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  1. I noticed another thing: Suppose I search a folder called "[0 ] Experimental Methods". SIB doesn't find it. So I click on "show more results", it's there, I oper it and I open a file contained in it. After that, if I search for the same folder with Sib, it finds it. But still the results are different (worse) from what I obtain with "show more results" (or whathever i'ts called in english :-) ) David
  2. Make sure both SIB Search options are on. Does program / setting search work correctly? Try running Search troubleshooter: C:\Windows\diagnostics\system\Search\DiagPackage.diagpkg Hello, thank you for your answer. Both SIB search options are on, and the troubleshooter couldn't find any issue. Program / setting search works, and search for some files and folders works fine as well, but with some other files it doesn't. Searching with explorer (or clicking on "show more results" in SIB) always works.
  3. Hello, search function doesn't work for me. It worked well with startisback for windows 8, but now it shows poor results (if any), while searching in explorer quickly provides fast and correct results. this is what I get: http://imageshack.com/a/img201/6359/4qdt.jpg And these are the results I should get (it's what I obtain after clicking on ""show more results): http://imageshack.com/a/img833/3923/zdlt.jpg I tried both Startisback+ 1.0.3 and 1.0.4rc. I also tried reinstalling StartIsBack+ and rebuilding the index, but still didn't solve the issue. Can you help me?
  4. With vLite you can save space on your HD. Never had problems with my vlited vista, I hope that nuhi will release a new version when service pack 2 will come!
  5. David_jcd

    Happy holidays!

    You don't need to apologize, you've done an excellent job until now, and we cannot expect you to spend all your time updating your programs! Happy holidays!!!
  6. I run Windows Update un vlite vista, and it works fine! I think it depends on what you removed...
  7. yes, in fact I could format my old computer anyway... Just wanted to know how many timed cuold I activate without calling...
  8. Do you know what the exact number is?
  9. Hello! On my old pc (windows XP home) I reinstalled the OS so many times, that one day I couldn't authenticate Windows any more. I got a message like this: "this product key has been used too many times, call ... for assistance". So I had to call and talk to an operator who gave me the correct key for activating Windows. Does it happen on Vista Home Premium too or can I Vlite as many times as I want? Thank you!
  10. thank you for answering... It's the firs time I use vlite, so... no, it's not a vlited vista version. I unchecked all components in the compatibility window, and some components appeared, but some are still missing (tablet pc and clean disk, for example)... With the 1.2 rc everything seemed alright!
  11. There seems to be a lot of components missing in the final 1.2, suck as tablet pc, disk cleanup... Thay're not essential (I 'd have removed them aniway), but don't know whether it is normal or something is gone wrong in the installation of vlite on my laptop... should I install vlite 1.2 over the release 1.1.6? EDIT: solved, it was my fault, sorry!
  12. Hi! I wanted to test the vlited iso, installing it on a virtual machine, created with virtualbox. Do you think it's a good idea or won't it work aniway? I'm asking it because, before creating the virtual machine i'll have to free up a lot of space, and don't know if it's worth the time... (forgive me for my horrible english)...
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