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  1. Too many to mention really. Show windows contents while dragging was not disabled, do not show mouse cursor shadow, show translucent selection box (box was still blue) I downloaded tweak xp and had to alter these settings myself. if so many small things like this was not altered succesfully, it makes me wonder if more serious things made it, such as data exectution prevention etc, or other tweaks which restrict worms. I will try out the common task change but as for the network neighbourhood problem there doesn't seem to be any way around it that I can see... I re run the network setup wizard
  2. At bootup in msdos it asks me which windows installation i want to login to due to an error during installation, is it possible to remove one of the windows installations or to start one of them by default and not get asked everytime i start my computer or do i need to reformat?
  3. does it come pre loaded with the windows genuine authentication bul*****? KB905474 << I got this after installed from my unattended disc with integrated ryan hotfix update pack.
  4. Just insatlled from my unattended disc today, I have encountered a few problems. One is that damned windows genuine authentication nag thingy. Another more disturbing problem is that auto login does not seem to work? my username is set, the domain workgroup (domain??) is set to X and the pass is set, but it doesn't seem to login, cant figure out what the problem is here. Thirdly and probably related to the previous problem, is that on my network places the workgroup X cannot be found.. and subsequently I cannot browse the other 2 computers on my network. Did I make a mistake during the creatio
  5. One more question... my batch file is getting bigger, and I have come across sound drivers for my nforce 4 motherboard. The problem is that the sound drivers come in a rar file (a folder within the rar file) so how is it possible to install drivers if they come inside a folder of their own? will that work with the method i am using. ?
  6. I am in the tweak section of nlite, what is the difference between link to > my documents or show as menu? I think I would like it just as it was but im not sure what this means?? While in the same subject "tweaks" I noticed there is an option to reduce popup delay of menus (like in the start menu) so they popup quicker, why is there not an option so they only ever popup if I click the arrow? I can set this with tuneup utilities and i prefer it, doesnt make sense you cant choose it here.
  7. thanks tarquel, and yes i live in pontypool. Why not use nlite for everything you mentioned? and where can autoimage be found? googe keeps bringing up something about cars.
  8. It doesnt even check what updates you have? im sure i wasnt missing as many updates as it claims.
  9. See the OP's previous post to find out why he doesn't want to do that. What do you mean by that? the downloader that he mentioned is very easy because you can check the box and it autmatically installs all the critical updates. although the updates from ryans website and others, just show the huge list of downloads that you have to download and install individually, I just dont understand what point your making. I do want to integrate the complete list of updates into my unattended disc (im using ryans) but i also wanted to download all the updates on my friends computer right now (withou
  10. That answers most of my question. I guess I had the commands all wrong, ill take a note of your post and use that as a template for my batch file. I also wanted to know if I put this batch file in the unattended dvd (currently on my desktop) would it install these apps after windows is installed (at the fresh windows desktop) or during the installation of windows (in msdos) either way how will that work if nobody is there to press next > next> ok etc.. during installation of the applications? My last question about preloading applications: I have heard that you can also integrate appl
  11. I just created a test batch file, where I simple placed an installation file inside my winxp unnatented cd on my desktop. Looking like this @echo off echo. echo Installing some app start filename pause exit sleep # cmdow @ /hid I then tried using the /wait command and sequencing other installers but it doesn't seem to work. after the first installation file exits the next one does not start. also If I use my unnatended disc how can it really be unattended if I have to click next etc.. everytime a new installer pops up?
  12. his page is great for archiving updates and creating that one huge update to intergrate with. But what about installing an entire list of updates on your existing install of xp? its not really practical to install each individual update there are 230! maybe he could merge them into one installer , just a thought.
  13. Oh thanks.. and you answered my question anyway. I was just wondering if I had to create an answer file myself after creating an unattended boot with nlite, but i think nlite auto generates this answer file (at least thats what i got from your post) sorry if i sound noobish with questions, just learning.
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