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  1. Blikemmer? Om nou 'n Afrikaanse Soutie te kry of 'n Amerikaanse site? Dit gaan goed. Wat doen jy daar waar daar geen son is nie? Kan ej 'n foto neem en vir jou stuur? Henk de Swardt @ ArmCoil Afrika in sonning Suid Afrika!!!! Download latest driver. Use WinRAR to extract these files. If WinRAR is installed on your PC, just right click on the exe and go to "extact here". When using nLite, to add the driver, just point to these extracted files. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  2. Sound very good, but can you please let me know HOW you extracted and included it in nLite? Thanx. Henk
  3. Thank you, Avast! Antivirus works excellent! I've also run into problems with Ricoh 1224C printer drivers, RelayFax, RedMon, FreePDF. It's strange that companies only now wake up and try and make their software compatible, if Win 64 was so long in Beta? Thank you for the assistance!
  4. Is there an Anti-Virus that works with XP Pro 64? Trend Micro says that they will only have a Office Scan by end of 2005 that can work on 64 bit> Norton also does not work, and AVG is very silent on this fact. Generally I find 64 to be about 80% faster than 32 on exactly the same PC! Any sugestions? Henk
  5. Can we perhaps subscribe to a newsletter or something, so that we get a e-mail saying something like: NLite version 2.0 released - WP error fixed, computer speed doubled ... Thank you for an excellent program.
  6. I slipstreamed XP Pro with SP 2 and all available hotfixes. The following hotfixes are added, but after I install Windows and go to Windows updates, it still list them as required. KB 890830 KB 885250 KB 885835 KB 887742 KB 887742 KB 885836 I used the previous slipstream and added only these hotfixes again, and created another boot ISO. Again, after installation, Windows Updates still want to update these. How do I get it to actually really slipstream? Henk
  7. Ok, so now I downloaded the screen and copied into the I386 directory and deleted the old files, but Windows still use the original screen when installing. What did I miss? Please help. Henk

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