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  1. I am still going nuts trying to figure the power options out i hope this change is just a bug of somesort and will be corrected in next build
  2. I cant figure out this power options thing for the life of me its driving me nuts its something vlite is doing for sure tried and install with just languages and drivers removed nothing else and it still does it only way so far i made it work was using the original ISO so its gotta be some file vlite is removing.
  3. installed a untouched copy of 7201 and tweaked all the services and stuff removed unwanted features, and everything works great including the power options. So its something vlite is removing but i don't think it has to do with services as of now. I wonder if i need to protect some sort of file or files to make the power options work with vlite?
  4. still working on trying to figure this one out next step is to install untouched x64 of b7201 and see if it is like that for the power options other then that everything else seems to work great with this build. Thanks for uploading your preset it did help i will be uploading some new ones possibly writing a guide soon as while.
  5. did you disable the power service in tweaks? No i did not if you have a preset for 7201 x86 or x64 could u plz share it so i can compare thanks.
  6. I took a screen shot of the power options in build 7201 that are completely weird i am just wondering if its like this because i am using a virtual machine for testing or if i removed something that has changed. Its not crash dump support causing this either tested that one. let me know what u guys think or if you have any ideas why its like this...
  7. Jeronimo in your latest preset you added the protection of these files... windows\system32\browcli.dll windows\sysWOW64\browcli.dll What is your reasoning just curious these weren't in your original preset at the top of this page.
  8. I agree with you Fridge I have tried to remove them from 7201 but have had no luck even finishing a install tried both firewall and ics together and each other one at a time no go
  9. ok cool bro currently working on vlite build 7102 64 bit and i removed crash dump support and it completely made the power options in the control panel disappear i will give ur INI a whirl then or compare it to mine. thanks for replying i will keep you updated and possibly post a new v3 ini for you guys.
  10. Jeronimo your update issues are probably due to the IPSec Removal or QoS or a combo of both would not recommend removing either. Also since i removed file and print sharing and event log i cannot install Perfect disk or Total idea Tweak 7.
  11. This is directions that were written by birdibird on the asus eee pc forums this script does work be careful if you don't understand something ask before doing. This will save even more space for you. ok, another trick which saves quite some space (thanks to kazuni): delete unnecessary files from winsxs make a batchfile, for example cleanwinsxs.bat with the following: @echo generating list of safe/unsafe extensions for removal @c: @cd \windows\winsxs @mkdir \safe @echo generating safe list @dir *.log /s/w/b 1>> c:\safe\log.bat @dir *.chm /s/w/b 1>> c:\safe\chm.bat @dir *.icm /s/w/b 1>> c:\safe\icm.bat @dir *.icc /s/w/b 1>> c:\safe\icc.bat @dir *.mpg /s/w/b 1>> c:\safe\mpg.bat @dir *.mp4 /s/w/b 1>> c:\safe\mp4.bat @dir *.wma /s/w/b 1>> c:\safe\wma.bat @dir *.wmv /s/w/b 1>> c:\safe\wmv.bat @dir *.scr /s/w/b 1>> c:\safe\scr.bat @dir *.rtf /s/w/b 1>> c:\safe\rtf.bat @dir *-wp*.jpg /s/w/b 1>> c:\safe\wallpaper.bat @dir about*.txt /s/w/b 1>> c:\safe\about.bat @copy c:\safe\*.bat c:\safe\safeJoined.bat @echo all done. @cd \safe @echo opening safejoined.bat @pause @notepad safejoined.bat -run it and at the end press a key to open notepad. -in notepad choose edit-replace -replace c:\ with type nul > c:\ -exit notepad while saving the file Now we will run the batchfile with the correct rights: (replace yourusername by your own username in the following) -open an administrator cmd window -cd \windows -takeown /f winsxs -icacls winsxs /grant yourusername:(f) -cd \safe -safejoined.bat if everything went ok you now saved a couple of hundred megabytes! i attached both scripts that i used in a zip file to this post to save u some work
  12. Ok guys made a new install of the build 7127 64 bit this time i canned media center and all its components this build is extremely good and if u delete the games and DVD maker and all the wallpapers, themes, and sounds then compress the drive. The whole install is a like 4.05 gigs which is amazing here is the preset enjoy let me know your thoughts...
  13. Hey guys have been following this thread and i would like to contribute my x64 preset for the RC i have been running this since it was leaked tested thoroughly let me know what you guys think... The only other that can really be removed is media center but i use that other then everything else that can be removed is.

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