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  1. How would I add the vista source to the USB drive so I could install Vista or XP from same thumbdrive? I used the instructions from: http://www.msfn.org/board/Installing-Winxp...npe-t88270.html
  2. it also doesn't integrate DOS-mode drivers...
  3. I'm also getting errors: ialmnt5.inf
  4. Use WinBuilder to create a VistaPE project Copy the I386 folder from your XP source to it learn/create a batchfile to create a partition on your HD (put on usb drive) learn/create a batchfile to format and make bootable (bootsect) the partition learn/create a batchfile to start winnt32.exe (using unattended file and makelocalsource) check out any of the driver tools like DP base or DrvComp
  5. Well, I couldn't get the nlited source to work. I ended up building a WinBuilder VistaPE project Copied the entire winxp(slipstreamed with sp3) i386 folder to the USB drive created 3 batch files * one to diskpart * one to format c: and bootsect * one to run winnt32 etc I'm now looking for an easy way to integrate drivers, I suppose I could do nlite as long as I ONLY integrate drivers, but I'd really prefer a drag and drop (wouldn't we all) I'm checking out http://www.msfn.org/board/DrvComp-v20070809-t90020.html (DriverCompressor) with and without DPBase
  6. WinBuilder just kicks serious butt. The VistaPE project rules. Never seen a scripted image project work so easily
  7. That is a real good idea, Iceman. I'm going to have to test that out. Even a simple "ping -a <ipaddr>" of the adapter might do it
  8. from everything I've seen about this, the issue is due to the OS at some point re-initiallizes the USB bus. When it does that, it looses the USB drive and the data on it. Therefore it cannot read from the disk and tends to Blue Screen. To work around that, they developed the RAM Disk proceedure.
  9. I just checked out the nlite site and lookie what I found v1.4.6 fix: XP SP3 manual install (winnt32) issues Lets see what it does... EDIT: Nope, same thing. I'll eventually just try it with with bare xpsp3 and working up from that. I'm thinking that the slipstreamed WMP11 is fubaring it.
  10. I'll give it a shot building the source by hand... since SP3, there really aren't a bunch of hotfixes to apply, so I'm really only using it to slipstream IE7, WMP11, and a bunch of drivers... winnt.sif does most of the config after that I suppose I can just add WMP and ie7 afterward
  11. I'm having a slight problem with the actual install of XP I have an nlited source that I have robocopied to my thumbdrive (actually made 2 nlite xp source files) I can boot via thumbdrive into PE2.0 The diskpart works fine the XP setup GUI works fine (Winnt32.exe etc...) My problem occurs in the DOS mode when it is copying the files. It complains about a missing "MFPLAT.DLL" at about 60% complete. I have verified that the file exists in the thumbdrive and in the source file folder. If I burn the files to a DVD and setup via that disk, there is no error and setup concludes correctly. If I skip the file it again errors at "WMDRMSDK.DLL" at 85%. Skip that file, and the GUI setup starts and runs for a while before complaining about un2regmp.exe (or something similar) It will complete eventually, but there are many missing shortcuts and missing applications. This does NOT occur if booting from a DVD to do a typical unattended XP install. I have made 2 deductions about these files: 1. they are not compressed in the i386 folder... MFPLAT.DLL not MFPLAT.DL_ 2. They seem to be WMP files that I slipstreamed in via "WMP11 Integrator" Anyone come across this?
  12. I image the full HD, (P1-dell utility partition, p2-winxp) The boot failure said something to the effect of "error loading operating system". This dos text appears immediately after BIOS screen goes away. This only appears after using winpe2.0 cd to ghost the HD. When ghosting from a bart or pe1.5 cd the image applies perfectly. It is on the same hardware/same PC that made the image
  13. BTW... when I use it to apply a ghost image, the image fails to boot. Apply the same image from a bartPE or winpe 1.5, the image applies correctly. I'm thinking the is a case of "The lords giveth, and the lords taketh away"
  14. Ive gotten a standard PE.win to boot from CD and thumbdrive, but I'm having difficulty in getting many GUI apps to work like Freecommander and A43, they'll start but will not list drives and such... I'm just running them manually via cmd line from a folder on a thumbdrive... Anyone got a list of tested apps that will work?
  15. what about dumping additional files onto an imaged drive without rebooting. basically dump image on a drive than copy additional files to that drive, from PE...
  16. I have an unattended XP install and unattened apps install using the guides and such here. Once the machine has been setup and some minor details touched up, I reboot the machines several times, defrag it several times, and then run SYSPREP on it to ghost the image from a bartPE disk. Problem is that after deploying the ghost image to other machines, each imaged PC runs the RUNONCEEX commands again that I had setup in the original automated install. I've looked int the reg in the runonce and runonceex keys, I've looked for the bat file that configures those keys, I've looked in the sysprep files, etc... I cannot figure out how those commands are getting stuck back in runonceex... I reboot the machine several times before I sysprep and it never starts up the. Confused and Annoyed.
