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  1. ultimate windows tweaker will do it, although it shuts off balloon tips globally instead of just having an option to 'show icons, hide notifications' for each object.
  2. i just want program and system icons on my taskbar's system tray, but i don't need any popups notifying me of everything they are doing. is this really not possible in Win7? seems so basic.
  3. endnote can access various online databases (like university library catalogs and such) and parse the info into bibliography cards. it also has the ability to attach files (docs, pdfs of articles or books) to these cards. it seems like the obvious next step would be an auto-rename and auto-tagging function that would append keyword metadata to the file and rename it according to whatever format ("author, title. year" etc.). does anyone know of anything out there that can do this? it would be just so awesome.
  4. i am looking for a way to organize documents and other files using tags. in xp. any ideas? it seems like keywords can be added to file properties, but this is a bit tedious to do manually right-clicking every file. is there any third-party software that can do this? creating virtual folders based on sets of keywords that auto-refresh... thats the thing i really want. (and no i dont want to use the mac os or 'upgrade' to vista. )
  5. i am having an issue involving word documents opening in a new window. i am trying to change this key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Word.Document.8] "BrowserFlags"=dword:80000024 but i am getting 'cannot edit/import/delete' errors. ive tried logged in as admin and in safe mode. is there any way to work around this?
  6. oops im sorry if i wasnt clear: i am talking about a custom windows install using nLite, in which the other keyboards were TAKEN OUT. now i am trying to locate them on a (full, original) windows cd in order to reinstall them somehow.
  7. i set up a laptop w/o any extra language/keyboard options. but now i need the polytonic greek keyboard. short of a full reinstall of windows, or of manually building a custom keyboard layout from scratch, is there a way to locate the necessary files on a winxp cd and install them to the proper directory? i cant seem to find any info on doing this.
  8. textured


  9. well i tried it. i removed some useless things and tweaked stuff. no hotfixes or add-ons. seems to have worked.. hopefully i dont run into problems later.
  10. so basically are there any problems nliting an xp image that already has sp2 slipstreamed? the ryanvm site emphatically warns against this when using his updates and add-ons. is it the same deal with nlite? what about just tweaking things a little (like changing path names and uxtheme and the other nlite options), how about removing unneeded components? ... how about an add-on pack?
  11. cool i searched the reg for "C:\Program" and even found some stuff not related to windvd. llxx: sorry i dont know how to look for a 'hardcoded pathname', how would i go about doing that?
  12. i was responding to the 'all instances'-- if all the keys are only in one basic spot then fine but it seemed like it might be in *several* places in the reg. no need to tell me the 'best thing' is to just simply know before asking!
  13. where would it be in the registry, or how should i search for it? thanks.
  14. hi. i used nlite to rename my 'program files' directory. so far ive installed dozens of programs without a problem, until today i installed windvd 7 and it added a ghost 'program files' directory in order to install the interactual player and common files. if i move these files into my real (renamed) directory, will it screw up my registry?

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