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  1. I try the latest version and now not have the error with cd drive and I can select the partition to install,but after that I have this error message: The following value in the .SIF file used by setup is corrupted or missing: Value 0 on the line in section (SourceDiskFiles) Setup cannot continue,press F3. I'am not change anything in sif file.What I'am doing wrong to have this error?
  2. First,big Thanx for your work with this tool "wimb"! I'am not try your latest one:USB_MultiBoot2.cmd,but yesterday I try usb_prep8.cmd,the boot from usb is going well,but I have an error when windows prepare to install and the error message say something about:can't find corred cd drive,please quit with F 3. I will try today with your latest version.
  3. I type winver and try also to change system date and my vista still running fine(never expire) Here is also info from the SLMGR.VBS -dlv command:
  4. yeah.... like it says is the topic Looks like my vista sp1 version not expire Also I use vlite and so far without problems.
  5. This new Vista SP1 will expire in 16/07/2008,it's still beta
  6. where we can find this integrator and can you please tell us your method?
  7. Thanx Nuhi,this reg file work fine with 86 version too!
  8. Look at Ryan forum,there is also update pack for vista and you can integrate it like the Ryan one in xp
  9. Yeah,you are right about it,but all this is a really scary
  10. Something about Vista: Are you using Windows Vista? Then you might as well know that the licensed operating system installed on your machine is harvesting a healthy volume of information for Microsoft. In this context, a program such as the Windows Genuine Advantage is the last of your concerns. In fact, in excess of 20 Windows Vista features and services are hard at work collecting and transmitting your personal data to the Redmond company. Microsoft makes no secret about the fact that Windows Vista is gathering information. End users have little to say, and no real choice in the matter. The company does provide both a Windows Vista Privacy Statement and references within the End User License Agreement for the operating system. Combined, the resources paint the big picture over the extent of Microsoft's end user data harvest via Vista. Reading Between the EULA Lines Together with Windows Vista, Microsoft also provides a set of Internet-based services, for which it has reserved full control, including alteration and cancellation at any given time. The Internet-based services in Vista "coincidentally" connect to Microsoft and to "service provider computer systems." Depending on the specific service, users may or may not receive a separate notification of the fact that their data is being collected and shared. The only way to prevent this is to know the specific services and features involved and to either switch them off or not use them. The alternative? Well, it's written in the Vista license agreement. "By using these features, you consent to the transmission of this information. Microsoft does not use the information to identify or contact you." The Redmond company emphasized numerous times the fact that all information collected is not used to identify or contact users. But could it? Oh yes! All you have to know is that Microsoft could come knocking on your door as soon as you boot Windows Vista for the first time if you consider the system’s computer information harvested. Microsoft will get your "Internet protocol address, the type of operating system, browser and name and version of the software you are using, and the language code of the device where you installed the software." But all they really need is your IP address. What's Covered in the Vista License? Windows Update, Web Content, Digital Certificates, Auto Root Update, Windows Media Digital Rights Management, Windows Media Player, Malicious Software Removal/Clean On Upgrade, Network Connectivity Status Icon, Windows Time Service, and the IPv6 Network Address Translation (NAT) Traversal service (Teredo) are the features and services that collect and deliver data to Microsoft from Windows Vista. By using any of these items, you agree to share your information with the Redmond Company. Microsoft says that users have the possibility to disable or not use the features and services altogether. But at the same time Windows update is crucial to the security of Windows Vista, so turning it off is not really an option, is it? Windows Vista will contact Microsoft to get the right hardware drivers, to provide web-based "clip art, templates, training, assistance and Appshelp," to access digital software certificates designed "confirm the identity of Internet users sending X.509 standard encrypted information" and to refresh the catalog with trusted certificate authorities. Of course that the Windows Vista Digital Rights Management could not miss from a list of services that contact Microsoft on a regular basis. If you want access to protected content, you will also have to let the Windows Media Digital Rights Management talk home. Windows Media Player in Vista for example, will look for codecs, new versions and local online music services. The Malicious Software Removal tool will report straight to Microsoft with both the findings of your computer scan, but also any potential errors. Also, in an effort to enable the transition to IPv6 from IPv4, "by default standard Internet Protocol information will be sent to the Teredo service at Microsoft at regular intervals." Had Enough? I Didn't Think So! Microsoft has an additional collection of 47 Windows Vista features and services that collect user data. However, not all phone home and report to Microsoft. Although the data collection process is generalized across the list, user information is also processed and kept on the local machine, leaving just approximately 50% of the items to both harvest data and contact Microsoft. Still, Microsoft underlined the fact that the list provided under the Windows Vista Privacy Statement is by no means exhaustive, nor does it apply to all the company's websites, services and products. Activation, Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP), Device Manager, Driver Protection, Dynamic Update, Event Viewer, File Association Web Service, Games Folder, Error Reporting for Handwriting Recognition, Input Method Editor (IME), Installation Improvement Program, Internet Printing, Internet Protocol version 6 Network Address Translation Traversal, Network Awareness (somewhat), Parental Controls, Peer Name Resolution Service, Plug and Play, Plug and Play Extensions, Program Compatibility Assistant, Program Properties—Compatibility Tab, Program Compatibility Wizard, Properties, Registration, Rights Management Services (RMS) Client, Update Root Certificates, Windows Control Panel, Windows Help, Windows Mail (only with Windows Live Mail, Hotmail, or MSN Mail) and Windows Problem Reporting are the main features and services in Windows Vista that collect and transmit user data to Microsoft. This extensive enumeration is not a complete illustration of all the sources in Windows Vista that Microsoft uses to gather end user data. However, it is more than sufficient to raise serious issues regarding user privacy. The Redmond company has adopted a very transparent position when it comes to the information being collected from its users. But privacy, much in the same manner as virtualization, is not mature enough and not sufficiently enforced through legislation. Microsoft itself is one of the principal contributors to the creation of a universal user privacy model. The activation process will give the company product key information together with a "hardware hash, which is a non-unique number generated from the computer's hardware configuration" but no personal information. The Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) is optional, and designed to improve software quality. Via the Device Manager, Microsoft has access to all the information related to your system configuration in order to provide the adequate drivers. Similarly, Dynamic Update offers your computer's hardware info to Microsoft for compatible drivers. What Happens to My Data? Only God and Microsoft know the answer to that. And I have a feeling that God is going right now "Hey, don't get me involved in this! I have enough trouble as it is trying to find out the release date for Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and Windows Seven!" Generally speaking, Microsoft is indeed transparent – up to a point – about how it will handle the data collected from your Vista machine. "The personal information we collect from you will be used by Microsoft and its controlled subsidiaries and affiliates to provide the service(s) or carry out the transaction(s) you have requested or authorized, and may also be used to request additional information on feedback that you provide about the product or service that you are using; to provide important notifications regarding the software; to improve the product or service, for example bug and survey form inquiries; or to provide you with advance notice of events or to tell you about new product releases," reads a fragment of the Windows Vista Privacy Statement. But could Microsoft turn the data it has collected against you? Of course, what did you think? "Microsoft may disclose personal information about you if required to do so by law or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary to: (a) comply with the law or legal process served on Microsoft; (B) protect and defend the rights of Microsoft (including enforcement of our agreements); or © act in urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of Microsoft employees, users of Microsoft software or services, or members of the public," reveals another excerpt. And you thought that it was just you... and your Windows Vista. Looks like a love triangle to me... with Microsoft in the mix.
  11. Thanx for this great and really usefull script for me gunsmokingman,work like a sharm!
  12. I'am find small tool which one can done this job and now Opera is my default browser,but still not popup in defaults programs,strange http://www.pc-tools.net/win32/setbrowser/
  13. This options is checked,but every time when Opera start ask me if I like to be default browser and choose yes,but nothing changed.IE is still default browser and I can't change this in default programs!I use vista home basic. Can anyone know how we can fix this??
  14. I just like to know the best way to play wmv files on vista N version.Is this posible or not?Can we play wmv movies in this version without install WMP and how we can do it?
  15. Nice find Steve!This will be really usefull for anyone with Vista version which one not support dynamic disk I'am already convert disk to basic,but I have a lot of work before I'am backup all my files on this disk.
  16. Noop,I can't change from IE to Opera!
  17. Yes you can with Vista home basic is only 699MB and I'am not remove all things.
  18. National Security Agency/Central Security Service is work with microsoft in this oS,they say NSA is only help about security,but I don't think so!For shure microsoft left some hiden backdoors,so NSA and microsoft can look at your computer if they won't too
  19. O.K!Looks like that dynamic disk is supported only in some version of vista. I can say too that vista works hand in hand to the "nsa" so some backdoor is hiden and they can scan your computer if they won't too,also is slow and almost nothing new compared XP. No Thanx,I will go back to XP,becouse I don't need this crap of new os!
  20. Hi! I'am install windows vista just to see what is new in this version and I must say that already have a problem with one of my disk.Vista don't read this disk.I have only info that this disk i dynamic and when I right click on it and choose convert disk to basic the message appear that all data will be gone. Is it any way to convert or use this disk without deleting all data in it?
  21. Try this program made by jdgordon Download link still work fine!
  22. Thank you chee for this great explain!I try your suggestion and work without any errors!When I run PM8 in dos mode I can made the changes successfull,but without your help this not be so easy! ž take care!
  23. Really,how I can forgot Ghost,Thank you Iceman for your suggestion!I will try tomorow PM again and if it fail I will use Ghost to do that. thx,both of you for help!
  24. I got an message that no one partition can be extended,but second one is deleted and I know that I can extend the first one,maybae is something wrong with PM I will reinstall it and try again.
  25. In my work i have one old computer with one hard drive and 2 partition.I like to erase one partition and extend the first one,so it be only one,but I try to made this with partition magic and not go. I can delete second partition,but I can't extend the first one. Can you help me with this,how I can do it right?

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