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  1. IT GURU, im sorry but what a load of crap! That sounds like typical Apple fanboy talk NO OFFENCE but this guy has HORRIBLE speed RAM and it's NOT a good thing with Vista, if you really ARE a guru YOU SHOULD KNOW this: If it's possible to make a computer faster just by changing a few settings, even if it's not definate, by GOD people are going to fiddle and tweak! First things first, the Single Channel mode is definately cause for concern. I think the mainboard in the Acer was the problem. 5.9 is good =) i don't have Vista, I run 2008, and am still in the process of crossing WinSAT to 2008 so
  2. If anybody wants an alternative, I use a boot manager called XOSL which is about a million times more simple. But of course, a little research is required. XOSL allows me to boot Server 2008 on my main partition, XP on my THIRD partition, and OSX on my second harddrive =) I could never get grldr to work the way I wanted it, but this is a good guide! Anywho, for all those interested check it out at http://www.ranish.com/part/xosl.htm it works very well and its 100% free =) Peace EDIT: Sorry, there isn't. It's impossible. Somebody once figured out how to do it by editing the MFT to make it NO
  3. regsvr32 gameux.dll Doesnt put games explorer in, but allows Halo 2 and FEAR to run for example.
  4. This is correct. When you "delete" the recycle bin it's only deleting the shortcut, it clearly states how to get it back to the desktop via Personalization. You say you moved it to another folder? This is impossible on Server 2008, and I assume for Vista aswell. It only allows you to Creat a Shortcut when you drag the Recycle Bin with the right mouse button. Am I wrong? Either i've missed something, or you've failed to explain correctly, or your install is seriously corrupt. I know this is an old thread, but jeez - it'd be nice if the OP [original poster] actually tells us if they did or didn'
  5. 266MHz RAM? Is that normal for a Server 2008 capable platform!?!?
  6. CDBurnerXP Pro installs fine with no tricks required. For Nero 9, I had to set compatibility mode for SetupX.exe [extract the huge EXE with WinRAR, 7Zip, etc] to Windows Server 2003. Installed 100% fine.
  7. K-Lite codec pack? Yukky.... http://www.cccp-project.net/ Why? http://forums.extremeoverclocking.com/t280855.html And he's talking about Dreamscene. Not Stardock's one. Dreamscene is the one that comes with Vista. Erm.... MyDigitalLife one works, don't think I had to modify it at all. I'll upload it though if..... Oh wait you're on x64 right? Bummer. Nevermind lol.
  8. Just check the compatibility thing to keep Aero and DWM in Component Removal. And no, there is no workaround. 10GB aint so bad!!!! Sounds like you need to get a bigger harddrive
  9. The dedicated soundcard is actually loosing more and more popularity, FYI. Onboard sound is becomming more and more advanced, and with the new Intel i7 chip the performance boost that a "dedicated hardware card" promises is next to nothing. Soundcards are still popular in the audio/music production sector though, but the X-Fi is as good for Professional Audio as a CMI-8738 anyway lol (for those who don't know, they sell for about $10). [as far as I know]Vista doesn't support EAX anyway, only OpenAL and DirectSound, the only thing X-FI cards do in Vista/2008 is provide the DAC and fancy ports[/
  10. Over at the win2008workstation, we are working on this. I am actually stepping this up in my to-investigate [havn't even looked at it], right after I get Vista Media Center working [or hit a roadblock]. I'll let you know here in this thread if I make any progress
  11. 1) Make sure, in your BIOS, that "Allow USB devices to wake the computer" is enabled. Might be called something else. In AWARD BIOS's [most Gigabyte boards if not all] it's under Power Management. 2) In Device Manager, under "Human Interface Devices", go into properties for EVERY entry starting from the top > "Power Management" Tab > check "allow this device to wake the computer". If the Power Management tab doesn't appear, skip it and go to the next one in the list. That should fix it. If it still doesn't work, the game/software is bugged or your drivers are bugged or something. It work
  12. I removed everything for an "Ultra Light" install, and it installs and boots and logs in fine under VMWare - I only use it to test my Server 2008 > Workstation mods and research though, so no idea what it breaks lol! Oh, using latest vLite by the way.
  13. 'Qualified'? There is another site dedicated to the Windows 2008 Workstation project, which is more complete and more active than this forum section... I know MSFN came first by a long shot, but... there are many missing and incomplete things on the guide/forums here. No internet connection required. DVD isn't required to be inserted either. Simply check the features in Server Manager and they install by themselves. By "all other guides" I assume you mean the only other one actually worth mentioning, win2008workstation, and yes this is true that it isn't featured in the guide. But not everyo
  14. http://www.win2008workstation.com
  15. It is a good tweak, and does indeed work. After restarting, I no longer had a tiny pause/pop when ALT+TAB between programs while playing WMA music. Cheers!
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