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  1. Hello there, has anybody been able to set up the NIC for a RIS install of a new Optiplex 760? I have been able to do a e4200, a e6500, 745's and 755's but the 760 won't go. I get the message that the image you selected does not contain the necessary drivers for your network adapter, blah blah... I have some Intel drivers and Dell drivers for the NIC but the files are the same as the ones I have there already, e100325.inf, e1e5132.inf etc etc. They look exactly like the 4200/6500 but don't work on the 760. I have a feeling if I overwrite the ones already there, the other images will stop working. This is for WinXP, btw... and I'm using one basic flat image with different sifs.
  2. Dell Latitude E6400

    Yes the notebooks use PXE to load up RIS but in order to pull the Windows install, the NIC driver must be installed using the OemPnpDriversPath. I thought I had this right since the install will complete, but the problem is that the NIC is not recognized when the RIS finishes and boots to windows. I could add the driver manually, but I have some post installation scripts that run from the network during an autologon and obviously won't work if the nic is missing its driver. Any ideas? Thanks! Hello there, I'm using the Intel drivers here... Intel® 82567 Gigabit Ethernet Controller http://downloadcenter.intel.com/filter_res...4&submit=Go! Once you download the drivers and unzip the file there are instructions in there about using them in RIS... here they are... that seemed to work for me. the path is \PRO2KXP_v13_5\PRO1000\Win32\RIS_INF "Setting up Intel® Gigabit Network Connection Drivers for RIS Installation =========================================================================== To set up network drivers for RIS installation, you must copy files from the Intel® Network Connections Software CD to the RIS image [iMAGE_ROOT]. Follow the directions for your operating system. Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft* Windows Server* 2003 (32-bit) ================================================================== 1. Create an [iMAGE_ROOT]\$oem$\$1\Drivers\NIC directory if one does not already exist. 2. Copy all files from the PRO1000\Win32 directory to the [iMAGE_ROOT]\$oem$\$1\Drivers\NIC directory. 3. Make the following changes to the .SIF file that is used for this image installation (located in the [iMAGE_ROOT]\I386\Templates directory): [unattended] OemPreinstall = yes OemPnpDriversPath = \Drivers\Nic 4. Copy all .SYS files from PRO1000\Win32 directory to the [iMAGE_ROOT]\i386 directory. Do NOT copy the INF files to this directory. 5. Delete E1000325.PNF, E1E5132.PNF, E1Q5132.PNF, and E1Y5132.PNF (if present) from the [iMAGE_ROOT]\i386 directory. 6. Extract the .INF files from PRO1000\Win32\RIS_INF\E1000325.ZIP, E1E5132.zip, E1Q5132.ZIP, and E1Y5132.ZIP to the [iMAGE_ROOT]\i386 directory. 7. Restart the Remote Installation Service. 8. Follow the rest of the Microsoft instructions for adding a new network driver to the RIS installation."