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  1. wow that's small what all are you removing ?
  2. Sent you a PM i would not remove that you can try but i think i did once and it caused the install to error out before finishing that service/component is used for snipping tool and ms paint as well.
  3. Hey Tom check out the elite preset in the first post or PM and i will send u my custom personal preset. My install with DVD maker and games deleted. winsxs backup deleted, wallpapers and sounds as well and the drive compression turned on my 64 bit install was a total of 2.8 gigs and my ISO file for the install was about 1.7 gigs (Build 7232 x64). I will add your findings to the main post about windows search and the fax removal causing windows features to break. My audio services are started and i have the error reporting services disabled i actually removed it using vlite. My X-Fi titanium works like a dream. No point in keeping the TV support if your not keeping media center. If you have any questions i would be more then glad to help but you can definitely remove more without consequence.
  4. Great job guys (dead0 & Jeronimo) As far as the winsxs/backup folder i always delete it haven't had any issues with that. Scripts are very nice will have to give them a whirl. So far loving this build 7232 it works really well and its pretty much close to final.
  5. I have no idea but something changed, well the snipping tool and welcome center always reappeared when i try ed removing them. Game Explorer Firewall And Internet Connection Sharing i will attempt again at some point but they all cause the install to error out before it finishes completing before you get to the screen of were you put your user name in. Check out the Ultra preset made that one just for you buddy it removes like everything possible I will try removing those again one by one with build 7232 and i will report back then. PS i will add the dll reasons from your post thank you much
  6. Write a guide of what ? The vlite mini guide is in the first post of this thread and the guide for the DISM stuff that dead0 wrote is like on page 2 or 3 towards the middle bottom.
  7. OK mate sounds good let me know when u get on MSN sometime would love to chat wit you Good find with the Group Policy Object Editor and DFS Removal I added it to the main post.
  8. I am online now i PMed u mine it says your offline
  9. Will add that one to the main post thanks for your findings. Do you have other means of contacting like IM of some sort?
  10. Did you test keeping DFS and running the group policy editor works ?
  11. Yea your right VSS is also used by system restore forgot that u could actually remove that service hehe
  12. Currently working on testing the two presets on build 7232
  13. read the post above don't think DFS is the culprit
  14. dead The culprits of breaking the gpedit.msc could be... Remote Desktop Assistance Bit locker Encryption TPM Service
  15. I have one error under Application. None under System. I think it has to do with removing System Restore The Cryptographic Services service failed to initialize the VSS backup "System Writer" object.
  16. No i can't figure out whats breaking the group policy editor (gpedit.msc) Other then that the ELITE preset would be the way to go keeps the most functionality. The ULTRA preset removes a lot of functionality but is still very usable.
  17. underxp, you can safely remove all those things that its warning you about unless u use one of course but the LLTD you can leave it and set the service to disabled. Or you can remove it as well it will not hurt your networking connection at all.
  18. Awesome dude I am glad you like them they work really well and i put a UN godly amount of time into them so that makes this all worth it he he. Plus when RTM does come out now i can just vlite it and don't have to test it b/c i know what works and doesn't work already. Make sure u get the updated ones b/c they are maxed out TOTALLY if you check any more stuff your install most likely will not finish. If anything u have to uncheck using those new presets of mine. PS good luck with the DISM stuff report your findings to dead0 through PM or this post!
  19. UPDATED the 2 presets in the main post again to remove everything and keep max OS functionality. The ELITE preset KEEPS file and print sharing with related services, print drivers with support, and windows media player. The ULTRA preset REMOVES file and print sharing with related services, print drivers with support, and windows media player. PS (These presets are at there max and this should be the final revision of them ENJOY!)
  20. you need to take ownership of the directory, give yourself or your user group full control and then hit the advanced, then change permissions, then select the user group that u see on list with full control and check replace all child objects check box then it should replace the permissions for all files in folders and sub directories and files.
  21. Report back if keeping help makes the windows features work right thanks Tom!
  22. Keep the Help component under the System category (Also added this to the main post as its important to know!)
  23. Updated the first post with some new presets that should work very well for you guys let me know what you think guys and enjoy b/c i have put a lot of time and effort into them
  24. Hey what language u writing in dead i can code in vb.net and c# its been a while but i am also great and designing GUI stuff. I am currently downloading 7232 x64 i did a lite install of 7229 i am amazed i got the install under 3 gigs (amazing for 64 bit) hehe
  25. Don't use game explorer so i don't know. I am working on a new preset to keep things more functional but also have low ram usage and take up less disk space will post back later i hope.

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