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  1. When installing or upgrading with another user logged in, there explorer.exe is terminated, and not restarted. When they log back in they have a white background (nothing else) until task manager is used to start explorer (new task).
  2. Hopefully this will be a simple question. Is it possible to get navigation maps for other parts of the world, in particular the Australia and New Zealand region? thanks in advance
  3. Are you giving it the driver for the SATA card or is it using built in windows. sounds very similar to xp issues. try finding some vista drivers for your sata card
  4. Well after about a week my card is all assembled again. Was a major effort had to take the heat sink off anyway. put some Arctic ceramique on the core and memory while i was about it. if only i knew to put some oil in
  5. Thanks Guys I have found someone who lives close to me with a dead 6800GT http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/5564/3483712te8.jpg So I am going to grab his fan tomorrow Thanks for your effort guys
  6. Its the fan for sure makes one hell of a grinding/ humming noise
  7. Cool thanks, how does it work? Do I have to remove all the casing then bolt it on top, if so id prefer just a fan swapout replacement
  8. My Fan seems to be dieing, any body have any ideas on a replacement fan? Id prefer if it was a simple Fan swap, I don't want to rip all the heatsink off as i have no issues with the temp. It is a Leadtek version as can be seen here http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/video/dis...leadtek68u.html http://www.xbitlabs.com/misc/picture/?src=..._800.jpg&1= the fan is under the grill on the top it has a triangle screw pattern (3 screws forming a triangle) thanks Mentalindustries
  9. I also have noticed this, not so much after gaming (exams at the moment no time to game), but the UI does slow down alot. I also have a nvidia card and think it is a driver issue.
  10. Its on an xp pro machine connected with LPT cable. I then just right click on the printer and selected share printer.
  11. Have tried removing IPv6 still doesn't work I can browse save and read files on the computer with the printers so i can establish a connection fine. is it possibly drivers?
  12. Hi I have build 5728. Clicked on start then network then add printer. followed the wizard it detected the printer connected by LPT cable on another computer on my network. the printer shows up and is set as default in control panel - printers. I am not able to print anything at all (notepad, adobe reader, test page) It does the sending print job bit then nothing happens. any ideas? have i missed a tick in a box somewhere?
  13. You need to go to the manufacturers site and get the very latest version.
  14. I suggest you update your Network card drivers. I had similar issues with my marvel card until I installed the new drivers
  15. I wonder about that '10 key' thing. I know I've installed and re-installed way over 10 times... Still lets me activate. Go figger I wonder if it allows 10 activations per build number?
  16. Yes thanks it was the security tab needed fixing. any idea why this is not a default setting? Adds tomuch time to instal process?
  17. They not read only. Its any file on the whole hard drive. it works fine under xp I can read them fine just not write back to them I can create a new file on the other hard drives and that is writeable in both vista and xp.
  18. Hi guys I dont seem to be able to write to files that are on a drive seperate to the vista install if they were created before i installed vista (In XP). If I copy the file to the vista drive I can save any changes. but not if it is on a seperate drive. I get the following error "Can not create the ..... file. Make sure the path and filename or correct" Partitions are NTFS if that makes any difference. Drives on IDE channel and sata controllers have same issues. Motherboard Asus A8V Deluxe
  19. Can you sign in if your roommate is not using msn?
  20. why doent he wait then? why buy a new MB now if he not buying the new GFX to go with it. personally id wait till year end for DX10 (dont give me the you end up waiting for ever for the new tech) and to think about vista compatablity if he is happy with what he was now wait 6 months or so for vista stuff to start coming out
  21. They were released a few hours ago. x64 http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=1351 x32 http://downloads.guru3d.com/download.php?det=1350 they are showing up in newest downloads
  22. RegCleaner does not work on windows xp x64. As soon as it starts to scan it crashes. JV16 PowerTools 2006 does work for x64 though
  23. The manual says it supports ECC. is it because i have mixed non ecc with ecc. if so is it likly that there is a setting i can disable so it doesnt use the ecc?
  24. Hi Motherboard is ASUS A7V-VE I have installed some RAM in my grandads computer, he had 128 so i put in an extra 128 except it was ECC (im not to sure if it registered) if it is registered then thats why its not working from the manual "This motherboard does not support registered memory". The bios does not detect it neither does windows xp. however cpuz does tell me about it ie it knows its there. (i found out about the registered ram not working later so didnt pay attention to that) can anyone think of anything else that may cause this. thanks
  25. thanks ripken204 4 sticks the the extra keyword google wanted it looks like it will run at 200MHz FSB which is good. but it will change to 2T instead of 1T but looks like you only lose 1-2% performance, which is easily outweighed by not having to do pagefile reads

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