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  1. Utility is online: edit: dead link I had to zip it... it's a whole 264 bytes (and most of it is text). I've quickly ran it on 3 computers and so far it's worked perfectly. Feel free to do whatever you want with it... It returns: Errorlevel 3 for ATI; Errorlevel 2 for NVIVIA; Errorlevel 1 for other (if you get a different errorlevel... something weird happenned!) I had missed good ol' TASM... [edit] my "quality" free web host took it down - a big thanks to them. If anyone wants it, just send me a message with your email adress and i'll send it directly to you.
  2. Nevermind... I managed to find and sign up for some quality free hosting in less than 5 mintues, thanks to google Here comes the screenshots: Hopefully I don't exceed my bandwidth limit hosting such huge files, that's almost 2 whole kilobytes per page load [note] I clipped the right... didn't show much anyways. Also note the l33t registry tweak (ok, nm)
  3. I was going to post screenshots but I'd have to find a place to host them first... at 5:30am (no, not an early bird-quite the contrary). I wish I could just have attached them, they're 1.28kb and 422 byte huge (.png's work well for this). I might post them later today, it looks good enough for me anyways...
  4. Actually, it's not that hard to add at all... You can save a page locally and see for yourself Along with any java script somewhere at the top of the page add this: function CodeToggle(foo) { if (document.getElementById(foo).style.display == "none") { document.getElementById(foo).style.display = "inline"; } else {document.getElementById(foo).style.display = "none"; }} This is the part that actually shows/hide the CODE sections Getting there. Now we only miss 2 things for each CODE section generated in php (not that hard to add, either) 1) Right after <b>CODE</b>, make it add: <a href="javascript:CodeToggle('colexp1');">+-</a> (with a space before). It will display "+-" as a hyperlink just besides where it says CODE in bold over the code block (this is the link that calls the javascript and that will make it toggle between expanded/collapsed) 2) Almost right after that (past the </td></tr><tr><td id="CODE"><!--ec1--> immediately following it), make it add <span id="colexp1"> and </span> after the post (just before <!--c2--></td></tr> ) Of course colexp1 (named like this as in collapse/expand #1), does have to increment for each code box (numbers only have to be unique, not consecutive or anything). A simple couter could take care of that (or any counter that goes up with each post on the page...) Tada! 5 minutes and you got the functionnality. (ok, the +- hyperlink isn't the prettiest thing possible, but you can do whatever you want... perhaps make <b>CODE</b> itself the hyperlink - maybe even with no underlining... sky's the limit) It's also very conservative on bandwidth/server resources and will not prevent anything from working with non-CSS compliant browsers or browsers with no JS enabled. Not bad for a 5 minute tweak? CSS+js rocks I'm not sure of who's the actual webmaster, or if someone can or can't do something like this. I could adapt a copy of the page myself too... I could also provide some screenshots if desired.
  5. I'd go AMD too. The Athlon 64's are coming down a lot in price too...
  6. Since it's such as quick thing, I just might code it tomorrow. If there's interest in it, I might post it here too...
  7. Looking at IPB v2.0.0 PDR 5, nothing has changed with regards to that. You'd still have to change the hardcoded limit.
  8. Look into print_page.php where it says "$max_posts = 300;". I bet you know what to do with it It adss "LIMIT 0, ".$max_posts);" at the end of the select statement (yes, it's HARDCODED). Basically confirming my first tought...
  9. Haven't tried it, but it shouldn't be hard to bypass the 300 post limitation... Perhaps it's something as simple as a "SELECT TOP 300" SQL statement or something like: strSQL="select * from (...)" (execute query) maxposts=300 do while not (RS.EOF or maxpost=0) (display post) maxposts-=1 loop or similar idea... can't be hard to tweak, perhaps even searching in index.php for 300 would find it. The main problem is the strain it will put on the SQL server if everybody feels like printing 1200 post long threads... (ok, maybe I'm exagerating a tiny bit here). Anyways, I might have a peek at it too.
  10. That's a way to do it. I've been thinking about such issues a lot lately (this specific one as well so you can have both drivers on your unattended setup disc and have it install the right one with no hassles). You could also (possibly)... 1) use WMI (Select * from Win32_DisplayConfiguration); 2) export part of the HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet and use find in that; 3) use debug: debug biosdump.txt <commands.txt commands.txt containing these 2 lines: d c000:0000 1ff q then use find on biosdump.txt That dumps the first 512 bytes of the video bios, which has always contained either ATI or NVIDIA on all cards I've tested so far as well. (I guess I can't hide being old school and have coded lots of dos asm anymore? makes me feel old in a way). I could write a tiiiiiiiny checkvid.com app that would "repne scasb" the video bios like that for either strings, and return an errorlevel accordingly too... (yes, I *still* got TASM 5 kickin' around!) Neater than debug.com and 2 redirections... (I've been meaning to code that for about 2 months now... Even though it's a 10 min job hehe) and i'm sure there are more ways to it as well. The only problem is, I'm not 100% sure which one is the more reliable option. Depending at which stage it's run, WMI might not be an option(?). Registry is not the best way either imho. DevCon wise... I don't know for sure how it works, what dependencies it has, nor how it gets it's information, so I can't quite tell how reliable it is... I posted a similar thing (using the registry export & find way) for conditionnaly applying the F-Lock registry tweak, but nobody ever answered.
  11. You can connect, even with the original tcpip.sys but it will slow you down a lot. If you read the threads (one is even a sticky iirc), it should explain it all nicely.
  12. Everything seems fine to me. Perhaps you did a typo or it's a Virtual PC glitch.
  13. I'm almost shocked to see I'm not the last person using IRC and no IM's yet I thought it was just me...
  14. CoffeeFiend


