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  1. lol with its system specs i dont think so I meant for a good OS not on his spec.
  2. Are you serious here? XP every few days? You must be doing something wrong there. Even Windows 98 could be on for a long time. My record for 98 is 3 months. I can't prove the 98, but I can prove the XP. Yes Win98 can stay on stable for long time. But XP is getting slow after few day or a week. I have one machine with win98 but not using it right now. When I did use it it could be on for month without a problem. Same with 2K 3-4month without problem and still fast. But XP Dont clean up memory as good as Windows2000. so it getting slow quit fast. But now it was long time I try have WinXP running for a long time. And on my Windows2000 I have never ever have and BSOD on it. But on XP I have that a few time. Not many But it has happend. So if anyone want a great OS Without allot of eyecandy then Windows2000 is the best alternative. But if anyone want it look nice XP is good choice. But I choose Windows 2000 as the best OS. We will see if Win 7 Being the next very good OS.
  3. I read little there did not really understand. But I will look into that and see if I figure it out.
  4. I like windows 2000. it is stable as hell and can be on for month without reboot. XP needs reboot after a few days. So on my computer that are on 24 7 I use windows 2000. but for the computer I shutdown every day I can use XP. and about RAM Why should the OS take up much resources as XP do. an OS should only be in the background. and XP with some stuff installed and drivers ready it take up allot of ram 150-200MB ram and it is easy to add eyecandy that make XP take up 300-400MB ram. But everything installed and some apps run at first run in Windows 2000 it only takes up 80-90 MB of ram.
  5. witch versions does work well for you.
  6. one suggestion. Could you change so it not save anything to the registry. and save all things in a ini in app path. if I enable one thing and it works then I maybe enable one more thing that crash my explorer. Then I must look into the registry to disable stuff. if an ini is possible it is just open it and edit it very easy. Thanks for this hard work. You are pulling out new versions almost every day. Nice to see to progress.
  7. Thanks for your hard work. Will test and see if it is more stable.
  8. ok I see Thanks for that good explanation. and if I need a small Pagefile I can have like it was from the beginning.
  9. Yes I ave enought ram to have everything running. But if I set initial and maximum to Zero and click set for every drive. When I restart Windows I get an popup that say I don´t have a page and and it makes one that is 40mb on drive C:\. So my conclusion is that in windows 2000 there is no way to completely disable the pagefile
  10. maybe i´m stupid but I don´t understand what you mean. Does this work on both 2000 and XP.
  11. Yes I know its not recomended. But want to do it anyways. but thats you write was just to change value. and if I change to 0 it create one anyway. in XP you can disable it and have no Pagefile. And I hoped there was a way to completely disable it Like in XP. And I want to do that in windows2000.
  12. Can I disable The pagefile in windows 2000. if possible how.
  13. That sounds great don´t release it until you feel it good enough for testing. and also could you try release an simple Skin for it with some pictures to test the skin engine with. So the 0.93 has one simple skin to test with. Because I can´t get it to work and it would be nice to have one working skin just for testing.
  14. is it possible to made an batch file that can add this to the registry of the an unpacked iso file. then how.
  15. if you don´t have good video drivers that works. try this. http://www.geocities.com/bearwindows/vbemp.htm#2 it is an universal Video Driver. I have use it on some computers that does not have Wide screen support but with this driver it works. so First find your NT drivers. then install a clean install of Window2000 and format the drive with NTFS. Then it should work fine.
  16. This 0.92 version always crash my explorer and say something about Memory leak.
  17. Thanks I didnt know that there was an 1.0 version. i will try it out right now Edit: I have done some test with TT and it does work great on my Windows 2000 computer. it has not crashed once. The other version did crash after a few minutes. Crash with no message just the old borders or no border at all.
  18. For me it is very buggy. it close it self after a few minutes.
  19. There is one with name Transparent42. That do this. But I have found that no one makes it good. if you click on one icon or something you get the backcolor then you need to maximize a window and back to get it transparent again. or run the software again. it is like this for me. Maybe this idesk work better I have not tested it.
  20. Could a skin from tclock3 work
  21. it woud be nice to have a patch for ViStart for it to work on win9x, it is a better vista startmenu.
  22. WildBill Thanks for explaining. I will try test it some more. And see if I get some picture skinning to work with maybe some gliches. other on my computer if is very stable and works great. only was those two text in the picture. Adress was to much to left and Back button text was strange. But the back button text was only strange when explorer was open then when browsed around. then the text was nice after that. I don´t know whats wrong. But I have edit the ini call it test.ini and made a dir called Test. and put 3 start button pictures, 1 taskbar background, 1 systray picture. and my test.ini looks like this. is it totally wrong or why does it not show any picture. And for the error I told before. When You have the Taskbuttons Iconized RegTweak. The button with no icon should be Firefox. Test.ini
  23. The skinning engine does work quit well. When open explorer some text are wrong. as you see in the picture. is it wrong or is it the default skin that in the taskbar the taskbuttons does not have any icons. I have made them Iconized could them be the problem. A I should now try to make an real skin to test with. Edit: Do you have an Skin example with pictures to test and maybe edit. just a very simple skin with images. not very complex that is copyrighted. or is there any other skinning engine that is compatible in some way. I can´t get any images to skin. if I do it simple just the taskbar not systray or startbutton. I change the picture name in ID TaskbarHorz in Gridlok.ini to the one I made and put that image in the dir Gridlok. is that right to do. then for startbutton is it just one picture or can it be more. Clicked and not clicked and startmenu opened. Other than that. This version works much better than 0.9.0.
  24. Nice I will test the new version later today.
  25. is it going to be possible to disable some skinning future. Like if I only want taskbar skinning. Can I disable all other skinning. Or I don´t want taskbar skinning and only button/radio button and stuff to skin. or just border skinning when that is added. So an option to disable those part that people don´t want. or enable if someone wants all the skinning on.

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