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  1. Does anyone have any solution what to run then Windows 10 any more? I feel depressed.
  2. When I installed Winsows 10 just lately I noticed that when it installs updates that it slows my computer down and uses 30% to 70% of my processor.
  3. The Computer I use from 2010 is lucky not to have Secure boot technologies, I hope that doesn't happen more like some people said here.
  4. I'm sorry your right I made a mistake, Vista was good there was no issues when I installed it, expect for slow updates which was not really a problem.
  5. Actually I decided to go back to Windows 7 again. Windows Vista was good and was fast many times but downloading updates is so slow, Windows XP would be better.
  6. Ok, It was bugging me that I cannot have Windows update enabled with Windows 7 and I have it disabled because I friend I know told me I should disable it on Windows 7 now, augh, I still am considering running Windows Vista anyway.
  7. Augh, Why does Microsoft keep doing this with there updates it is getting so tiring.
  8. I was wondering if Windows Vista has better privacy then Windows 7 as Microsoft is now forcing Windows 7 users to upgrade to Windows 10 through certain updates.
  9. Ah I still have the inexperience pack setup on one my hard drives to, It was great too JodyT. I had many fun times with it on my Windows XP Pro machine so many years ago.
  10. My Most favourite Operating system is still is Windows 2000, I remember when I got my first laptop with it and it was amazing what it could do. I don't run it anymore but I would love to emulate it again.
  11. I did the same test NoelC did and I also found out that Windows 7 is faster then my purchased copy of Windows 8.1, I'm running it with SP1 and no Windows update enabled, it's great!. even other older Windows operating systems are better then what's out there today.
  12. I'd also like to be legit, I own a copy of Windows 8.1 but I don't want to get entraped my Microsofts evil privacy ways so I downgraded back to Windows 7 Professional its much faster, reliable and I disable all privacy issues using a program and I never use Windows Update to update my copy as it's safer. I doubt using Windows 10 on the Long term branch would be better (especially in performance.) but I know sooner or later I'm going to have to upgrade as I cannot forever be using old software. (though I still use Mozilla Firefox 30 and Adobe Premiere CC 2014.) Ah sorry I got carried away aga
  13. Then what is the best option at this point? to run?
  14. I run Windows 7 Professional and never update my copy and use the software "Destroy Windows 10 Spying" to stop most of the connections with Microsoft's Servers and block other things, I don't own the paid version so I use the trial version and reinstall when I need too.
  15. I think it's sad that so much data is now collected from the user in Windows now and installing updates are not safe anymore, I still love Windows but with the constant updates I have seen with Windows 10 it is sad that there are so many updates my Mothers laptop reboots without even asking if the user is doing anything it just does what it wants, what is going on!. I'm forced to look for another operating system in today's ever changing world.
  16. What's the point of running Windows anymore, when Microsoft just wants your privacy.
  17. It was one of the first 64bit processors in the year 1999, though there were others before it in the early 1990s. I read they were powerful but they were very expensive to purchase until AMD fixed that.
  18. Just recently I switched away from the Windows 8.x and higher for privacy issues that I read on MSFN. Windows 7's Performance is faster and much better then what 8.1 offered me and I ran it for over 3 years, Its nice to switch away to something else.
  19. Thats a good point NoelC, Im going to try that too. but is Windows 8.1 safe to use I thought intargrated telementary and bad privacy, So I switched over to Windows 7 for now.
  20. I've decided to leave Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, I'm going to run Windows 7 temporary, I'm considering running CentOS in the future as long as there is video editing software, I could just emulate Windows 8 or 10 and block its connections to Microsoft's servers.
  21. This makes me feel that even my copy of Windows 8.1 is worse too, I saw the screenshots that NoelC posted and I cannot believe that Windows 7 is that much faster even then Windows 10.
  22. Are these the only things you need to disable to keep from Windows 8.1 for sending telemetry data to Microsoft? http://techne.alaya.net/?p=12499. P.S. I know that you could also disconnect from the Internet when not using it or use a firewall to limit network application traffic.
  23. Hello, I've been reading this forum a lot very recently because I also feel that previous iterations of Microsoft Windows were better then what has been going on since Windows 10 was released. I've followed what others have done as I also run Microsoft Windows 8.1 (Core) and I have disabled Windows Update and only installed updates up to around July 2015 and updated my copy Office 2007, disabled some services, stopped task scheduler tasks getting information (telementary data).Though from all the reading of what all of you all said its starting to make me reconsider what I will run in the near
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