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  1. Yeah!I will look at it what I need,thank you!
  2. Rudi1

    Missing dll?

    Thanx a lot allen2 for this info!I'am look for program like this,but I can't find it.I'am try Dependency Walker and in first start do the job and I'am find which one dll is missing. take care!
  3. Rudi1

    Missing dll?

    Hi! I have one problem running stand alone exe file,becouse they don't run and I guess that some dll is missing in my system.Is it any way to find which one dll this exe file need?becouse work nice in windows 2000,but not work in my xp sp2 pro. If I choose: run as..... and deselect-protect my computer.....have only message that application is failed to start,becouse the application configuration is incorrect any help will be really usefull!
  4. I don't have any anti-virus software installed,also the windows firewall is turn off.I have a new fresh install xpalmost without any software so far only I have set internet connection via proxi. This si the new computer and I set all proxi settings like in the old one(I think )proxi server,port,gateway.. In old computer all downloads work well,so this must be something with settings............
  5. This is really strange,becouse not fail in all exe files,some of them I can download,but most of them not ,so the exe is not blocked,they must be something with settings,but I can't find what
  6. Well,this is my problem.In my work I have internet access via proxi server,but when I try to download exe file transfer fail.Also when I try option:save target as only can save file.exe.html.All other format downloads works well:zip.rar... I have xp sp2 with Ryan latest update pack.Can someone know why the exe is blocked or which one options is not set correct?
  7. Rudi1

    Icon Wirelless

    Go to>Control Panel>Network Connections>right click to Wireless network connections>Properties and uncheck>Show icon.............
  8. I would normally 100% agree with you on that point - old, obsolete legacy junk I don't want near any of my systems. But it's a CNC machine. Lots of machine shop tools like that run plain old DOS on very old hardware (most of the time 486 and older, and a bit of "newer" P1's). Personally, I'd opt for upgrading the drive in the CNC controller if possible though - it's supported by BIOS, OS and all on the CNC machine (unlike say, using USB flash drives instead or such), and there's no need to downgrade your XP or look for specific software to write to older floppies and such (every PC with a floppy drive these days supports 'em). And you get twice the space on your floppies (transfer twice as much) and no need to scotch tape the other hole (what an annoyance). You are right about that!This is real old stuff,becouse today almost no one use floppy anymore,but I need this type of floppy at my work.I must format 1.44 floppy to 720 kb,becouse this CNC machine only accept this disk and I can't buy this type of disk anymore,so if I like to made a program for machine I need this format. We are ask already the company which one is buils this machine for upgrade,but is allmost to expencive,the machine is 10 years old,so for now I must work like it is.
  9. Thx for your answers guys!In the mean time I find a litle exe file wich one can format floppy to 720 kb,but I must cover the empty hole and then work fine If anyone need this utility can find it here and there is also utility to format 1.44 floppy. http://www.denispetrov.com/?page_id=3 Cheers and take all of you!
  10. I'am read this article before,but I read also in some other forums that this is also posible maybae with correct command or script.
  11. Hi! I look for batch file or script which one they let me format floppy to 720 kb in windows xp.I need this 720 kb disk for some cnc machine.Can someone help me with this?
  12. Nice tool,but can someone tell me how I can made a boot ISO for this version?
  13. Your explanation is more then good I will try it when I install windows again,but i'am shure that work just fine. I'am always like to have util like this,becouse some of files is really hard to delete from temp folders! Thanx TD who is post this script and you for finnished it!! take care guys!
  14. Hi mazin! Can you post complete cmd file? thx!
  15. This cmd file work like a sharm! Really thank you for it!
  16. Thanx for this shell Ghosty!,but this one have the dark icon,do you maybae have one with light icon?
  17. I can't use SOCKS ,but I'am just tested Proxifier and work fine.This is the tool for me Thx for all your help guys
  18. You are totaly right TAiN,so maybae is better to just use software with proxy built in it,but really Thx for all your help!
  19. Thanx for all your info TAiN! I like one small email client nPop (http://www.nakka.com/soft/npop/index_eng.html) and this one has no proxy settings .For now I have no try the others,becouse this one is not work and I'am just stop to try the others. Cheers!
  20. Well,looks like that I can only use software which one have proxy build in it and the others one don't. Does is maybae posible to set my machine like router or something,so i can use all my software?
  21. Hi! In my company we have the local network and I have access to the internet via proxy server with own password.When I won't to connect to the internet I open web browser and then I must type the proxi user name and password,so I can use web browsing and web mail,but I can't use mail client or any other internet software.How I can set the master password for proxy connections in my computer,so I can use the other net software,like mail client and so on or which one software do I need? thx for the answer
  22. Yes I'am and I'am download UA Registry Tweakage DOTNET and Registry Tweaks Pt 3 and then choose tweaks for me.I'am also try selected tweaks with Unattended install and I must say that someone works and the others don't.Also,now the April Ryan update pack is out and some tweaks is not needed any more,so I looking for your tweks that still work with sp2.It's not really so hard to attach a small file like my one here. I must say that in my file some tweaks don't work. thx MyReg.reg
  23. Hi! I like to ask you for help.I look at msn Unattended for reg tweaks,but the data base is small,so please can you share your registry tweaks list for Unattended xp setup with me? thx!
  24. Hi! does anyone have or can made inf file for install quick launch bar(folder and shell reg)like windows does with installation or if someone know how to enable quick launch if folder C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch is not created? Thanx!

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