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  1. DreamScene (Final) .cab

  2. DreamScene (Final) .cab

    Can I use this cab for installation? (And how?) Because I can't get dreamscene to install through windows update for some reason.
  3. Driver signing in Vista RTM :wacko:

    Don't install these hotfixes if you want to use unsigned drivers. They break the BCDedit options to disable driver signing!!!!
  4. [Desktops] 2007

    My simple desktop @ my work laptop.
  5. [Desktops] 2006

    Here's my second one for october 2006:
  6. Suggestions for a new m/board

    The ASUS P5B Deluxe is a good choice!
  7. Need help with identification

    Windows tells me that it can't identify the USB device I plugged in......
  8. [Desktops] 2006

    My second one for October.......
  9. Need help with identification

    Link When I search for drivers, I get the message: Download drivers Vibraforce Steering Wheel GM-3300 No drivers available for this product!
  10. Need help with identification

    Thank you for all your help! I found a wheel that looks a lot like this one (buttons) But there are no drivers for this one.....
  11. Need help with identification

    Yes I did, unfortunately it didn't work.
  12. Need help with identification

    That was my first idea to but I am not able to find any info on it.
  13. Hi I need help with the identification of a steering wheel. I bought this for 5 euro's but didn't get the drivers with it. Now I can't find the manufacturer. Is there someone who knows this device?
  14. [Desktops] 2006

    Here's my simple desk:
  15. [Desktops] 2006

    There R more tools that can do this. I use BGinfo for it.