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  1. HAHA I wanty one for my room I wonder if my dad will let me take his credit card
  2. I mean like when the first release of Beta versons are avaliable to most people how do I get one of the products to test.
  3. If you took it from work the key might only work on there SOE.
  4. What do you have and add the total storage. Desktop: 1 x 80gb 1 x 320gb Laptop: 1x80gb Security Cameras: 1 x 500gb External Drives: 1 x 500gb 1x 1TB Total 2,480GB Total 2.48TB
  5. My desktop to be replaced soon or I might get an 18inch laptop. CPU Pentium D 3.0GHz duel core Ram 2 X 512 MB 800Mhz ram HDD 1 x 80GB 1 x 320GB intergraded graphics and sound but I was going to buy a graphic card but I am buying a new computer and I will give my old computer to my mate to use as file server. The case has 6 HDD slots.
  6. Hello this is the first time I have had to install I network driver. It's just a intel network driver. Once I have installed the driver will I be able to plug in the network cable and it will work or do I have to install my router (linksys).
  7. Yes I love intel too but IMO i think they should be making faster processors as they have the technology to do so. The put 2 billion USD into research and development each year.
  8. How do you get them because I want windows 7 beta 1 for free when it comes out and I hard that there are new media centers and beta software which are really cool.
  9. Virtual PC only because it is free and I also use virtual box for ubuntu.
  10. Sony is the best for hardware and Microsoft is the best for software. Who ever voted Apple you fail at life . Nah jokes.
  11. I would build home PC. I would buy a liquid cooled gaming PC and upgrade it. I would buy a laptop. I would upgrade the ram and hard drive of that laptop.
  12. 1. VLC Media Player 2. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ 3. fast free best for .avi files
  13. I just got it it looks nice and there are a few new features which i will have a play with but to b honest I still prefer Firefox.
  14. It takes me about 20 seconds I use start/run msconfig to take everything off start up accept for anti virus.
  15. Hello I am Lawrence I use Xp and ubuntu 8.04 getting a new laptop and upgrading to vista ultimate For the record I ABSOLUTELY HATE APPLE MACS. I currently have a desktop running ubuntu going to put xp on it soon. And 1 laptop running xp.
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