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  1. With system-management have I activated the disapeared accounts again. I have tested the fix and WSH is running on all accounts without problems. My special thanks goes to BeenThereB4 for his advice to use DAF.
  2. Ofcourse, thank you very much for bringing me the solution of the use of Dial-a-fix. I am very glad with your advice to get the permissions straight again. I hope you accept my apologies. It was not my intention not to mention my thanks, but after trying DAF and the surprise of dissapearing accounts, I had no time anymore to test XP's WSH and did a systemrestore, in order to let other users use the PC with their own accounts. I have only used registrar to check the permissions of the remain accounts. After that I have write a quick respons of my experience and went away. I'm intent to use Dial
  3. Dial-a-fix light is special made for XPpro to sychronize the permissions. I have tried this tool and it works great for the administrator accounts. Small problem: some user accounts are dissapeared. Does someone know how to prefent or to repair this. Must I give all accounts in the first place administrator privilages, use DAF and change them back?
  4. Yes I am aware of this, that the reason I want to hear about a possibility to sychronize all accounts. I have Registrar used as a monitor of the key permissions. The keys without permission are red colored. If you do this with different administrator accounts you see for "system" keys like jscript and vbscript different permissions. I don't understand how that could happen. That's why it is impossible to reinstall WSH. If a upgrade install of XP is a solution then I try this, but not in the first place.
  5. Jscript.dll is responsable for the menu of systemrestore. All accounts exept one have no problems with it. If I try regsvr32 in that account, systemrestore becomes a white screen. I must use an other account to register Jscript again. This is only one program, but it is irritating that it also have influence on other programs like spydoctor. I hope that someone has an answer on my question about the key permissions. I think to do an upgrade install, but I don't know if this is the solution for my problem. Most of the things working alright.
  6. Is there a way to sychronize the key permissions of the XP accounts with administrator rights. I ask this because I have a problem with registering VBscript and/or Jscript. I get the error code 0x80004005 when I try to install WSH or to use the regsvr32 command. But it depends wich account I use. I have searched and tried many things and found a difference in the key permissions. I have used Resplendent Registrar and see that the key permissions are different for the administrator accounts. I find it somewhat complex to change the permisions one by one.
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