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  1. Hi there, I sent a small donation of USD 10.00 via PayPal for the forum but in my account it still reads I already sent a message about it using the contact option but I got no reply. Is there any staff around to check if it was received? Regards, Hyper.nl
  2. Some users may only occasionally use the forums, for example after a major release of Windows or when buying a new PC or reinstalling Windows.
  3. I'm paying EUR 45,00 for 75/10 Mbit/sec cable internet. This includes cable TV.
  4. I recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 11 and am thankful that I can keep the Windows 7 start menu and taskbar with StartAllBack. I instantly bought it because it is such a gem of a program. But I got a small annoyance. I'm using StartAllBack Windows 7 style taskbar. Small icons. When I run a game in a window I cannot resize the game window to touch the task bar. A small area of empty space is forced between the task bar and the game. This happens with multiple games but not with non-game programs like the Firefox browser. https://youtu.be/IkD69Z7fcRc Display scaling text size is 100%
  5. You generally don't need the newest drivers to run games. You just need support for the right APIs.
  6. Oh, I get your points. They're all true. The fact that the first thing I had to do after installing Windows 11 is removing bloatware and spyware telemetry is sad. But I was on the last legs of Windows 7 extended security updates and I did not want to become the grandpa that is still running Windows 7 in 2040. I don't need ads in my OS. I don't need my OS to be a client for cloud services. I don't need my OS to run phone apps. But I play games. I buy new hardware. I want security patches and want the compatibility that Windows brings. So, I had to make the switch. And I'm glad I found a way to make it work for me. If I could buy a Windows 7 Second Edition with a modern kernel I would have bought that. But this is the closest thing to me. By the way: My image is a youtube video showing the animated video wallpaper and Windows 7 taskbar. Maybe your browser does not trust Youtube scripting or something.
  7. Dear me from the past, the long wait is over. Windows 10 finally got a successor with a well-designed interface and the good people of StartIsBack and Lively allowed my to keep my beloved Windows 7 start menu, task bar and DreamScene. This is my Windows 11 desktop. I had to clean things op with Windows 10 decrapifier and disable the spyware with O&O ShutUp but here we are in a bit more modern times. Finally DirectX 12 for my games and hardware support for years to come. To me, this was a huge leap.
  8. Thank you so much for making this software. I finally made, kicking and screaming, the move from my beloved Windows 7 to Windows 11. I did not like Windows 8 and 10 because their GUIs are a mess but Windows 11 finally comes with a polished, functional and nice looking interface. With StartIsBack I can keep the task bar and start menu style that I love and makes the move a lot less painful.
  9. Worst general UI design since Windows 3.11 (I rather use Windows 95 than Windows 10 UI-wise) The built-in spyware telemetrics The fact that games and programs are being installed without explicit permission of the user: (Like candy crush on a Windows 10 Professional OS) The apps in general. Who needs X-box on a business PC? I will most likely be using Windows Seven long after the extended support ended. It's going to be a sad time fighting security issues in the long run.
  10. Time for a new DreamScene. This time my journey brought me to Diessa Plateau (Guild Wars 2). Something special this time is that it is recorded during dawn time, which only lasts 5 minutes. (Day lasts 70 minutes in-game and night 40 minutes.) Youtube HD video System Tray icons: Microsoft EMET | Security Essentials | nVidia Geforce Experience | Malwarebytes | Winamp | ZoneAlarm | TrayIcon Menu | TrueCrypt
  11. New monitor, new DreamScene in 3440x1440 goodness. To see the animated desktop, click the YouTube video link. :-) Screen capture of my beloved Elementalist (Guild Wars 2) as Windows 7 DreamScene desktop background. Youtube HD video System Tray: GeForce Experience | Malwarebytes Anti Malware | Winamp | Intel Rapid Storage Technology Enterprise | ZoneAlarm | Windows Security Essentials | TrayIconMenu | TrueCrypt | UPS Battery status System specs

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