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  1. yes I have seen the autopatcher.com. but it only has to download english files and I have a swedish version of 2K. and I want the update file so I can integrate them to my CD so win 2k is updated from the install. is there any list of all KB updates for 2K. so I maybe can change the name on them to swedish names.
  2. Yes I have tested vistapack2000 and it is great. one question. is 2.6 better than 2.5 what is the different. what People can use. windowBlinds 4.6 Vistapack2000 AnotherShell replacemant like LiteStep.
  3. where to download skins for the old windowsblind 4.6
  4. Hello is there any tool or something. to easy download updates for win2K in several language not only English. or is the download location the same or how does the download location looks like for different language.
  5. can someone reupload these apps again. all rapid links are dead
  6. Hello. I have win98 on a very old laptop. So my question is. what can I do to make it use lowest resources possible. Reg tweaks. Swap file tweak or something. So anything that makes win98 go as fast as possible. I should only use it to surf the web and stuff like that. Maybe should I use win95C or what
  7. I'll try to re-phrase: the NT 4.00 setup engine is different from that of 2K and XP not all values/entries in a "normal" WINNT.SIF will work with it. Rather than renaming WINNT.SIF to UNATTENDED.TXT, you need to write a new UNATTENDED.TXT using only the values/entries that NT 4.00 accepts, see links given, start from the sample given in the MS KB. jaclaz yes I know that. I have only use value that NT4 should have. I did name it Unattended.txt from the beginning then I rename it to winnt.sif so the setup should recognize it.
  8. That is aimed towards 2k and XP , interesting suggestion. If I remember correctly, NT 4.00 used unattended.txt rather than winnt.sif: http://www.computing.net/answers/windows-n...m-cd/19543.html Check this: http://web.archive.org/web/20040605031250/...e/wksStudy1.htm (courtesy of The Wayback Machine) And these: http://articles.techrepublic.com.com/5100-...11-5027113.html http://www.microsoft.com/technet/archive/w...t/gdautset.mspx Explanation of allowed values and sample here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/155197/en-us jaclaz Yes I could be difficult to use nlite. I have try my winnt.sif and I get a BSOD. so it is something wrong with it. and if I rename it to unattended.txt then it is not recognized.
  9. Hello I am trying to make NT4 unattended, But is not really working. so does anyone has an working Winnt.sif file to share with me.
  10. When I add that to the registry. and restart the computer. the help button is still there.
  11. Thanks. I have remove some other it was only help button left to remove now also remove that. thanks.
  12. Hello is it possible to remove the Help button on the start menu. Edit something in the registry.
  13. thanks. I can´t find it in the registry. but I disabled it in the msconfig.
  14. Tripo


    yes I have remove to much. but I hope some one know what it was. but I should test some more. and add some stuff back.
  15. on my win98 machine. the scheduled task is starting with windows. how can I disable this to not start with windows. Can I change it in the registry.
  16. You may have the drivers on any folder of your hard drive, using DOS to copy them, always unziped of course. The install program will ask you where are they, and you only have to answer the question. No problems at all. Yes but if I out them in the right setup dir windows will find them be him self and not asking just install them. so wich is the setup dir for drivers during win98 install.
  17. Tripo


    I have now shinked my win98. and it work. but one thing if I dubble click on my computer it will not open. anyone know why. I have taken the explorer.exe from my win95a version. Also would this micro95 guide work on Me to. it would be nice to know.
  18. Hello When I´m instyalling win98. wich is the setupdir for the drivers. win98 does not have the drivers but I have them so I was thinking of extract the drivers to the setupdir for win98. before I install win98. So windows can use my driver under the install process.
  19. Tripo


    If I have installed windows98 then use stuff to get it tiny. Can I copy the file. then if I want to use this again and now have the files needed. How can I make the drive boot up win98. run the win.com at startup. or witch file that start win98 up.
  20. Hello I´m using Win2K SP4 RU1 V2. Should I install the SP5.1
  21. Tripo


    Hello is there anyway that I can make an win98 tiny/micro/mini version of the install CD of win98se. So I only have an iso that is very small. like nlite for XP. But for 98. a app that make it or a guide. not to have the hole iso and install full version then use any app to reduse the installed win98. I want to have the install CD to be very small.
  22. I did see that. if you read my edit. my question was how to install it. and for mow I have to use it in the applications dir. but it would be nice for a way to install it so I dont need to copy files and stuff if I install something that not work.
  23. wich files is the startup loading screen and the shutdown screen in windows 2000
  24. Hello. Win2K has better support for more new software than old 98. But there is some software that is XP only and not work on windows 2000. is there any way to get it to work. Like KernelEx for win98 but for Win2K. Edit: I Found the DLL Wrapper that enables this that I want. But how to install it. Should I copy the original files to a folder which. the only replace the original in original directory with these. Can anyone explain with an example how to install it.
  25. Great software. Does this also have an silent switch for patching the explorer.exe

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