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  1. MAKECAB E:\XPCD\$\$1\DRIVERS\006\SI3112\SI3112.SYS E:\XPCD\i386\SI3112.SY_ the first part is where the drivers are, correct? then the second part is where the drivers are going to, yes? so for mine, it should look like this: MAKECAB C:\Documents and Settings\Pucca87411\Desktop\XPCD\SI3112\SI3112.sys C:\Documents and Settings\Pucca87411\Desktop\XPCD\i386\SI3112.sy_ i am sorry if i am terribly dumb, but you have no idea what i have to do keep on editing this. Since my computer isn't up, i have to drive for quite a bit to use my sis's computer to do this, and this is my first time trying to do t
  2. the driver loads, but doesn't copy when Setup creats "the list of file to be copied." that's where I have the problem
  3. ok, i just went out a bought a brand new floopy drive to try out. No go. same 4 files that won't copy over.
  4. i have no this ctrl + F1 option menu at all. All i get is the General Help's menu from the F1. :/
  5. how do you do that? from what i can remember right now ( at school at the moment, not at home) the SATA gives me two options, RAID and BASE. I have BASE enabled because i didn't need RAID and that BASE was acting more like an IDE. Where do you think the option might be? or do I even have one?
  6. ok, so i have a Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro 2 Rev. 1 motherboard. I have two Maxtor SATA HD, 40gb main drive and 200gb Storage drive. I have reformated my HD a bunch of times before this and had no problems, it's basically routine for me. Basically, many of you probably knows this, to load the SATA driver for the HD for a newly formated HD is to load it with a floppy during the Window's Setup process. I press the F6 to install the third party driver for SATA drive, it loads. I proceed to format my C: drive. But after it does the formating, the Setup has to creat a list of files to be copied over to
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