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  1. Finally got the problem sorted out. The WMP12 64-bit version is now the DEFAULT on my Windows 7 computer. As for the permission errors in RegEdit, I noticed that those keys I wanted to edit were owned by SYSTEM. So I changed temporary the owner of those keys to USER (my name), altered the keys from %ProgramFiles(86)% to %ProgramFiles% and changed the owner back to SYSTEM. However, altering the paths to %ProgramFiles% in severel keys related to .AVI, .MOV, ... video file extentions didn't help me any further; the default WMP remained stuck at its 32-bit version. BTW, prior to fussing with the registry I took a System Restore Point after having cleaned up the system first with CCleaner and Wise Registry Cleaner. Then I stumbled upon the following link: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-windows_programs/making-windows-media-player-64-bit-default/bd4872b3-75e8-4d81-ae8a-df50798d5113 and that solved my problem completely. After having followed the instructions in previous link, one still needs to make the WMP12 64-bit version the default version for all the video file extensions (.MOV, .MP4, .AVI, .3GP, ....). This can be accomplished the usual way; right-click the video file with a particular video file extension you want to open with the 64-bit version of WMP, then select Open With > Choose Default Program ... > (a pane pops up with Recommended Programs and Other Programs) select the Browse button en navigate to C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player and select wmplayer.exe, which should be the 64-bit version. Make sure that in the pane (with Recommended Programs and Other Programs) the BOX |Always use the selected program to open this kind of file| is checked. Repeat this procedure for all (.MOV, .MP4, .AVI, .3GP, ....) video file extensions and all video files will open with the 64-bit version of WMP upon double clicking them. In previous link there is the command unregmp2 /SwapTo:64 which needs to be invoked from the elevated command prompt (Run CMD as administrator). In my particular case unregmp2 /SwapTo:64 caused some activity on the system drive of mine, but no error message appeared and after having implemented the rest of the RegEdit procedure all went well and I changed the default player to the 64-bit version. So it 'looked like' unregmp2 /SwapTo:64 worked properly. However, some authors on some internet fora noted that unregmp2 /SwapTo:64 does/may not (always) work in Windows 7 (beta?). For those who might be interested, one could skip running unregmp2 /SwapTo:64 in aforementioned link and go ahead with the RegEdit procudure and see if one can change the default player to the 64-bit version. If that doesn't work, then one can still re-run the RegEdit procedure but preceded by the unregmp2 /SwapTo:64 command, as foreseen in the link. Reverting the whole procedure involves the command unregmp2 /SwapTo:32 . Some links: http://www.winvistatips.com/another-method-setting-wmp64-your-default-player-t168726.html http://zachd.com/pss/pss.html#wmp12 http://forums.mydigitallife.info/archive/index.php/t-9672.html Regards, j
  2. Hi, I just tried to edit the following key: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\WMP11.AssocFile.3G2\shell\play\command "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe" /prefetch:6 /Play "%L" and change %ProgramFiles(x86)% into %ProgramFiles%. However, regedit.exe always gives me a 'Permission denied'. I've tried to change the User permission to Full Control but also that does not work. Any idea how to edit the registry keys using regedit.exe? Or how to make the changes to the User permissions go through. I've ran regedit.exe in Administrator mode though. Thanks in advance, j
  3. A trivial question maybe, but I didn't manage to find an answer yet. How can I set WMP12 64-bit version as default player in Window 7 64-bit? My current default player is WMP12 32-bit version, and I would like to change that. Some time ago I had the same problem with IE, but then the problem went away by itself with the arrival of IE10. thanks in advance, j
  4. In FFmpeg I would like to know what all the available profiles are for h264, using the FFmpeg help in the command line. I tried ffmpeg -h -codecs which just list me a collection of codec, but the cmd ffmpeg -h -codecs -h264 -profiles, or any similar syntax without the dashes '-' or with -fullhelp, does not give me a list of available profiles for that video encoder. Any suggestions how to get deeper in the ffmpeg help funtion? Thanks, j
  5. I'm running FFmpeg on Windows 7, and tried to use libfdk_aac for high quality audio encoding, but it turned out libfdk_aac is not enabled. So how can one enable libfdk_aac under windows? I've found some instructions for doing that under Linux/Unix (--enable-libfdk_aac), but I could not find anything for Windows. Thanks in advance, j
  6. I'm getting there bit by bit. Still a few questions. About the fileformat (filename extension), I assume MP4 is the (or one of the) most 'future proof' video file format(s); correct me if you think I'm wrong. While converting to MP4, I noticed that FFmpeg did not plain-copy the original PCM(u8) audio to the output file; in fact FFmpeg just quited the conversion, leaving a MP4 file with not even any video in the MP4 file. So I left the decision about the audio conversion to FFmpeg, which it made AAC, profile LC. For mono audio (and also stereo audio), what is in your opinion the most 'future proof' AND compatible (among Players) audio format (codec) under the MP4 file format (or any other more future proof video file format)? Is that really MP3 (as mentioned in post 5), or is there another more future proof and compatible audio format? What about settings and options when converting audio? Are there any audio compatibility issues among Players (like with QuickTime when the video format profile is higher than 'main' in H264, see the "lossless H264" link in previous post)? Thanks in advance, j
