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  1. Sure did. No idea what I'm looking for while it's lagging, though. The processors are at idle, network utilization is idle, disk throughput is idle, memory access is idle.
  2. Helpful... ...but not. Anything more to suggest? I don't even know what I'm looking for.
  3. First things first, thank you all for contributions of help and support. Second thing, this physical server has run Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard (64-bit) for 2 years without any issues. This is not a hardware issue. Hardware specs: 2x Opteron 845 Dual-Core (4 physical cores at 2.0GHz) 12GB DDR ECC/R 266MHz 250GB SATA-II System Hard Drive 2TB SATA-II RAID Storage Array OS: Windows Server 2008 Enterprise (64-bit) Roles: Active Directory Domain Services Application Server DHCP Server DNS Server File Services Network Policy and Access Services Web Server (IIS) Features: .NET Framework 3.0 Group Policy Management Remote Server Administration Tools Windows Internal Database Windows Process Activation Service Symptoms: After 64-96 hours of uptime, entire operations lag heavily. See below for list. Browsing server shares from the network; remotely logging onto the server via Remote Desktop; logging onto any workstation joined to the domain; logging off any workstation joined to the domain. "Lag" is defined as: the workstation/server sits for 3-10 minutes with 0% CPU usage after initiating the command. Explorer.exe is always unresponsive during this time. When I restart the ADDC (Server 2008) the symptoms dissappear for at least 36 hours. IIS, FTP, and VPN services are unaffected. I have attempted to disabled completely the IPv6 service on all the workstations and the ADDC. This has no effect. I was also running VMware Server 2.0 (Final) on the Server 2008 machine and uninstalling this service has no effect on the issue. This server build is about 3 months old, and unfortunately I cannot correlate the issue appearing after any specific action. I am very hesitant to dump everything and reload the system with a new domain as I have everything configured as I want. I do not have much free time to do such a thing. When the server works fine, everything is configured perfectly. Sometimes I can cause a preemptive strike by restarting the server every night, but that should not be how a server is operated. I am very frustrated by the issue and so are the users. Performance is excellent when everything operates normally. Even with four Virtual Machines, everything was great. Again, any help is appreciated. I have scoured Google, spoken with other skilled Microsoft professionals, and done all the troubleshooting I can think of. Nothing seems to affect the issue. Thanks in advance. A.J.
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