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  1. Integrate Vista's Games Explorer into Server 2008

    I believe that Halo 2 Vista requires it I also had problems starting Settlers 6: Rise of an Empire. It said that because of Parental Controls settings (does it even come with WS2008??) I didn't have access to it.. :/
  2. Would this be possible? Thanks
  3. Deleting packages from WIMs

    I haven't actually removed anything yet.. Only tried pre-installing the Desktop Experience package for WS2008 with your help from another thread
  4. Deleting packages from WIMs

    no, not really, not for performance anyways but for install size
  5. Deleting packages from WIMs

    Hey guys, do any of you know if there's a script that deletes many packages from the Vista WIM at the same time? Also, is there any easier methods of deleting the packages besides the pkgmgr? Thanks
  6. Cant use "startmenu search"

    Hi nuhi, (firstly, thanks for a wonderful app! ) I also lost the ability to search with version 1.1RC. Both the search from the start menu and also from the file explorer found nothing. There doesn't appear any error messages I just type the thing I'm looking for in the box and nothing happens. This is with the first boot into Vista, ergo no settings were changed in the search options (I did however look through all the options, but I couldn't find anything). I then tried to vlite again using version 1.1 Beta2, using the exact same settings in vlite as I did with version 1.1RC. And that time search worked 100% they way it should. I attached the preset used, although I doubt it is of any use. Is there any list of applications or services that effect Vista Search? Last_Session.ini
  7. Compatibility Tab and System Restore Small Fix Tool!

    OMG YES! I confirm that this fixes the problem with the missing compatibility tab. Thank you so much buddy
  8. Hello all, I'm also missing the Compatibility Tab. I've checked all services related to all that and they're all running. I'm currently running the leaked pre-SP1, could it have something to do with that? Thanks Last_Session.ini
  9. Vista speedy on a 512MB ?

    Howyd dodge, I found this really great site www.speedyvista.com, I think it is just what you are looking for django