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  1. Thanks for updating! Didn't thought you were still running that old version! Indeed, it really works like a charm (now but if you just bought the app for testing you could have asked the guy who sent you a PM about Tapatalk
  2. Try -> "http://dw.com.com/redir?edId=3&siteId=4&oId=3000-2239_4-10019223&ontId=2239_4&spi=6f9090653428d3331f2257339658eb21&lop=link&tag=tdw_dltext&ltype=dl_dlnow&pid=12808071&mfgId=85737&merId=85737&pguid=UK9hpwoOYJMAACcZHcoAAAAq&destUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fsoftware-files-a.cnet.com%2Fs%2Fsoftware%2F12%2F80%2F80%2F71%2Favast_free_antivirus_setup.exe%3Ftoken%3D1353706996_003427b3fdf5573511c347f24070bd02%26lop%3Dlink%26ptype%3D3000%26ontid%3D2239%26siteId%3D4%26edId%3D3%26spi%3D6f9090653428d3331f2257339658eb21%26pid%3D12808071%26psid%3D10019223%26fileName%3Davast_free_antivirus_setup.exe" (just add " to the start and end of the url)
  3. Since the last edit of my post i've optimized this way and i'll post a new topic with better instructions soon! I'll add the link to the new post here.
  4. This HDD failed last week, it's not deteced by the BIOS and its inaccessible by Windows, DOS and Linux. Need to send it to Seagate.
  5. thanks for the updates everybody. i'll update the initial post in the next days.
  6. Thanks Dougal4263, i'll try this with my XP Pro x86 later. I had the same issue and got my own solution. I can't access my data storage now but afaik i just copied the driver files and the executables onto the CD and told windows to just copy them to the harddisc while setup runs. Then, when windows installs the hardware, the inf file from the hdd is used which then executes the NvCplSetup.exe. There is still a tiny problem (you need a PS/2 keyboard to solve it), the driver files wants to copy the NvCplSetup.exe from its current location to its current location, thats cause of [DestinationDirs] nv_controlpanel_copyfiles = 01, i didn't fixed the problem yet but i guess removing this line will help.
  7. The advise i gave you is based on the advise of this Seagate Knowledge Base article. Please check if your unique drive is listed by using this form. Even if you are asked for username and password, you don't have to login! Just enter your harddrives serial in the big textbox, enter the captcha and click 'Submit'. Based on your harddrives serial you'll have to contact the seagate support directly or to download the firmware update. For Seagate Cheetah series i know that the hardware of OEM and Retail editions is identical, don't know if its the same for Barracuda but i think so. Thus you could patch your HP24 firmware with an original one from seagate. If you have to contact seagate support directly i don't know what happens but your harddrive is manufactured at 06/07/08 thus its covered by seagates 3-year warranty for oem. If seagate rejects supporting your harddrive (although its an manufacturing fault), you could download the firmware for your drive directly here. Additionally, read this Quote of a Seagate Statement. Below 'Recommendation' Seagate grants you free data-recovery if required.
