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  1. If you want to switch OS on a 486 maybe have a look at this topic. Another OS might have a spreadsheet included.
  2. Is there a difference between where Windows XP can store user profiles (such as the desktop folder) and other operating systems? Can Windows XP only store user profiles locally even on a networked computer? Whereas Linux can store user profiles on a network? Is this the case with Windows Vista?
  3. I know Outlook 2003 can batch print e-mails. Can Outlook 98 batch print e-mails? If so how? What is the best way?
  4. Rest assured, it is NOT. Abandonware means, from a legal standpoint, NOTHING. To be picky a product whose maker and copyright holder has defaulted and ceased activities AND did not sell the copyright to anyone else, can be considered "safe" as noone will ever sue you. A product from a Company that is still alive (and well alive) like MS is, may present more risks of being sued. Depending on the Laws that apply in your country, you may be prosecuted nonetheless by the Local Authorities, even without any copyright holder suing you. But there are several "alternate" DOSes that are either freeware or free for personal use. jaclaz Actually, FreeDOS is not freeware, it is Free Software. Neither is it just free for personal use, it is free for commercial use or whatever.
  5. Using an operating system shouldn't have to be like a uncritical religion, blind to its faults and regularly worshipping it. So I'm not trying to "convert" anyone to a faith that cannot be questioned. Just because its a Microsoft-centric forum, users don't have to pretend other operating systems don't exist, or that if people use them, they are wrong to do so. Both of the topics you point to were started in the Other Operating Systems subforum.
  6. Actually I wasn't, I was comparing your Windows zeal to the Linux zealot. If you can't bring yourself to discuss some of the advantages (as well as the disadvantages you've mentioned) of Linux over Windows - or users who would find Linux better than Windows, then you've probably just proved my point.
  7. Its not the ultimate answer to everything, but its free and worth a try.
  8. I don't know what layers is, but both K-Meleon and SeaMonkey seem to have full tabbed browser functionality when I've used them.
  9. Support for Windows 95, 98, Me and NT 4 will be dropped in Seamonkey 2.Which is better, Seamonkey or Opera?
  10. Actually, just noticed I'm using Outlook 2003. In Tools > E-mail Accounts > it says Microsoft Exchange Server. They probably will have left it as close to default as possible in terms of letting other mail clients access it. Dunno what the default is though. I can click Change > Next > then it has Microsoft Exchange Server and the address. ****.admin.ad.*****.**.uk Then it has my username below (is there a way to check what username Outlook and Explorer are using?). Though I assume I will be using my network password too. In More Settings > Security it has Logon Network Security: Password Authentication Security (NTLM). I assume the incoming and outgoing will be the same server name. I could try the same port number I used to let Firefox access the net. Dunno how to find out what security setting I need to use???
  11. How do I configure an alternative mail client at work? They use Outlook 2000 but its extremely slow on the Pentium III (128Mb RAM) machines they give us. I'd like to use i.Scribe instead, but how do I do this? I've made a note of the server address (I think) they use in Outlook. I think my username is the same as the e-mail address they've given me and presumably the password is the same too. I'm not sure if they store messages on the server as well but either way I'd like to do the same in i.Scribe mail client. What other settings do I need to use? I managed to set up Firefox by just entering the same manual proxy server address and port number as in Explorer.
  12. Steve Jobs Richard Stallman Linus Torvalds Jimmy Wales
  13. If its in a cloud/online server then the provider controls your data. If its in a remastered live CD the user controls the data. The problem with Windows (unlike Linux) is copyright prevents encouraging users to remaster the CD even if it would be extremely convenient.
  14. You're right but (like eye candy) it still interests me in a superficial way. Still its pointless criticising Windows 98 to me and not to all the Win9x enthusiasts in the Win9x sub forum here. *Nix operating systems are great!
  15. Saw this topic at Ubuntu forums called Ubuntu uptime records and it reminded me of Windows 9x uptime records topic in these forums. Compare and enjoy. One Sun machine got 7 years uptime.
  16. Try the following and let us know how you get on KolibriOS - 1 floppy Balder - based on FreeDOS - 1 floppy FreeDOS + OpenGEM - ~10 floppies? Basic Linux - Slackware 4 + X + e-mail + presentation - 2 floppies Mungkie - aka 2diskXwin - 2 floppies Grey Cat Linux - Slackware based with IceWM - ~10 floppies? Maybe Debian 3.0 (Woody) or Debian 3.1 (Sarge)
  17. Become root (Administrator) sudo Install software in Debian (MEPIS, Ubuntu) sudo apt-get Install Firefox in Debian sudo apt-get firefox Install WINE (Windows compatibility layer) in Debian sudo apt-get wine Install software in Red Hat (Fedora, CentOS) sudo yum Edit files in the terminal nano Edit files in the terminal and create a backup nano -B Add repositories in Debian Linux sudo nano -B /etc/apt/sources.list Show your system's network interfaces ifconfig Show your system's wireless network interfaces iwconfig Show your system's PCI interfaces lspci Show your system's USB interfaces lsusb Search for text in a file and show it grep text file Setting up a passwordless user sudo nano -B /etc/shadow ... Connecting to a wireless network at boot sudo nano -B /etc/rc.local ... Distrowatch Package Management Cheat Sheet FOSSWire Unix/Linux command cheat sheet FOSSWire Ubuntu Cheat Sheet
  18. Connect to the internet Type into a terminal sudo yum install wine then type your password (maybe press y if it prompts you) Define what you mean by "automatic" installing.
  19. It might be unpopular to suggest here, but on a 700mhz celeron 192mb pc133 i810, you'll find Puppy Linux stable, and good against malware. I did however notice you had DirectX 9.0c which might indicate you're using it for gaming.
  20. Is Linux and UNIX-like systems (inc. BSD) more secure than Windows systems (inc. 9x-based and NT-based) in terms of; UAC vs. su executable files automatically running attached code in mail clients and desktop apps etc.?

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