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  1. hi

    can you give me concept of batch file for router

    telnet router and change router or show runing configuration

  2. Telnet Bat file

    Thanx a lot for your reply!!!!!!! I tried it several times but couldnot be able to get through. Whether I enter the username/password in the bat file or not, it's same I have to enter the username and password everytime whenever i login. Can someone give me a sample telnet batch file? Manual attempt (at command prompt): C:\>telnet XX.XX.XX.XX [enter] after pressing enter it ask for the username (The command prompt windows clears and the Username appear at the top left corner of the command prompt windows, it seems to be a new window only with "Username:" text) Username: XXXXXX After entering the Username, it ask for password Password: XXXXXX After entering the password the router's info homepage is displayed ========================================== Router Version: XXXXXXXX Model: XXXXXXXX ========================================== => -------------------------------------------------- This is my sample session. Batch file which i used earlier: @echo off Start C:\windows\system32\telnet XX.XX.XX.XX =================================== I also tried the -l and -a option but it doesn't worked. Can someone guide me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.
  3. I was able to set up a batch file to open a telnet session, but I still have to type in my username and password for the session to actually start. Is there any way to set up the batch file to automatically enter my username and password? In other words, I want to login automatically without typing the username and password everytime. (Like loginng in a router via telnet automatically)
  4. Hi all! How to remove the email IDs from MSN messenger's sign in (drop down) box? Every time when i sign in with different email id it adds to the drop down list. So is there any way to clear/remove it. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!