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  1. NIC drivers for Optiplex 760

    You will more than likely need to update the existing drivers. Id copy the entire folder over to a separate folder, update the driver, and change the description of the sif file to test. I have the 760's working with our RIS server. We are having issues with the intel sata drivers for the 755s and 760s so you may also have to update the drivers there too.
  2. RAID 10 with 8 drives

    from what I gather on it when I had to look at this at work for our Sharepoint db, it is a lot of wasted drive space since each disk has a mirror. it is possible to lose more than 1 disk in the array if the failure is on 1 disk of the raid 1 mirrors, and remain online, however if both disks on a raid 1 mirror dies then then whole raid10 array is lost. I this case 8 disks would only give 4 disk of usable space. In our Dell Storage array, we would just create a raid 1 set but keep adding disk pairs which automatically made it into raid10
  3. Can't delete corrupt folder in temp. internet files.

    open cmd prompt rd /s "x:\documents and settings\<username>\local settings\temporary internet files" replace x with your drive letter replace <username> with the account name you are working with answer yes if prompted
  4. Active Directory

    If the second DC you are adding is "R2" you need to modify the AD schema using Disk 2 of the R2 install disk. run adprep from disk 2
  5. slipstream SP3 into RISSetup

    The way I got around this was to clear out the svcpack folder in the i386 folder locate svcpack.inf edit it and remove the hotfix entries save file compress the file to svcpack.in_ using cant remember name of utility that does this offhand delete svcpack.inf SHould be able to slipstream afterwards
  6. SP3 and RIS

    you can slipstream same as you do a cd xpsp3.exe /integrate:"\\risserver\REMINST\Setup\English\Images\WINDOWS_XP" I would make a backup of the folder on the ris server first
  7. IE 7: Missing Keystrokes

    I actually had this same problem happen the other day. Another symptom I had was https was not working. I got mine working by re registering some dlls start/run cmd cd %systemroot%\system32 regsvr32 softpub.dll regsvr32 wintrust.dll regsvr32 initpki.dll regsvr32 dssenh.dll regsvr32 rsaenh.dll regsvr32 gpkcsp.dll regsvr32 sccbase.dll regsvr32 slbcsp.dll regsvr32 cryptdlg.dll When I ran them, 2 dll gave me errors
  8. DeepFreeze Enterprise V6.00.220.1523

    you need to run it from command line df6wks.exe /install or use iexpress to make a self extracting exe that uses the switch you need.
  9. DeepFreeze Enterprise V6.00.220.1523

    from the help manual Deep Freeze can be rapidly installed to many workstations over a network using the Silent Install System. Any deployment utility that allows execution of a command line on a remote workstation can implement the Silent Install System. After the Silent Install is complete, the system immediately restarts. The command line has the following options: Syntax Description [/install] Install Deep Freeze using installation file [/install /Seed] Install only the specified workstation seed file [/uninstall] Uninstall Deep Freeze [/uninstall /Seed] Uninstall Deep Freeze and leave the workstation seed installed [/PW=password] Sets a password during installation [/AllowTimeChange] Allow system clock to be changed [/Freeze=C,D,...] Freeze only drives listed (Thaws all others) [/Thaw=C,D,...] Thaw only drives listed (Freezes all others) [/uSB] Exempt external USB hard disks from protection (Windows 2000/XP only) [/FireWire] Exempt external FireWire hard disks from protection (Windows 2000/XP only) Example Command Line: DF6Wks.exe /Install /Freeze=C /PW=password In the example, the Deep Freeze installation program file is named DF6Wks.exe. Only the C: drive will be Frozen. Any other drives on the workstation will be Thawed. If the workstation only has a C: drive, the [/Freeze] switch can be omitted. A password (password) will be created. After executing the command, Deep Freeze will install and the workstation will restart Frozen and ready to use. The Silent Install System will not work without the [/install] or [/uninstall] switch. Deep Freeze must be in a Thawed state before [/uninstall] can be used.
  10. net use drvletter: \\share password /user:... is what I use and it works
  11. Script to resize NTFS partition

    diskpart does work, get bartpe and create a cdrom with it. Boot up to the cdrom after the os loads open a command prompt type diskpart type show volume type select volume # <--# is the volume you want to extend type extend to extend the partition out all the way or type extend size=?? ?? is the # of MB you want to increase reboot and remove cd and boot up normally
  12. Disk Cleanup - Compress Old Files

    The file will retain its compressed attribute if it is moved from 1 folder to another on the same partition. If file is moved from 1 partition to another or another disk the compression attribute is lossed and file is uncompressed.
  13. Help with a batch file

    @ECHO OFF FOR /F "tokens=2* delims= " %%A IN ('REG QUERY "HKLM\software\Microsoft\windows nt\currentversion" /v csdversion') DO SET spver=%%B ECHO Service Pack Version = %spver% if not "%spver%" == "Service Pack 2" ( echo install service pack 2 rem **insert path and sp2 location here** ) if "%spver%" == "Service Pack 2" ( echo Service Pack 2 is installed ) pause
  14. Msn Messenger auto complete drop down list

    if you want to prevent the .net stuff from being save then, open local security settings, expand local policy, and click security options, then locate Netwrok Access: Do not allow storage of .net passports or credentials and set it to enable. This should prevent any new passports from being added.