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  1. Check your PM box before you burn, and also why don't u install from a flash drive ? Save those discs
  2. You running a 780 sli board ? I am running a 790 sli board What i do is just copy the sataraid and sataide folders under the IDE directory after u extract the drivers to a new folder in the root of the install directory then load them using the browse feature during the install. B)
  3. use the xtreme v2 preset and work your way down from there. You can remove the games just not the explorer and windows beep can be removed as well.
  4. lol we answered that one at the same time
  5. Did you remove Manual Install (Setup.exe)? Do you have a raid, if not what kind of hard drive controller you have? Maybe u removed the Driver under Storage that you need.
  6. removed the TPM.dll from the protect list b/c it forces you to keep the TPM service. shouldn't really need this file unless you are planning on utilizing bit locker encryption. windows\system32\wer.dll windows\system32\msdrm.dll windows\system32\browcli.dll windows\system32\msoert2.dll windows\system32\winipsec.dll windows\system32\werconcpl.dll windows\system32\Magnification.dll Currently experimenting with trying to remove windows firewall, internet connection sharing service, network list service as well as network location awareness service and then i should be able to update the presets in the first post. B) Removing the stuff in the above statement didn't work now trying all of the 4 besides internet connection sharing will post back.
  7. You cannot remove Game Explorer with this build
  8. Yes the gadgets have been removed. So i knew about that one. The resource monitor you need to keep a few things Services (Diagnostics) System (Performance Counters) System (Reliability and Performance Monitor) Google tcpmon and you need to protect those files inside vlite.
  9. Thank you Bilar Crais and now i can confirm this as well
  10. Added those two file protection entries to my preset and kept windows firewall and ics this time but removed game explorer and network explorer. Below are a list of the files that i have protected based on your input as well as Jeronimo. windows\system32\tbs.dll windows\system32\wer.dll windows\system32\msdrm.dll windows\system32\browcli.dll windows\system32\msoert2.dll windows\system32\winipsec.dll windows\system32\werconcpl.dll windows\system32\Magnification.dll If there are any others please share will add them to main post then
  11. OK this time i am rechecking game explorer and network explorer and just unchecked windows firewall but not ics service and ignored the warning.
  12. why are you protecting these 2 files? U use media center, and most of the networking ? windows\system32\tbs.dll windows\system32\msoert2.dll This one is not really needed b/c activation doesn't require it ne more it did at one time. windows\system32\SCardDlg.dll The unattended options aren't really good to have there either
  13. failed again i am gonna try again thanks for the preset and i will post back. Did you get the x64 build this time around? I am using the latest version of virtual box. Did you test the power options if u did the x64 build?
  14. My first install failed i am trying Jeronimo's preset i unchecked game explorer and network explorer i am trying again.
  15. I understand the cosmetic reasons because of the remote settings under system properties and the shortcuts on the start menu. Packages using the DISM tutorial u mean or under vlite im still getting 202 using vlite. Working on my first test now wish me good luck.
  16. What kind of compatibility issues you having with removing Error Report service? Remote Desktop if you use it i would keep it but if not removing it in my eyes is better b/c i could be a way of gaining control of your system so i see it as a security threat.
  17. ya the x64 bit rocks working with 7229 now and i heard a rumor 7231 might surface soon as well
  18. awesome dead either i would say make a new post or i can add it to the main one of mine its up to you but wow that looks great 2 mins left for 7229 can't wait to get started again hehe
  19. dead0 with drive compression on and DVD maker, Microsoft games deleted, wallpapers and sounds. paging file and hibernation disabled as well. Getting 7229 x64 as of now hehe win7elite64 (4.05 gigs) win7super64 (3.91 gigs) win7xtreme64 (3.80 gigs)
  20. Yes EAP and NAP are used for wireless but i have used wireless with them removed as long as the WLAN autoconfig service is set to automatic and running wireless should work.
  21. dead0 if you clear it with the ops i will edit the main post with guide have been very interested in doing it that way as well.
  22. Its ok Jeronimo i respect your opinions but these presets and info was geared to the average user. Obviously you must of figured out something that i didn't if you don't mind pm ur preset or post if u want don't care. Id like to give a whirl and we figure out something different for the xtreme preset i can update the main post. The more removed the better that's why we are here in the first place. I think we are all anxiously awaiting 7230.
  23. i tried that and removing absolutely nothing and no tweaks or service changes
  24. This post is no longer being used but should be kept for reference purposes only. If you need help or assistance with anything you should go here from here on thanks and enjoy! COMPONENTS that CAN be removed Notepad Paint Wordpad Printer Drivers Printer Support Media Metadata Handler Photo Metadata Handler Windows Aero Theme Windows Media Codecs Windows Media Player Desktop Window Manager Windows Remote Management DHCP SuperFetch Windows Color System Windows Picture and Fax Viewer SQM (Software Quality Management) COMPONENTS that CANNOT be removed Game Explorer Snipping Tool Welcome Center Windows Image Acquisition WLAN Support Internet Explorer Network and Sharing Center Windows Firewall Application Experience Internet Connection Sharing Multimedia Class Scheduler Background Intelligent Transfer Windows Update Component Cache (winsxs) Manual Install (Setup.exe) Microsoft HTML Engine MDAC SYSTEM files to PROTECT and REASONING wer.dll (have to protect this file in order to remove the error reporting service) msdrm.dll (have to protect this file in order to remove digital rights management) browcli.dll (have to protect this file so net start/stop will work by command prompt) msoert2.dll (protect this file only if you are going to use and install msn messenger) winipsec.dll (have to protect this file in order to remove the ipsec policy agent service) Magnification.dll (protect this file if you are not removing Snipping Tool or it won't work) APPLICATION and COMPONENT Removal Issues Removing Help component breaks Windows Features Removing Fax Support component breaks Windows Features Removing Windows Search service breaks Windows Features Removing Task Scheduler service breaks Disk Defragmenter Removing Windows Connect Now service breaks Devices and Printers Removing Crash Dump Support breaks Hibernation and Hybrid Sleep Removing Event Log service breaks Tweak 7 Final and O&O Defrag 11 Removing Distributed File System component breaks Group Policy Object Editor
  25. I looked at ur preset the help feature under system will break windows features ur preset is minimal and should not break nething

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