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  1. Hi Chris, Build the system on IDE, install the sata drivers with the OS and then apply the reg entries below necessary to make the drive run in sata mode. Reboot, change the BIOS to sata and you have what you want. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/922976 cheers
  2. My understanding is that actuator type drives (non stepper) land on the inner part of the drive. Drives that I have pulled apart have had their heads landed on the inner part of the platter. And this article indicates the same:- http://www.datarecoverysoftware1.com/data-recovery-glossary/landing-zone.html Cheers
  3. >"The ordinal 681 could not be located in the dynamic link library iertutil.dll". This error occurs when you downgrade a dll to a lower version and an entry point is missing. Cheers
  4. The slowest item in a windows pc is the HDD.
  5. That will only disable the NIC, not the internet connection. Your problem is the modem / router and the phone line, and seeing you have been talking to "customer service", I recommend that you talk to them again about how to resolve the problem.
  6. >Does any computer hardware (motherboard, CPU or RAM) have built-in power protection (brownouts, surges, spikes or blackouts)? No, that cost money >Also, is it true that UPSes - specifically standby UPSes - only protect against data loss, but not hardware damage? Depends on the UPS, you would need to read the fine print. The more you pay, the more protection you would expect.
  7. Normally c:\ but its a hidden file.
  8. I would try a defrag first. As you have the timings already, it is an ideal time to try. Cheers Derek
  9. Don't use hibernation for the moment, wait till we have finished with the BSOD's.
  10. If you are using ghost, you *must* ghost from the real hardware. The cannot install the device driver for a boot device, it *must* be already installed in the image. Cheers Derek
  11. This is the one that I used? http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/888-quick-launch-enable-disable.html
  12. Upgrade your video drivers.
  13. All powerline networking is encrypted, the worst encryption is 56 bit. I use EoP here, and I get 4 times the speed of wireless G. My worst run where wireless does not work at all is at 16 mbps. EoP for me is very reliable unlike wireless. Derek
  14. >Whats the (BEST) solution to my problem? I use logmein free to control remote machines. You could set up different logins for each user to use. This setup only allows one person at a time though. Derek
  15. How much ram do you have in the machine? Derek
  16. What are you going to do with it?
  17. Are you able to search unicode files with the explorer search? I can not get it to work. Derek
  18. To answer the above poster's questions, I have an Nforce4 Ultra (AMD)motherboard with built-in networking. The NIC shows up as an "NVIDIA nForce Networking Controller". The default installed driver is apparently provided by Microsoft, with a driver date of 6/21/2006 and a driver version of In the driver details, there is only one file and its named nvm60x32.sys and is listed as being provided by NVIDIA Corporation and has a version of As for my router, its a humble D-Link DI604. Computer is an Athlon X2 dual-core 3800. Other than that, I can't think of much to say. The system basically works fine as long as I don't sleep. For the moment, I've just disabled sleep entirely but that's not such a great solution. from http://www.google.com.au/search?hl=en&...mp;aq=f&oq=
  19. >ASUS SABERTOOTH 55i LGA 1156 Intel P55 ATX Intel Motherboard 6GB of ram is normally for a 1366 board, only dual channel with 1156.
  20. H Adrian, With overclocking, you never know until you try. I found many sources on google. http://www.google.com.au/#hl=en&num=20...bb74ba78ee8f406 Derek
  21. For a 100mbps network the absolute maximum throughput will be 12MB/s (b=bits, B=bytes) If you want 25MB/s you will need gigabit hardware.
  22. Windows 2000 or windows 2003 server will enable you to pxe a scripted install.

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