Thunderbird for email. PSSS. sorry for typos. I'm on my dad's computer and he has a laptop style keyboard and it always double clicks every other letter or misses letters completely. I think it took longer to edit this than it did to write it. lol PSSS. I'm also planning on a reinstall as soon as a FW get released for my SSD (supposedly this month). It's suppose to be done, just waiting for the manufacturer to put it into the flash program.
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