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  1. sorry,link removed becouse is the old german build........sorry! Cheers!
  2. Hi guys! Can someone explain me how I can change picture in boot ntoskrn.exe from another ntoskrn.exe in xp sp2 rc2 and then save it and use it in install CD? thanx!
  3. Thanx for your answer XtremeMaC!I have only admin account and I have this problem in another computer to,but I don't check for virus yet. Why the program run just fine when I uncheck the options:protect my computer.......and why run only this way(right click-run as-and uncheckT:protect my...)really strange! O.k I try to look for virus and thanx!
  4. Hi! I have one problem in my system with new sp2 2149,but this is to happen before to. Some programs just don't run when I click it.I install edonkey2000 and try to run it,but nothing!then I select edonkey.exe and with right mouse button select options:run as and then unchecked options:protect my computer and data from unauthorized program activity and edonkey is start.Can anyone tell how can I disable this defoult options,so I can run program like others program. Strange things is that this is happen with just a few programs,not the all I add a picture to,so you can see Thanx for your answer!
  5. Well done scp with nice gui!I have no problems now Thank you!
  6. I try to run this,but no success.This is my folder with all files,so can someone help? Thanx! C:\bbucolor>dir Volume in drive C has no label. Volume Serial Number is AC66-8EAD Directory of C:\bbucolor 09.06.2004 21:30 <DIR> . 09.06.2004 21:30 <DIR> .. 06.04.2004 17:04 24.576 bbucolor.exe 09.06.2004 21:39 183 bbucolor.ini 31.12.2002 14:00 764.928 WINNTBBU.DLL 3 File(s) 789.687 bytes 2 Dir(s) 39.367.389.184 bytes free C:\bbucolor> bbucolor.exe C:\bbucolor\winntbbu.dll Searching for winntbbu.pdb...Not found! C:\bbucolor>bbucolor winntbbu.dll Searching for winntbbu.pdb...Not found! C:\bbucolor>bbucolor.exe winntbbu.dll Searching for winntbbu.pdb...Not found!
  7. Thank you Nuhi for your help,this one works
  8. Hi guys! I search in forum,but I can't find a reg tweak for disable firewall end if posible enable it back in xp sp2. If someone can help with this? thanx!
  9. I have no such problems and here you can find all your guestions answer! unattended Cheers!
  10. you can find it on someone's IRC Don't specify exactly where to get it...
  11. For all of you who have a trouble with download a file,here is a mirror! and Nuhi I try this new version on sp2 2142 and work like a sharm! nLite-0.95b Cheers!
  12. Hi guys! I think is time to stop asking the same folly guestion all the time:how can I run....... in the first page,Nuhi have in detail explain everything and now only think a litle
  13. nuhi,that be really nice,becouse IE is still hiden and I think the xp be more faster!
  14. nuhi: Oooo,I see!sorry about this
  15. Nuhi! First,I must say great work in 9.2 version.My vmware is bussy this days like never before!I don't know what are you fix,but today I try again with xp home OEM version and slipstream sp2 2135 and wooilaaaaaaaaa.......work-everything work nice.I remove the same stuff like in retail version and no problem.The only one problem I have,becouse I type the wrong serial in my winnt.sif ! Maybae is some bug in sp2 2126-so now I wait for rc2,but MS is late for this release I always remove IE and AE,becouse I don't like it and I use Opera and thebat.Opera work really nice without IE and thebat is the best secure e-mail client.I remove almost all stuff what I don't need,so nice done nuhi! I have one guestion if this can be done,but this one is already posted.Is posible to patch uxtheme.dl_ automatic,so we don't need to replace this file and I almost forgot:Thank you! Cheers!
  16. I just try nLite beta 9 with latest xp sp2 2135 and work without any problem.I try this in xp home edition retail.It's really miracle what so small progi can do! i have just a litle not important guestion:when everything of install is finish in program files left empty folder(IE,OE,movie maker...)?
  17. this is really great news,so now nlite can work with every version
  18. really sorry nuhi,becouse I misunderstanding what files you need and I send you a wrong files,but now I hope that be o.k. I have out of home.so I'am a little late I try your latest build,but I have the same error
  19. I play with latest beta to and when I try to setup iso have this error message.I never have before,only in latest beta 8 version pic Cheers!
  20. Well,I must say again great tool! Today I have a some free time,so I play with this tool.In the mean time I learn how configure the winnt.sif file,so now work like a sharm for me.I have only one strange message when i try to slipstream winxp home with sp2 2126.The slipstream start o.k,but when integrated is finish I have a message that something is wrong with file-try another one or do it manual!First time I try all again.Copy files in fresh folder,do slipstream and again the same message.Then I close nLite and start it again and I see that detect sp2 2126 ,so i made ISO,install it and everything is o,k. I only don't understant this strange message Cheers and thanx again for your work!
  21. I totaly agree with this!nlite is made to slipstream and remove stuff-I think nuhi mean this with his software.So let's stay this way and nuhi made really good job and I hope that he made this software to work with future sp to and maybae he can add more stuff to remove not to add stuff.It's more important that nlite work without errors and we have windows xp like we wish!For add stuff and hotfixes is another one software- UnattendXP Project from my friend maxxpsoft-hi is member of this board to,so you can try it! Cheers! http://maxxpsoft.com/
  22. thanx,but this patcher not work for me with latest build sp2,but I found already a patched uxtheme and I modify it,now I must only try it! thanx guys for your help!
  23. First I must say incredible software!Thank you nuhi to do something like this!I have no time before,but today I try your software with win xp 2600 and sp2 2126.I slipstream it,then remove some stuff including IE and chosee slovenian languge.Everithing work like a sharm.I look for software like this long time,becouse I'am not expert with scipt or some other stuff.......This is great idea to made a gui like nlite.This is what I need!Remove the stuff which I don't won't. and the size of CD is reduced to 216MB You do a really good work! for me everything work o.k! Thank you!
  24. Hi! does anyone have hacked uxtheme.dl_ for sp2 2126 to put in install cd? thanx
  25. can someone explain how can I run this to work?

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