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  1. Nice skinning progress. As Col say. any possible to test it and see. For Skinning the most interesting part to skin what I think is taskbar and WindowBorders.
  2. I say wrong it did not work. is there some other parameters that I can try and of course i did change this to my path of the inf %Systemroot%\inf\xxxxx.inf
  3. yes to test it would be nice. but I understand that you want to wait until it is quit stable.
  4. The skinning look great. is it me that can´t find. or when do you have first version with skinning support to share.
  5. thanks. it looks like it is working.
  6. Hello I have a Cursor set with an INF file to install them. and how can I make the inf install silently/Automatic from an batch file. I have seen it on this forum but did not find the Topic about it.
  7. There cannot be the difference between RP9 and Win9x in that matter. And just to say, everything is possible, some things are just hard to do. I meant it is maybe not coded to have semitransparent on windowborders in rp9. But it is possible to do it in win9x but not with layered but other ways.
  8. it maybe not possible to have semi transparent in RP9. but it is possible to have Transparency in win9x. for the taskbar there is software to make it transparent. But for windowborders. there is no software for that.
  9. Hello can anyone recommend some lightweight Antivirus software that is good. except from Nod32. its good if it works on all windows. win9x and Win2K/XP.
  10. related to this. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...st&p=845966 How is the skinning engine work goes. even if it not complete is it going to be more stable than TClock. when you have it running. and for that one suggestion. do not make it overbloted with options. Make it just like Uberskin. Simple Stable and works. But that maybe is what you are going to do. The 0.9.0 version. make the screen flash all the time. Flash I mean switch between Black and see the desktop. and if I close it. it stops flashing. I cannot open my computer either. the version 0.8.8 did not do this for me.
  11. so everyone knows that theme only works on uberskin before RP9. because it take some use of the original Vista style and the directory has change in RP9. but for this to work in RP9 it needs the vista standard and aero blue theme from the uberskin. But I has start to make this for RP9. So don´t install this on RP9 unless you know what you are doing. Because it can mess stuff up.
  12. thanks. and nice to hear. and also thanks again for your hard work for great stuff.
  13. Hello one question. what is the switches for loading an ini settings file on startup. because when I start tClock3 I need to go to tclock properties and load settings then it works. so is there any command switch for load setting or is it only "tclock3.exe inifilename.ini" and thanks for your hard work on great stuff.
  14. hello this app is great. But I´m looking for an alternative to this. http://chime.tv/products/glass2k.shtml But What I want is the same but it should automatic make all windows transparent. in glass2k you must rightclick on the window you want to be transparent or press a hotkey. I want it to always automatic make all windows transparent. Does anyone know of a transparency software that do this automatic. That must work on windows2K good if it works on win98 to.
  15. Tihiy I have PM you this. But it maybe other need to know to. and you maybe answered this before. But is it possible to make something like this for win2K Or port Uberskin to work on 2K. Uberskin is absolute fantastic. I´m just to start try this one out to. Because there is no good skinner for 2K. there is the old windowblinds. but it is not close to uberskin. and it is also not free like your great stuff.
  16. I meant if I want to learn and do it my self on my IO.sys so I don´t need to replace.
  17. How do you remove the standard bootlogo
  18. Yea I know how to copy files in DOS. But I did hope that there was a software for win. I will check them out and see. Thanks. :chears: man
  19. I want to replace some files that is in use. How can I do that in win9x. also is there any unlocker apps that works on win9x
  20. ok does anyone know the DC for the startmenu in windows. the taskbar has Shell_Traywnd and the startbutton is Button on Shell_Traywnd but for the startmenu if I use a spy app it only tells that it is something with BaseBar. But all programs is also a basebar also the settings in the startmenu. I want to find out the different hwnd for the different parts of the startmenu.
  21. Firefox2. I have winME installed with the last firefox2 I think. and my WinME is updated with windizupdate http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all-older.html
  22. one question. is it a must to install the reader. or is it possible to only use the files from the reader. that contains the cleartype technology. put them info system folder and maybe register them or something.
  23. Tripo

    can not start WUD

    I have also Try the automated stuff. with a batch script. and I get no error mess but nothing is downloaded. I have tested it on two computers. anyone know whats wrong.
  24. Tripo

    can not start WUD

    I have just downloaded the WUD. and should start it. but it will not start nothing happens. I have WinXP pro sp2 on this computer. I have .net 2 installed to. what else does it need. and if I dbl click on an ulz file i get mess that the UL is installed. But I can´t start it so I can download files
  25. ok thanks this sounds great. I should look into this.

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