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  1. He probably got tired because of people pestering him everyday. I haven't read this thread for months. Does removing components from a clean windows 7 with sp1 pre integrated from msdn work? boy, you are a barrel of laughs!!!!! you admit to not reading this thread for months then come in and make statement like that. real insightful Einstein
  2. there more than likely will not be a new version. Bensam just stopped showing up at his site and here with no word as to why. it is my opinion that he got burned out just as Nuhi did with vlite and nlite.
  3. wonder which will be first, service pack 2 or windows 8
  4. it was not included with SP1. I am running 7 x64 with SP1 and was offered it after i installed it.
  5. i used an image from technet integrated with SP1 and had 0 problems using it. i used 1.70 though to do it.
  6. he considers the version out now RC so i would think it would be close to it.
  7. here this should answer your question I'm re-working on rt 7 lite from beginning to end of the program to solve all issues.
  8. little more patience, he should have something soon. he didn't want to release anything till SP1 was out officially, which it is now for technet and MSDN members
  9. The current beta works to integrate the RTM SP1. i am waiting anxiously to for bensam to release new version. hopefully today
  10. well i tried to contact bensam yesterday. his site is down and he did not answer private message i sent him. i am sure he is being flooded with similar requests from others as well.
  11. or you could wait for next version. bensam said he will fix it for next release
  12. he more than likely will not know till it leaks to public which should be next day or two according to some info i have seen.
  13. i would recommend posting this qustion in the rt7lite forum found here sounds like something that can solved there
  14. i use RT7 LITE all the time to integrate updates with no trouble at all. have you tried posting your problem in the forum for that project?
  15. 64 bit here, been using 64 bit since XP 64 bit version
  16. RT7lite will integrate service pack 1 for you, no need to jump though hoops that other way http://www.rt7lite.com/downloads.html
  17. boy there is a name from the past!! Nuhi has not been around for what? 3-4 years now. vlite was for vista not 7 and is not fully compatable with 7. give bensam his due, he is doing this for free just as nuhi did.
  18. i believe that they install in the order you integrate them. i have not paid attention to that but that is what i think happens. just integrate that app last and try it on virtual machine first
  19. I think 2011 is a rather conservative launch window.I'm pretty sure if no major issues arise we will see SP1 before the end of this year, despite what MS is saying. Currently it's at Beta stage yes my guess is october seeing as there is no performance gain for windows 7 with it i can not see them delaying it much longer

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