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  1. If what you want to have is an unattended installation, BUT that WILL (eventually) ask for a product key, you should add a registry command (in any form you like, e.g. batch file/command line and/or .reg file, etc.) that will erase the following values from the registry: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\1x.0\Registration\{xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx}\ProductID HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\1x.0\Registration\{xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx}\DigitalProductID This way Office will ask for a product key the first time you run any of it's products. Only problem is - I think {xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx} is a unique string on each machine (someone please correct me if I'm wrong), so you must find a way figure it out if you wanna do the deletion part automatically... Hope I helped, in a way... Keynan.
  2. Tried English AR 9.0 Lite... Works like a charm! (Except that searching for updates doesn't work at all! ) Any chance for Hebrew AR 8.1.2 Lite, though?
  3. Hi! I've just integrated my original XP SP3 source with IE7 + WMP11 + all updates up-to-today... The final result is in the SOURCESS dir, of course. Whenever new updates show up, is it possible to use this SOURCESS dir as my SOURCE, or should I integrate the whole thing all over again with the original source? i.e. Could reusing of an updated source within HFSLIP cause any problems? Thanks in advance, Ran.
  4. So... How did you fix it? Does the app write to the registry or something? How do you "tell" MU that the updates are already installed?
  5. OK... That sounds easy... Thanks for your help!
  6. @mara- First of all - Thanks! It definitely looks nice... I'll use it in the future, that's for sure! But currently, what difference does it make if I slipstreamed the hotfixes manually (using: mspFile /a msiFile SHORTFILENAMES=true) or by your program?? Have you managed to overcome the problem I mentioned above?! (A "YES" would be blessed! ) PS: Just wanted to clarify that the installation is indeed updated! Office Update shown NO UPDATES. It's just Microsoft Update which makes all the mess...
  7. @Tomcat76 I did further investigation on my Hebrew source... Don't know if it could maybe help you in the future releases, but anyway... Those files exists in I386 directory of the Hebrew source (and doesn't exist in the English one): MFC42HEB.DL_ and MFC42HEB.DLL (in \ASMS\6000\MSFT\VCRTLINT) WMERRHEB.DL_ WMPRFHEB.PR_ Also, the following files include references to Hebrew, and/or the files mentioned above: HIVESFT.INF (also contains LOTS of Hebrew strings) LAYOUT.INT
  8. So I'll grab the test release then... too many error posts on that, it freaks me out a bit :\ PRODSPEC.ini content: ; ;Note to user: DO NOT ALTER OR DELETE THIS FILE. ; [SMS Inventory Identification] Version=1.0 [Product Specification] Product=Windows XP Professional Version=5.0 Localization=English ServicePackNumber=0 BitVersion=40 [Version] DriverVer=07/01/2001,5.1.2600.0 It's strange that "ServicePackNumber=0" since the source is SP3 slipstreamed... ohh, well... PS: Needless to say that PRODSPEC.ini in my English version of WinXP source looks EXACTLY the same.
  9. OK, Thanks for the quick reply... I'll try the test release later! Just wanted to know... Will editing FP40EXT.inf have the same effect, i.e. doing that will also work on the 1.7.7 (stable) release?
  10. Hi all, I know this subject has already brought up about a year ago, but I still couldn't find the appropriate solution for it. When I integrate Windows Update Agent into a Hebrew source of Windows XP Professional using HFSLIP 1.7.7, it's installed in ENGLISH. I tried changing the Localization string (in PRODSPEC.ini) to Hebrew (it was set to English for some reason), with no success. The only "trick" I've found is to install it AGAIN silently during T-12 stage (I think it's T-12, it runs from within RunOnceEx.cmd batch file), but I'm not really happy with that solution. Is there any other way to "tell" HFSLIP to integrate it in HEBREW in the first place??? Ran.
  11. Ok, I assume it's not possible... Isn't it?? The thing is, I install Office from an administrative source with ALL updates already integrated, during RunOnceEx phase - and it works great, BUT Microsoft Update insists on installing about 10 critical updates for Office, which were already installed at the previous stage, as I've already mentioned. I read about updates for office offered by MU even if Office isn't installed, just because there are some apps which install Microsoft Office 2003 Web Components along with them... Maybe telling Office not to install this feature in first place would help; Haven't tried it yet, and I prefer not to, unless there's no other alternative... I've already tried using a pre-made DataStore.edb (which is about 40 Megs because of that), with not much of a success (less updates are offered, but there are still some)... Any other thoughts or ideas??? It's driving me nutts! Thanks in advance, Ran.
  12. I just got a reply from the support team of WinRAR, telling me that there is no such switch to provide password in silent mode... There is a chance that it'll be possible in later releases... Someone has an alternative solution for me?!? Anyone...?!?
  13. It asks for a password, of course! I need to run it in silent mode, with provided password, during setup only... Outside the setup, it should and must ask for password!

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