  8. Two or three weeks ago i send a comment about a knowledge base article about .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Redist to Microsoft, complaining about the missing entry in Windows Update / WSUS. I don't know and i really don't care if Microsoft responds cause of my Comment. However, yesterday (27th) Microsoft added at least three updates to Windows Update / WSUS. Two 100% identical entries which include 2.0 SP2+Update, 3.0 SP2+Update and 3.5 SP1+Update as well as some other stuff required except Windows Installer 3.1. Additionally, Microsoft was too lazy to update the existing .NET Framework 2.0 and 3.0 entries with the latest SP and Updates. There is still no single 3.5 installer and no updated 2.0 or 3.0 installer. The funny thing is, one of the three updates is replaced by the other ones, where is the intention in adding it to WSUS?? The next funny thing is, that the replacing update is added twice with a very tiny modification. The information of both packages said that the package is availabe for at least Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP. I was confused first, which one should i allow? I checked which Computer required which of the entries. Windows XP requires the first, 2003 the second but both are including exactly the same files, no difference. The package itself IS compatible for 2003, XP and so on but in the Windows Update DB some id*** added it twice and misconfigured it. Until yet we don't have any problem. We can install the whole .NET via GPO or manually, even in the following scenario. Now install a computer with Windows XP Prof. SP2 and install every update via WSUS. If you do not allow "XP SP3" WSUS will advertise the Windows Installer 3.1 package to clients. IF you allow XP SP3 (which replaces Windows Installer 3.1) WSUS does not advertise it. Now we have a problem. The Installation Procedure: 1) Windows Update for cab files (BITS) 2) Windows Installer 3.1 (if XP SP3 is NOT allowed) - done - - new scan - 3) all updates (including .NET installer) except XP SP3 and later - error: .NET cannot be installed - - new scan - 4) XP SP3 - done - - new scan - 5) later updates Thanks for adding the .NET package but WTF are you doing in Redmond? The search engine of the whole Microsoft.com website sucks as hell, you don't find what you are looking for - you have to click through the "related software" links if you are in the download center. If i have to search for something i use google with the site:microsoft.com option! Windows Live Hotmail is buggy as hell and nobody is interested in fixing that (have you ever used the Windows Live Support? LOL!). And now you are not able anymore to keep the Windows Update DB clean.
  9. Oh, ok, perfect. Thanks! I guess i stated that question because i always had problems distinguishing between raid0 and raid1. Thought that a max. of two drives is possible for raid0, as it is for raid1, is it?
  10. I know how to build a RAID10 with four drives (two raid1 with two drives each in a raid 0) but not how with eight drives. Are there more setups for a eight-disk-raid10? If so, which setup would you advise/suggest? Thanks
  11. my drive is still working well, like all other seagate drives i have. i had four or five Western Digital and every one was much slower and in meanwhile defect (-> trash). 103:9QM7GKCB:ST3500320AS:9BX154-303:SD15:09136:KRATSG:2008-11-27:0000-00-00:OEM:an3k:Germany:N/A:WinXP Pro:Enermax EMD525AWT @ Seagate: stop kidding and work on the problem. i mean stop deleting posts/links and blacklisting hdds - i don't want to replace all of my seagates, especially not my ST36421A or my eight ST3450856SS! think about ibm dtla series.
  12. Yes, in the latest driver package the description or the name of some devices are changed. It is not important that you change the line you mentioned. You can even write "some Intel ICH chipset RAID" and windows will show that name in device manager. If you want to follow the guide in first post, here it is partwise with the correct information:
  13. Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 Setup is only available as an .exe file. If you want or have to use a .msi file, you have to build one yourself. Note: Prepare deploying on the same operating system you are deploying on later. If you want to deploy on XP, use XP. If you want to deploy on Vista, use Vista to prepare deploying. Same for Windows Server 2003. Other OS are not supported! First, download Internet Explorer 7 for XP or Windows Server 2003 and install it, depening on the os you are deploying for. Second, download the Internet Explorer Administration Kit 7 (IEAK) from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;DisplayLang=en and install it. Run IEAK Wizard and enter a company name, then de-select every option to edit (important!) and continue. after IEAK finished building the installer, you can find a exe and msi file in c:\builds\datetime\ --- I found this while looking for a fix of the great "unwriteable key HKCR\Interface\...\" bug. If you apply IE7 via GPO, SYSTEM is used to install the packages and SYSTEM has full access to the registry keys Also, MSI packages take much more respect on permissions and stuff. I really don't know why Microsoft still uses self-extracting cabinet files (like .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 - 237 MB package).
  14. In meanwhile, WinINSTALL LE was not available. Since August '08 it's released again. the working link is http://www.ondemandsoftware.com/WinINSTALL_LE.aspx (do not use direct download links)
  15. I would like to install windows xp sp3 unattended with domain join (active directory) on a notebook without lan connection. Currently i have to log in as Administrator after setup finished only to establish the wlan connection and joining the domain. after a reboot i log in as the domain admin and have to remove the local Administrator profile. How do i predefine the wlan settings i need for a connection (SSID, keyphrase, encryption mode, etc.)?

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