  17. you need the PCs mac address to send the WOL packet. There are ways to harvest them from a MS DHCP server, using DHCPCMD from M$. in any event, you will need some skills to collect the MAC, match to IP and hostname. I've done it using KiXtart and KiXforms
  18. On the contrary, I would love to have a CD-ROM with all of the hofixes on it and an accompanying utility that would install all of the ones not already installed. I sometimes get called to an office where things are obviously FUBAR, and to run 20 workstations through a Windows Update routine would just take too long. Sure it would line my pockets pretty nice with the hourly rate I charge, but I don't operate like that. I like to get in and get out with the customer up, running, and smiling as quickly as possible. The other point. There TONS of smaller outfits where running WSUS is simply not an option. I simply cringe everytime I enter one of these offices, but there are indeed still a lot of small offices running on an NT4 domain. Or a small outfit that has one single server that does everything (usually SBS) and adding one more thing to the server would not be a great idea. I have a kixtart script that I put on a flash drive to apply all hotfixes (XP only) present in a folder that are already not installed. put kix32 and this script (install.kix) on the flashdrive make a subfolder called winxp and dump all hotfixes there create an autorun.inf on the drive to prompt an autorun [autorun] Action=Install All Updates Open=kix32.exe .\install.kix break on if ingroup("\\@wksta\Administrators") ;Do not run section if not local admin ;************************************ XP HotFix Updates ***************************************** $arrkey = arrEnumKey('HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates\Windows XP\SP3') $arrdir = FileList(@scriptdir+'\WinXP','.exe',1) if not @error $reboot = 0 for each $dir in $arrdir $installed = 0 $parsed = split($dir,'-')[1] for each $key in $arrkey if $key = $parsed $installed = 1 endif next if not $installed $=sendmessage(@wksta,"A CRTICAL upgrade is now starting. Your computer will restart on it's own in about 2-3 minutes. Please do not open any programs. There is no need to click the OK button.") ? color c+/n ' Installing Security Update '+$parsed shell '%comspec% /c ' + $dir + ' /passive /norestart' $reboot = 1 endif next endif shell @scriptdir+'\custom.cmd' if $reboot ShutDown ('', 'Updates have been applied that require your computer to restart', 5, 1, 1) quit endif endif ;*************************************************************************************************** * ;Function will return an error value if registry key does not exist function arrenumkey($regkey) dim $Keylist, $c if not keyexist($regkey) exit 87 endif do $Key = $Key+'|'+enumkey($regkey,$c) $c = $c + 1 until @error $arrenumkey = split(substr($Key,2,len($Key)-2),'|') Endfunction ;*************************************************************************************************** * ;*************************************************************************************************** * ;Function returns array of all files in a folder, similar to a DOS DIR command Function FileList($folderName,optional $mask, optional $path) Dim $objDir, $fullpath, $t, $objfile $objDir = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") if not @error ; usually folder not found $files=$objDir.GetFolder($folderName).Files $Fullpath=iif($path,$foldername+'\','') For Each $objFile In $files $name=$objFile.name if ($mask and instr($name,$mask)) or not $mask $t=$t+'|'+$Fullpath+$name endif Next $FileList=split(substr($t,2),'|') else ?color r+/n 'FSO Create Object error: ' @serror color w/n endif exit iif(len($t)>1,0,1) EndFunction
  19. BTW, you can also have ghost or whatever you are using for your image to break it into smaller pieces
  20. and you are using what as your cmd line? msiexec /i install_flash_player_active_x.msi /qb-!
  21. did you reg the kixforms.dll?? http://www.kixforms.com/assets/index.htm
  22. The tool is written using Kixtart and the Gui addon Kixforms. basically add the joindomain.kix, kix32.exe, and kixforms.dll into the system32 dir, "regsvr32 /s kixforms.dll", and then "kix32 joindomain.kix" see http://www.kixtart.org/ubbthreads/showflat...4&Number=131272 for the details on the code for this
  23. and how are you assembling the final ISO? Have you tried this on a DVD?
  24. It loads the 'desktop', but startnet.cmd doesn't start, and it immediately restarts I've rebuilt it several times, used the ISO in v,ware and burned CDs, same thing. Any ideas?
  25. well, you could do it and see what works. However, I'd assume that people smarter than me and you have studied the subject, and made sysprep 2 for a reason. What is your problem with sysprep 2?

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