    There is *no* MS Dos in Win XP. I have no idea what you're referring to... There are no updates on that, either. (Unless you're talking about the command prompt like when you go start > programs > accessories > command prompt? which is just cmd.exe and is common to both XP versions afaik)
  15. You double posted the question. And you also expect us to go do the search for the switches for you as well? If you search you will find them easily (most of them at least) and you will learn in the process. Even trying to launch them with switches like /S /Silent and such would get a lot of them to install silently. Nobody's gonna spend an hour looking it all up for you... As for the formatting part, http://unattended.msfn.org covers it, and microsoft's deployment kit explains it all in details also (and even has tools to create the winnt.sif files for you). If you try and have a few specific questions left, then most certainly everybody will try to answer them... We also need our sleep time
  16. If you can't go in the bios to enable legacy USB support... there's not much you can do. Usually, when the cmos checksum isn't ok, then it does enable it by default, or at least for the pre-boot bios setup part.... weird.
  17. CoffeeFiend

    SP2 codecs

    Actually, ffdshow does a LOT of nice post processing, but it can also decode all mpeg4 formats (divx/xvid/...). I use a customized K-Lite codec pack install (with a .inf file), then I install (on the HTPC): -latest ffdshow alpha (hopefully it works doing post processing of raw video...) -AC3 filter 1.01a rc5 -latest xvid -Real alternative -Quicktime (although quick alternative would be ok too) -Gabest CDXA Reader Filter (there's another riff cd/xa filter around too) -a CDDA fitler -Gabest AVI Splitter (better than the generic windows provided avi splitter) -a whole bunch of mpeg2 decoders (cyberlink, intervideo, sonic, sonic dvb, main concept, elecard, ...) And lots of extras (tfm fitler, stream shifter, reclock 1.4, ...) are installed sometimes too. Using zoom player as a main player. divx DOESN'T make it on my PC. As far as encoding (such as making backup of the kid's DVDs to put on the video server until they tire of them), I always use the latest xvid with a CQM, and usually 2 CD Rips. DivX just isn't worth it imho, not that good of a codec at all.
  18. Amen! So overpriced. I got a cheap one with a 10 gig HD in it for about 200$ CDN taxes & shipping in to replace my old dead CD-style mp3 player. Works for me. My 2nd pick would be one of those portable hard drives that you can empty your CF cards onto (X-drive and such), but that also plays mp3's (as cheap as I can get one), but I hardly have a need for that, since I got a 2GB card and a laptop... My 3rd pick would have been a thumbdrive-style player of around 256mb, just for portability. But I figured I don't have much of a need for something like that since I can't run or do such activities anymore... The IPod always seemed like a way overhyped and way overpriced gadget aimed mostly at MacIntosh users...
  19. I received one from gamehead200. Thank you very much sir, it will be great help. @prathapml: I haven't received one from you (yet?), or it just might have catched by a spam filter by yahoo along with the 241 other flagged emails that I had in there Perhaps I should check it more than once per week. Either ways, I don't an extra one, so perhaps you can let someone else who need it have it. Thanks a lot still
  20. [Edit]: Not in need of one anymore - thanks gamehead200 If anyone so happens to have a gmail invite code to spare, I would really appreciate. It's not for me (already have one-but somehow never get invite codes...) but for a website I'm going to be the new webmaster of soon. Thanks. (As for how gmail is, well, it's 100% spam free so far, and decently fast, but I don't use it much).
  21. There is no fix for that, and chances are the never will be (same as why does it always say "yes, no, yes to all", but not "no to all"???). The only thing you can do is use xcopy, making sure to use the /C switch as well as the others you'd normally use.
  22. There are FAR better review resources for antiviruses than CNET. There's magazines and websites dedicated to just that. Testing evey AV to see if it catches all of the last 100 wild viruses out there, scanning speeds and such. (Norton is always at the very bottom of the list - marked as "to avoid"). To do a recommendation... Well, nothing beats choosing yourself. Personally, I stick to Kaspersky. Nobody can tell what IS the best, just what their opinion is (and there's a lot of personnal preferences in play here) Most people seem to use norton av (otherwise McAfee) because they know the name, and people tend to stick to names/brands they know well (even if it's one of the worst options really).I suggest you google for independant tests/reviews/certifications of antiviruses. It just might open your eyes Last I read, Norton missed about one out of every four viruses and was also the slowest in terms of scanning speed... And their new activation thing is highly annoying.
  23. It's either "IntelliMenus"=dword:00000000 or "IntelliMenus"=dword:00000001 Depending if you want them disabled or enabled...
  24. It seems that the tweak to have the F-Lock always on breaks the other keyboard layouts, so I was wondering, perhaps we could try to see if one of the keyboards that needs the tweak is plugged in before applying it? (otherwise not apply the tweak) The only ones I use that need it are the microsoft office keyboards, they have a Vendor ID of 045e and a Product ID of 0048. So we can check for HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB for subkeys that match that (Vid_045e&Pid_0048) with a script. Actually, we could even search for the actual name (Microsoft® Office Keyboard) but I think it would just tend to not detect sometimes (if the USB device is plugged, it will have a good VID/PID, but if the name is always proper... I'm not 100% sure). The only thing is, I'm not sure if the keyboard is actually detected at the phase I run my tweaks (GUIRunOnce)... I'll test it soon enough. Any VID\PID for other keyboard that would benefit from that are more than welcome too. Anyways. Here's what I'll try: @echo off set tmpFile=C:\usb.log REGEDIT /E tmpFile "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB" > nul find /i "\Vid_045e&Pid_0048]" tmpFile > nul if errorlevel 1 goto NotNeeded REGEDIT /S "%cdrom%\install\RegTweaks\FLock.reg" :NotNeeded del tmpFile set tmpFile= I'm also open to different ideas or a better script.
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