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  1. Running HPC x64 Enterprise Full edition. Can't find any CD/DVD Burner software that works. Is there such a thing? And if so, what is it??? TIA Bill
  2. Installed the HPC Version yesterday and went to checkmark the Desktop Experience as in Server 2008 Enterprise x64 and it is not there. However THEMES is there. I checkmarked that and nothing happens. I guess it has to work with Desktop Experience to get Aero to work. Maybe they forgot or left it out for a reason. TIA Bill
  3. Still having some of the same problems. I purchased an ANYCOM USB-250 BT dongle that is supposed to be VISTA compatible. Downloaded the latest drivers for it and installed it. Followed Gil's tool, and even overwrote the drivers with the ones from ANYCOM. The only thing that worked is OBJECT PUSH. I got the ISSC BT dongle to work just like above. OBJECT PUSH and HOTSYNC would work and that's it. The Trendnet dongle was like the ANYCOM, only the OBJECT PUSH would work. So, I am back to using the ISSC and Hot Sync only for my PDA. All of this started with the install of SP1 on VISTA and installation of Server 2008 SP1. Without SP1 on VISTA the thing worked like a charm. So, the problem is between Bluetooth and SP1 on both OS's. I have been posting on Gil's blog if you need more info. If I could find out what the preferred BT dongle is that works, I would gladly purchase one to fix this problem. PALM is not going to write drivers for my Tungsten T3 and this would be the only way to continue to use it. TIA Bill
  4. How can I get a copy of that??? TIA Bill
  5. The bottom line is always money. What you say is not surprising. It's better for them to introduce new hardware than to fix the software. More money for them. Bill
  6. I will try that and get back to you. I have tried WinUtilities registry cleaner after each removal before installing the software. Is ccleaner better?? TIA Bill
  7. I installed SP1, now my Bluetooth dongle VID 1131 only works with HOT SYNC and nothing else. Tells me the driver is missing or corrupt error code 39. I incurred this same problem on Server 2k8 posted in that forum. BlueSoleil which is supposed to work with Vista only allows the HotSync to work. WIdcomm does not work at all. Error code 39, your driver is missing or corrupt. Any thoughts? I have a Trendnet TBW-101 dongle and installed the Vista Drivers for it. It does not work at all. I have had it for over a year now and have yet to be able to use it. Even with the drivers provided by Trendnet. Any thoughts? TIA Bill BTW it worked fine with Widcomm on Vista Without SP1. I am using Vista Ultimate x64 SP1
  8. I tried the Widcomm with Vista SP1. Same problems as discussed above. I have been able to instal Bluesoleil and as discussed above, the HotSync works and nothing else. Still can't get anything to work with my Trendnet dongle. Bill
  9. I don't think you published the correct link. Check it please... Bill I tried it and it bombed. It installed fine but I get the Code 39 your driver is missing or corrupt. Bluetooth won't see my dongle. This is with Widcomm which is the last version built for my dongle. I have tried the newer versions with the same error. I do have a Trendnet TBW-101 USB dongle. I will try it. I have tried it in the past without success. The software for it installs but I can never get the dongle to work. Either with Vista Ultimate x64 or Server 2008 x64.
  10. Question. Will it work with my ISSC Bluetooth Dongle. Vid 1131. Everything I have read states that is the latest version that works with this dongle. I also have a Trendnet TW102 dongle and have never been able to get it to work on Vista, much less server 2008. Even with using the software that came with it. I will download the above next week and let you know how and if it works TIA Bill
  11. I think you misunderstand. I have a dual boot system with Vista Ultimate x64 and Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Full x64 RTM. My Bluetooth runs perfectly with Widcomm Drivers version on Vista only. What I am trying to accomplish is getting Bluetooth to work on Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Full Edition x64 RTM. When I ran RC0, I was able to Hot Sync my Bluetooth and nothing else. With RTM Nothing works. I just mentioned the Vista thing because I can dual boot between these two and my Bluetooth can work flawlessly, however I would like to get it to work on Server 2008 and just run that os all the time. I think it can happen, I just have to wait for new drivers to come out. It will be interesting to see if it works with Vista SP1. TIA Bill
  12. I have Vista Ultimate x64 without SP1 I also have Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Full edition x64 RTM.\ Bill
  13. Then, is there a way of making Server 2008 a client os out of a server os. I have seen numerous posts where people are turning Server 2008 into a pseudo Vista Ultimate by using the Sidebar, and other options. I know when I was using Server 2003 I had no problems installing and using Bluetooth. I would much rather use Server 2008 because it is more rock solid and faster than Vista. I have been doing some research on the Bluetooth issue and there are some things I am going to try this week. I really would like this to work. I have a dual boot with Vista Ultimate x64 and could boot to sync my palm pilot so it can update my Epocrates and medical software and use Server 2008 for everything else, but that would be a pain to do. More news as it becomes available, film at 11 Bill
  14. I tried the Toshiba stack. This is the only one I have. Came up with an error about add monitor. It did finish. Then I installed Widcomm and still had the same problem. Error 39 the driver is missing or corrupt. I then tried to install BlueSoleil x64 It installed fine but have the same problems mentioned above. So I am still stuck on getting the BlueTooth to work. This did work on Server 2003 with Widcomm and worked well. If you have a server and want to use Bluetooth from it to use a printer (as an example), how would you do it if it is a server and not a client. That tells me only client os's can use Bluetooth. Strange, More news as it becomes available, film at 11 Bill
  15. Here is where Windows sees it: Under Manage My connections, it shows the Bluetooth but says it is disconnected or cable unplugged. No way to fix it. Under the Device Manager, The Bluetooth Device shows up, the PAN Network adapter shows up under Network Adapters All the com ports install All the other parts of the Bluetooth, Ie, headphones speakers. shows up under Sound. Shows up in the Control Panel under Programs. Comm Ports shows up in the Palm OS Desktop Hot Sync. Where it DOES not show up: Network and Sharing Center The Palm OS Desktop Hot Sync Manager (although the comm ports shows up) I also have no Bluetooth options anywhere in Windows, like under Hardware and Sound the the control panel. I still think it is a driver related issue or I do not have something turned on in Windows. Bill

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