  7. Oh yes, I almost forgot. Isn't there any way to stitch a series of JPEG frames together into a MJPEG (MJPG) video string, without having to decompress and re-compress the video? j
  8. As for my JPEG/MOV videofiles, I will now focus on the conversion to H264/MP4. I have great difficulties in finding out in ffmpeg how to H264 compress a video using LOW compression (so high quality video with lots of detail; the drawback would be large video files but that I can live with). If anyone knows the switches or options to be added to .... -c:v libx264 ... in the ffmpeg command, then please drop it here. j
  9. With "uncompressed formats", I assume you mean some YUV or a derivative like UYVY or IYUV format? Or are there any other/more 'uncompressed' formats out there? I was under the impression that after decompression, one was left with some kind of a 2-D Bit Map for each video frame, where every pixel is represented by a 24 or 32 bit word covering luminance (luma) and color, I think it is called RAW. But that doesn't seem to be the case, does it? j
  10. With MP4Cam2AVI repacked the MOV to a AVI, no conversion. Equal Video data: MJPEG data still GraphEdit renders the avi media file. A default Windows 7 x64 WMP12 plays the AVI file. CLSID: {301056D0-6DFF-11D2-9EEB-006008039E37} FriendlyName: [MJPEG Decompressor] C:\Windows\SysWOW64\quartz.dll I've already done a conversion from MOV to AVI while preserving the video (JPEG) and audio (PCM), but the resulting AVI file does not show video in WMP12 while audio is not a problem. The main problem is that WMP12 probably cannot play JPEG movies, only MJPEG (MJPG codec) movies are OK for WMP12. j
  11. This is not running smooth here. Spent a lot of time googling around, but no solution found yet. I've converted the MOV file to uncompressed video into an AVI container and just plain-copied the PCM audio. With MediaInfo I got the following info for the uncompressed video: Video ID : 0 Format : YUV Codec ID : Y42B Codec ID/Info : YUV 4:2:2 Planar Duration : 3s 267ms Bit rate : 18.4 Mbps Width : 320 pixels Height : 240 pixels Display aspect ratio : 4:3 Frame rate : 15.000 fps Color space : YUV However, in WMP12 the AVI file does NOT at all play the video, only the audio is played. So again a problem with the video. The commands I used in ffmpeg were: ffmpeg -i E:\PB250024.mov -c:v rawvideo -c:a copy E:\PB250024ffmpegvrawvideoacopy.avi ffmpeg -i E:\PB250024.mov -c:v huffyuv -c:a copy E:\PB250024ffmpegvhuffyuvacopy.avi So, any idea why the rawvideo decompression does not work in WMP12? I was just wondering, are there any options to -c:v rawvideo , like -c:v rawvideo/UYVY (UYVY is from MicroSoft), or any other options that create a YUV which is really an international standard that can be interpreted/played by all Media Players? BTW, also the huffyuv did not work for the video in WMP12, but most like the codec is missing for huffyuv, I'm not sure though. Still working on finding out how to get high quality video (low compression) when converting to H264. Thanks in advance, j
  12. Here is the video file: http://www.mediafire.com/download/buh6sngcul10qwp/Test1.MOV Hope it works. I've attached a file called TEST1.MOV (JPEG/MOV). I've converted the file to H264/AVI, which plays video and audio correctly in WMP12-64bit version in Windows 7. So that conversion is OK. I've used the following cmd: ffmpeg -i E:\TEST1.mov -c:v libx264 -c:a copy E:\TEST1ffmpegvh264acopy.avi However, when converting TEST1.MOV to JPEG/AVI only the audio plays in WMP12, Video is absent. I used the following cmd: ffmpeg -i E:\TEST1.mov -c copy E:\TEST1ffmpegvacopy.avi I wonder where the source of the problem may lay. Hope you can find out. j
  13. I got problems uploading the smallest MOV video file I have (4.4MB in size). It looks like I have a global upload quota of 1MB, which is already used. So how do I increase my global upload quota for my account? Or, how do I get the video file to you? thanks, j
  14. In the text editor I couldn't find any obvious or user-friendly way to upload a file. The only thing that could be used is Insert Media in the menu of the text editor, but that feature expects a Media URL. Could you tell me how to upload a file. thanks, j
  15. The problem I have with the old jpeg/mov video files may be more intricate than I anticipated in the beginning. I just became aware the old jpeg/mov video files are probably PHOTO jpeg compressed and not Mjpeg (.mjpg file extension). In my first post I mentioned the format of the .MOV file Format : JPEG Codec ID : jpeg I managed to convert that jpeg/mov video file to .AVI without converting the video and audio, so only the container was converted; hence a JPEG/AVI video file, which played audio but NO video on the WMP12 (Win7 computer). Then, .... I found some other old .AVI video files in my 2004 record, taken with a Canon camera, and those played video and audio on the WMP12 (Win7 computer) without any problem although the format was JPEG too. A closer look at the latter .AVI video file with MediaInfo revealed the following: Format : JPEG Codec ID : MJPG That made be realize that Codec ID=jpeg is definitely not the same as Codec ID=MJPG in WMP12 (Win7). That raises some questions with me. WMP12 can play MJPG/AVI, but not JPEG/AVI video files!!! What is so different between JPEG and MJPEG video compression that the (build-in I presume) WMP12 MJPG codec can play MJPG but not JPEG?? Would there be any JPEG codec around for WMP12 that can really handle JPEG/AVI video files. The point is that as long as WMP12 cannot decode JPEG compression, a lossless conversion from JPEG-PCM/MOV to JPEG-PCM/AVI won't work in WMP12. So I need to find a JPEG video codec for WMP12; if I can't find such a JPEG codec, then I will have to accepted loss of video quality due to the decompress/re-compress cycle, and that is something I try to avoid. Thanks in advance, j PS: Lossless conversion of old videos and movies (with already a lower quality), or getting the appropriate (old) codecs for playing those old videos on more recent platforms looks like a very daunting challenge.
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